Does Rembrandt Whitening Really Work?

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Does Rembrandt Whitening really work?Rembrandt whitening is a well-known brand, and is a lower-priced alternative to many products out there. Whiter teeth is something that most of us want, but don’t want to spend a fortune on. This means at some point we’ll probably consider going with something like Rembrandt in the hopes that it will work. So let’s see how it stacks up against its competitors.

Rembrandt is one of the few teeth whitening systems that finds shelf space in your local grocery store or supermarket. You can usually find it next to the Crest Whitestrips, wherever those are sold. They don’t advertise is heavily as the other products out there, and appear to mostly try to compete on price.

The Claim
With their Deeply White 2 hour kit they claim that Nothing will get your teeth whiter more quickly. The system uses trays, and they’re meant to mold to fit your teeth just like the ones dentists use. They are smart to put an asterisk and explain that they are not trying to measure up against the UV systems currently being produced by other manufacturers.

The Cost
The teeth whitening industry in general is rather expensive, because dentists have set the bar rather high as far as how much treatments cost. This allows product manufacturers such as Rembrandt to charge more than is really needed for their kits. It’s also somewhat of a luxury item, and they know that people will buy it at these price points.

Rembrandt whitening systems are not very expensive compared to their competitors. This makes it a sort of entry-level tooth whitener that appeal to those that don’t want to spend a bunch to get their teeth white. You can get their two-hour whitening kit for less than $10.

The Commitment
Your level of commitment will vary depending on which kit you go with. Some of their kits promise results within hours, while others involve multiple steps over multiple days. If you value white teeth highly, you’ll have no trouble staying committed during the process, but if you just want quick results without much investment of time or hassle, go with one of their quicker kits.

Common Complaints
There is an overriding consensus that this product is dangerous and burns the mouth when used as directed. Many people have said that even after following the directions perfectly they still experienced severe burning in their lips and gums.

There are also plenty of positive reviews, but they almost seem too positive. There’s no way that a product like this can get such wide-ranging reviews. If something burns the mouth this badly then there’s no way someone could use it and experience perfect results. Perhaps if they said something to the effect that it burned their mouth a little, but it still got their teeth white, that would be one thing. But what we’re getting is 70% of the people saying it burned their mouth, and 30% of the people saying it worked perfectly.

One user shares her experience:

Product Line
Rembrandt is one of the few companies that also has a lineup of products, rather than just being known for a whitening system. They also make toothpaste, mouthwash, and other maintenance products that you can use between treatments. They also offer different ways to apply their whitening kits, such as strips and trays.

Final Rembrandt Whitening Review

Rembrandt got the price right, but little else. Their system has been described as being messy, hard to apply, painful, and ineffective. We suspect there are some phony reviews out there designed to boost up its rating. This is one product you can safely avoid, and apply our money to something more expensive that actually works.

Some products that we recommend in place of Rembrandt whitening is Love That White Smile and the GLO system. You can also get a look at all of the different whitening systems we’ve reviewed, as well as an understanding of how whiter teeth have become so popular on our main teeth whitening page.

Our Recommendation
We recommend against using Rembrandt whitening kits, mostly because there are so many better products out there that don’t burn your mouth, and don’t cause any sensitivity to your teeth. The industry is rapidly changing and new products are evolving to meet those changes. It seems that Rembrandt is a few steps behind its competitors as far as technology goes. Low-cost is one thing, the quality and results are worth the price.

What do you think? Does Rembrandt Whitening work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Rembrandt Whitening Really Work?

  1. This product is awful! I couldn’t even do the full 2 hours. My gums and mouth have 3rd degree chemical burns. Please don’t use this it’s not worth it. It didn’t do anything to my teeth!

  2. This product very slightly whitened my teeth. However, it severely burned my gums. So far it has been 5 days since I first applied the torturous gel and I still have pain and visible scaring on my gum. Needless to say, a fraction of a shade lighter is not worth the pain you will feel for the next several days, possible week. Therefore, I will never use this product again. Further, I don’t understand how the food and drug administration approved this product for consumer use.

  3. I completely agree with you Stacy! Why use a product that’s going to end up causing you pain? Is white teeth really worth it that much? I don’t think so. This is coming from someone who does have sensitive teeth. But at least the actually work so maybe getting burned in the gums will be worth it for my teeth later on. I’ll be sure to test this out for myself to see what results come from it.

  4. That sounds horrible about burnt gums! I haven’t heard of that problem with teeth whitening. I used the Rembrandt teeth whitening system about a year ago. My top teeth were already fairly white, but the bottom ones weren’t very pretty. I noticed a review for Rembrandt whitening and someone said that the system did a great job to remove yellowing from beneath the surface. It really was simple and I chose an evening when I could use the whitening system while watching TV. The effects were excellent, a big difference, notably on my bottom teeth. Actually, my teeth with discolored fillings appeared much lighter. In Addition, I generally have quite delicate teeth but really had no difficulties with this kit. I decided to just the amount that the instructions called for. I did not over apply as the instructions warned against it. I’m quite satisfied and am planning to use the Rembrandt whitening system in the future.

  5. This product works according to how it’s supposed to work. I’ve used Rembrant in the past and was pleased. I’m sorry to hear about the user’s daughter’s gums that were burnt… This product is very strong as it bleaches, or whitens the teeth enamel. Maybe it wasn’t used as directed?? When I used it I had great results! I wouldn’t hesitate using this as an adult. But I would not give it to my children, as their teeth and gums are more sensitive and prone to burning.

    I hope all turned out ok for the daughter.

  6. My daughter used this product and has experience burning on her gums for 3 days now. We will go to the dentist tomorrow (it’s the weekend), if it hasn’t improved. Strongly recommend AGAINST this product.

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