Do Detox Foot Pads Really Work?

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Do Detox Foot Pads work?Detox Foot Pads are a big hit in the alternative medicine market as a way to remove toxins from the body, thereby improving circulation, digestion, energy levels, and a host of other claimed benefits. Most people just want to know if they work, or if they’re just fooling around with their feet and wasting time.

It’s easy to see that we live in a more toxic environment than our ancestors did. With over 7 billion people on the planet, less oxygen than at any time before, pollutants in the air and water, and artificial chemicals in the food we eat, there’s little doubt that our bodies are left in a toxic state. It’s a good idea to help the body flush out these toxins, and keep our insides clean, but are these foot pads the way to do it?

The Claim
When you first hear about detox foot pads it sounds reasonable, especially if its accompanied by before and after pictures showing pristine white pads at the start, and dark and dirty pads as the after image. That simply must mean it’s working, right?

It’s amazing how many all-natural ingredients they can come up with to act as drawing agents for toxins. Vinegar, salt, and other substances are said to be able to suck out toxins through your feet and out of your body.

The Hype
These pads get hyped up mostly by those that are trying to sell them. If it’s not the overstated claims of how great you’ll feel once you start wearing them, it’s the obligatory before and after shots designed to convince you that it’s working.

The Cost
There are several different types of detox foot pads, and the manufacturers will try to convince you that theirs is better because it contains higher quality materials, is organic, etc. Try not to get carried away by the idea that more expensive pads mean better cleansing effects.

The Commitment
This is where they rope you in, since you don’t really have to do anything, and the magic happens while you’re sleeping. Many of the pads are not very expensive as well, so there’s a low barrier to entry. The less work involved in a method the more people it will entice, that’s just human nature.

First, the idea of toxins seeping out of your feet is a tough one to swallow. The skin just doesn’t let things ooze out of it, or it wouldn’t be doing its job. Yes, sweat does exit the body, and there are sweat glands in the feet. What research has found is that many of the detox foot pads on the market contain chemicals or all natural substances in them that turn the dark color when they are introduced to moisture, such as the moisture that occurs from a wrapped up foot while you sleep.

Analysis of used up foot pads fails to show anything in them that would be considered toxic to the body, such as heavy metals or other toxic substances. It’s hard to use something blindly when everything is showing that it doesn’t work. But some people will refuse to believe that they’ve been duped, even when they see the trick of having the pads turn brown or black by simply getting wet. The same sort of technique is used by ionic foot bath proponents, showing the water used turning dark while you’re using it and claiming that this is pulling out the toxins from the body.

But you have to ask yourself, what sort of toxins exactly is this supposed to be drawing out, why do the pads actually act as a drawing agent, and what makes the feet a particularly good spot on the body to have them come out of. Perhaps if you were standing up gravity might make it a good choice, but you’re lying down so there’s nothing helping the flow out towards the feet. The whole concept seems like snake oil salesmanship when you step back from it and get very objective about it. At some point many years ago someone discovered that certain pads placed on the sweat glands of the feet will turn color and got others to believe this was a healing method.

Final Detox Foot Pads Review

All evidence points towards detox foot pads not working at all. You can safely save your time and money on these and invest it in more reliable and proven methods. It’s good to want to do healthy things for your body, and it’s easy to get roped into the idea of having something work while you sleep. But true detoxification takes a bit more effort on your part, so you have to be willing to put in the time in order to reap the benefits.

Our Recommendation
It’s important to keep your body clean, and there are cleanses that can be performed in order to help your body rid itself of anything that doesn’t belong. But the time, effort, and expense involved means you’ll have to get into it more than simply wrapping your feet up before bedtime. There are ways to clean most organs and systems of the body, including colon cleanses, heavy metal cleanses, parasite cleanses including a candida cleanse, and a liver and gallbladder flush. Each of these is met with its own criticism and skepticism, so you’ll have to do further research before deciding how to proceed.

What do you think? Do Detox Foot Pads work or not?

112 Customer Reviews on “Do Detox Foot Pads Really Work?

  1. My feet ankles and all the way up too my knees had been swollen for about 3 weeks straight,day and night all of sudden with no explanation what so ever. Nothing at all helped. I tried staying in bed with my legs elevated,water pills, exercise, natural herbal detoxes and I even tried not taking medications that i had been on for some time. One day I was shopping Marshalls and i seen the nature love foot detox pads so i decided to buy it for other reasons. I put it on that night, i was awhed by it the next morning. Too my surprise my legs were completely normal again (After 3 wks of painful and swollen legs and feet). That was after one night…..i can just imagine how good im going to be after i keep using them for at least the 5 days. I would recommend them to any one. Especially after even my doctor couldnt figure out why and i was going to go have expensive test done. Which werent necessary because nothing else hurted.

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