Do Himalayan Salt Detox Patches Work

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Do Himalayan Salt Detox Patches workHimalayan Salt Detox Patches claim that you can help balance your body’s pH levels by wearing these foot pads overnight while you are sleeping. The result is supposed to be an improvement to your circulation, but there is a lot of skepticism that these even work.

Foot pads for detox have been on the market for several years now, and there is a split between proponents who say they work – usually those that are trying to sell detox pads – and those that say it’s quackery. Here they are saying that there are 84 elements and minerals that the body needs in this Himalayan salt, but that’s just one of several claims that doesn’t have much backing behind it.

The Claim
The makers of the Himalayan Salt Detox Patches say that you will start to feel recharged and energized after wearing their pads for 5 days straight. They say this is because the salt acts as a drawing agent to pull the toxins out of your body and into the pad. They say the proof is in the before and after states of the pads, looking clean and bright white when you put them on, and looking dark and dirty when you take them off.

They claim that the pads do all of the work for you while you’re sleeping, so it’s a painless and effortless way to detox. They say it can help to relieve aches in the body, help with sleeping problems, and give you more energy once you complete a multi-day cleansing program.

The Hype
There is much said about the powers of Himalayan salt, and not too many studies to back up the claims. It’s really about how far down the rabbit hole you want to go when it comes to the healing properties it may or may not contain, and whether you feel that such an amazing healing tool would have such a low price point.

The Cost
For a five day regimen it’s $7 plus shipping, or you can double your order for $15 with the same shipping cost. No matter how you cut it this is pretty inexpensive for a detox program, even when compared to other detox foot pads. The only thing is if it doesn’t work, why bother spending the money and fooling around with it.

The Commitment
This is the most attractive feature for these patches, since you slap them on at night and then go to sleep. The theory is that while you slumber the pads are going to work, so you don’t have to do much at all. In the morning you simply remove them and throw them away.

A lot of the claims rest on how much you buy into alternative medicine, alternative therapies, and the qualities attributed to Himalayan salt. So far nothing has been proven in regards to the effectiveness of any foot pads on the market, and there is a lot of doubt as to the ability of the skin to ooze out toxins into the pad.

These foot pads are a bit different in that they’re salt based, and many others use vinegar in the to perform the detox magic. Some debunkers of footpads like these say that the color changes not because of toxic substances but because of moisture in general. It might be that there is another agent that turns the salt a dark color when pressed up against the feet all night.

It’s nice to think that you could be improving your health while you’re sleeping, and if you wake up in the morning and pads have turned dark you might be fooled into thinking that you’ve actually accomplished something. But unless you have the pads analyzed to see what’s actually in them, you don’t know what is really going on, and you’re left to either believe the claims or agree with the naysayers that it’s all just absurd.

Final Himalayan Salt Detox Patches Review

The Himalayan Salt Detox Patches are getting our Thumbs Down review. There’s no reason to believe that salt would act to suck toxins through the skin of your feet. The before and after pictures, while striking, don’t really prove that what they are saying is happening is actually happening. It’s not so much the money that’s at stake here, since the price point is so low, it’s the waste of time and the false claims that you just don’t want to be bothered with.

Our Recommendation
We recommend taking a pass on these foot pads and going with more reliable ways of clearing the body of toxic substances, like eating more superfoods, and performing various cleanses to the body. There’s little doubt that in the world we live in, toxins abound, so it is important to clean house on a regular basis, but you have to do it more effectively than taping salt packs to your feet at night.

What do you think? Do Himalayan Salt Detox Patches work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Do Himalayan Salt Detox Patches Work

  1. I had ordered a box of these, but weeks later, I am now trying them (they do not call themselves “Himalayan” but the ingredient says Sodium Chloride (salt)) I was cynical as I am about alternative therapy products in general. I have to say, I slept soundly with them all the way thru the night. I have not done this in years. Coincidence?? All day long, I have noticed that my foot pain, which I had just accepted for about 3 years, was gone??? I remember enough chemistry from college to understand that Salt would draw out things it is electrically attracted to. Skeptical still, that these did the trick, I will try the whole box. At my age, I can afford to loose some aches and pains, and yes, they did turn a gelatinous dark gray black. That there are no tests to back them up does not concern me. The people who pay for the testing (studies) have their own snake oil or even good drug they are selling. My grandmother taught us to soak our feet in salt water or epsom salts (not the same molecule) to help achy feet, and as a bonus, helps with Athlete’s foot.Maybe there is something to this? The Chinese have been around longer than modern medicine, so far be it from me to discount Chinese medicine wholesale. I’ll try and follow thru with an update at Box end.

  2. I personally like the detox patches and have used them for years. You can see that if you wear them for several days in a row it turns black but it decreases day by day as if it’s clearing out your system. I still wasn’t sure if it was pulling “toxins” or if I just felt better by the placebo effect. Then I unfortunately stopped in the yard one night and found I was standing in an ant bed and I didn’t realize it until my legs were covered in bites trying to get all of them out of my shoes and socks. I usually react with the little pimple-like bumps from every ant bite but I tried the salt detox patches as soon as I went into the house. The patches were blacker than ever the next morning and I did not get a single bump from all the bites. It may not be iron-clad proof, but it’s good enough for me. It feels like pampering myself, it stops ant bite reactions, and it doesn’t cost much. Sounds like a win to me.

  3. I believe they work! I can remember having a sore throat as a child and my father having me gargle with warm salt water because the salt would draw the bacteria out ! So go ahead and vote your thumbs down as for me ,I believe

  4. If you work in a machine shop where there is carbon in the air, these things work. My Himalayan patches are completely black when I take them off in the morning. So all you naysayers are wrong. They do pull toxins from your body.

  5. For the last 15 months I went through breast cancer, chemo, radiation, and two surgeries. I am back to work but am busy on my feet all day. I use the pads because they give me a lot of relief for leg pain. I know a lot of people do not think they work but I like them. My skin has also gotten a lot pinker after my chemo treatments. But I am also on protein powder and vitamins. I plan on using the pads regularly because they make me feel good. I also take epsom salt baths to draw impurities out of my skin. Hope this helps.

  6. I tried these just once. My feet began burning immediately. Within an hour and a half I had to take them off, it was so painful. My feet burned the rest of the night. Never again!

  7. I have used them aprox. every 2nd night, and I really feel a difference in my legs and feet. I walk 3 hrs. a day, and pay attention to how my legs and feet feel. To me, this felt like when I had congestion in my legs and started wearing compression stockings; in both cases I feel like I have more energy for sure. I don’t need years of research by someone else: I’ve done my own consumer test, and proclaim 2 thurmbs up for the detox patches!

  8. Has anyone awakened refreshed after the first night of using these ads, finding that the color changed from clear to black, and felt that the claims may actually be true and that you took a positive step toward personal health enhancement?

    Just wanted to correct the email address for anyone who may wish to respond. It is

  9. Everyone today wants to live a healthy life and responding to an advertised claim that harmful toxins can be removed while you sleep is certainly a seemingly worthwhile challenge. The importance of the article above is staggering, not about the low price, but regarding the written results. Last night I applied the clear Magnetic Himalayan Salt D-Tox pads to both feet and thus morning the pads were black. I thought I had taken a healthful step in the right direction until I read the “thumbs down” result. In this case, the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” somehow us not appropriate due to the color change of the pad from clear to black. I will be searching for additional research and recommendations and will consult the FDA, if they have gotten involved, meaning that, in my mind, the jury is still out, since I woke up refreshed with the knowledge that I took an informed step toward enhancing my personal health status. I guess we will see with time. I would be interested in hearing from others who have used this product, as I am curious as to why it is not recommended for those who are Diabetic but gave toxin buildup in their systems like everyone else. Thank you for this opportunity.

  10. Add some Himalayan salt to a bath, or make a solvent out of it and tea-spoon it into water, and ingest it, if you want a H-salt detox, this is astoundingly bogus. I’m being serious here.

  11. I had my fingers crossed on the himalayan salt detox patches working like it advertises itself, but unfortunately it disappoints me. I suppose my 10 years of binge drinking and chain smoking will have to be detoxed in the more traditional method. Why am I always looking for easy answers? It’s surely a good way to get conned or buy fake things, but I just never learn… sigh…

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