Does Digi Tech Really Work?

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Does Digi Tech Work?The majority of us like to use some form of camera, and for convenience sake we may resort to simply using our phones. This is great for catching images on the spur of the moment, but there are many other circumstances where a variety of different cameras may be handy. What would be even better is if they all came in one package like Digi Tech.

Digi Tech is a HD video camera built for on the go moments.It is compact and is a dash-cam,home-cam and action cam all in one.

The Claim
The company claims that the Digi Tech will record while you are driving. They say that it can be used as a nanny cam, and it can even be used for home surveillance at any time night or day.

The Hype
The hype really evolves around the Digi Tech being so versatile and can be used in a variety of situations where normally you would have to purchase specific cameras for each of these uses.

The Cost
You may be thinking that with this device being so versatile that it is going to have a hefty price tag. It is actually selling for $39.99 with free shipping. With your order you get the camera, magnetic stand, docking station and car charger. It also comes with a 8G microSD.

The Commitment
Whenever a lot of people buy a versatile product like the Digi Tech it is a novelty to them at first then they tend to put it aside. In this case though, if you have identified a need that matches what this product is offering then it would be well worth the effort needed to use it.

This really isn’t a unique product as there are plenty of multi-use cameras on the market. However, the price is really reasonable and you get the extras with it.

Final Digi Tech Review

We are going to give the Digi Tech a try/buy rating. If your phone camera is meeting all of your needs then why bother with anything else? However, if you want a camera that is affordable and compact to be used as a Nanny Cam or for house surveillance, then this may be a great choice.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for capturing images for specific needs, like you would for a dash cam then you have to determine if you would need something a little more elaborate or is the Digi Tech going to do it for you. It might also be a great choice as an introductory camera for a young person who is just beginning to show an interest in photography. It gives them some great options. If you find that you would want to use a camera for watching the babysitter or for home security then you may not want to have to keep moving this camera about. In that case you may find that you need two, or specific cameras that only do a specific job.

What do you think? Does Digi Tech work or not?

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  1. I have been waiting for my digitech camera and I want to know how much longer it will be please.

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