Does Spray Perfect Really Work?

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Does Spray Perfect Work?Whenever a new idea for a product hits the market it’s not long before similar products soon follow. One of the latest fads just beginning to take off is spray on nail polish. So let’s take a look at one of these called Spray Perfect to see if it’s really all that great.

Spray Perfect is simply a nail polish that you spray on instead of brushing on. While this may seem new and exciting, spray on polish was actually something that hit the professional market many years ago. Some Beauty salon professionals used this for a period of time, although it was another brand. It had its pros and cons and soon faded out.

The Claim
According to the marketers of Spray Perfect it takes less than a minute for the polish to dry. They also say with some gentle rubbing it is easy to remove from the skin.

The Hype
Being able to coat your entire nails with a coat of polish super fast is one area that the hype can be focused on, but what is even more exciting is the quick drying time. Not having to sit and wait for ten minutes for the polish to set like you do with conventional polish is a big benefit.

The Cost
It will cost you $19.99 for your can of Spray Perfect but they will also include a second can for free and there are no shipping charges.

The Commitment
Make no mistake that it is going to take a little bit of practice to first learn how to spray the Spray Perfect on then remove the excess from the skin. What you may want to do is make sure that you do a manicure first. Make sure that the cuticles are pushed back and nice and even so you get a pleasing evenly applied layer of the Spray Perfect.Also you must be sure to apply the top coat to the nails so that when you are washing the polish off your skin it doesn’t remove what is on the nails.

The concept is good but there is a learning curve to it. First you really have to develop a gentle hand to make sure that you are spraying a light even coat to the nails. Otherwise it will become thick in some places and too thin in the others. The technique you need to perfect is similar to spray painting. There is a certain amount of waste as well, so remember you are paying more for the Spray Perfect compared to conventional nail polishes.

Final Spray Perfect Review

We are going to give the Spray Perfect a Try/Buy rating. Having had some experience with older versions of spray on polish we know that it is not totally perfect. However, no doubt newer technology has been used with the Spray Perfect. If you are willing to take the time to perfect the application then you may find that this product is a real time saver.

Our Recommendation
We really believe that if you want to be totally happy with the results that your nails need to be in good shape first, especially the cuticles. It is also important that you use the top coat that comes with your order as it is compatible with the Spray Perfect. If you are still going to use conventional nail polishes when you have the time then you may want a superior top coat like Essie Top Coats.

What do you think? Does Spray Perfect work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does Spray Perfect Really Work?

  1. So I used the silver. Since you have to put a base coat then the spray then the topcoat it’s very thick. Therefore it nicks a peels off very easy. As soon as I did it I got a nick on one nail and while trying to get the excess off my fingers the tips of two nails came off as well. So no this product is not worth any amount of money.

  2. THis product is a joke. First of all, the color stated on the can is NOT the color your that sprays on your nails. Second, when you spray it on, you have to be extremely careful or you will wind up with a pile of dried powder on your nail. Third, It’s not easily removed. It took me at least 4 applications of remover to get it off my nails then I still had a faint pink tint to my nails. Won’t but it again and wouldn’t recommend it.

  3. does not stay on nails. I can put this on and in 30 minutes it starts to come off. I have tried it several times.

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