Does Hide N Squeak Eggs Really Work?

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Does Hide N Squeak Eggs Work?Spring has officially arrived and usually at this time of year it also means new babies are arriving, or there are plent of spring birthdays to attend. In any case it means gift giving and a perfect gift just might be the Hide N Squeak Eggs.

Hide N Squeak Eggs is a collection of 6 very colorful durable plastic eggs that each contain an extra surprise. It comes with its very own carton and it packed full of delight for the little ones.

The Claim
The promoters claim that the kids love seeing what each of the eggs contain. When they open the eggs they find a different chick in each of them. They have hours of fun sorting the shapes and opening the eggs and never seem to tire of what they find in each one of them.

The Hype
The hype really comes with the versatility of each of the eggs containing something of its own. The colors are the big drawing feature, but when the little ones press down on the chick’s heads they chirp.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $10.99 for the 6 pack collection of the Hide N Squeak Eggs if you purchase them through Amazon.

The Commitment
This is a gift idea that is appropriate for the age group 12 months and up.At this age you are definitely going to want to direct them in their play with the Hide N Squeak Eggs, otherwise they are more apt to become something that they just want to chew on.

The Hide N Squeak Eggs possess everything that a little one finds appealing. It has the bright colors, the elements of surprise and the challenge of opening each of the eggs. It is certainly one that has gained a lot of popularity at Amazon. It has 1,063 reviews and a 4.5 star rating.

Final Hide N Squeak Eggs Review

Weare going to give the Hide N Squeak Eggs a Thumbs Up rating. It possesses everything that the youngsters want in a toy that is going to hold their attention for a period of time. It allows them to work at getting the eggs apart and of course they love the bright colors. Sound in a toy is always important and the fact that the little chicks chirp is most pleasing to the kids. This is usually the incentive that spurs them onto opening the eggs so they can find the chicks to make them squeak.

Our Recommendation
When looking for the right toy for a little one there are so many things that have to be considered. Of course buying a toy for the right age group is really important, not only for their safety but for the mental and physical stimulation it can provide. Some toys are great for interactive play like the Hide N Squeak Eggs then there are other toys that are meant for comforting like the CloudPets. You need to decide based on the age of the youngster and their present collection of toys whether now is the right time to buy the Hide N Squeak Eggs or whether it is the right choice. One advantage of buying this toy from Amazon is that there are less likely to be duplicate gift buying if you are buying it for a birthday gift for example.

What do you think? Does Hide N Squeak Eggs work or not?

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