Does the Digitone Call Blocker Really Work?

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Does the Digitone Call Blocker Work?The Digitone Call Blocker promises to put an end to annoying telemarketing calls and bring peace and quiet back into your home. If your phone has been ringing off the hooks with salespeople, collection agencies, or even your ex, this is supposed to be the way to put a stop to the madness. But what are buyers saying about how well it works?

There are only so many things you can do to try and block calls from coming into your home. You can tell companies not to call, ask to speak to a supervisor if they just aren’t cooperating, and pay extra for an unlisted phone number. But all of these methods are pretty ineffective, and take up your valuable time. It would be far easier to not even hear the phone ring when these calls come in, so you can actually stay focused on what you’re doing and not be distracted by calls that don’t really matter.

The Claim
They claim that the Digitone Call Blocker will be able to block your unwanted calls reliably, and work with all US phone providers, including those that use a high speed Internet connection to give you phone service, known as VoIP. They say the device is set up so that it works as soon as you install it, by immediately taking care of all calls that do not provide their name or number. There are also plenty of ways to customize it so you can specifically block calls from places you don’t want to hear from.

The Appeal
If you’re incessantly bombarded by phone calls you don’t want, it can be really annoying and your phone can be a source of dread rather than a useful tool for keeping in touch with friends and family. There’s a national Do Not Call list but that has gotten mixed reviews and it’s no guarantee that if you tell a company not to call they won’t sell your phone number to other companies so they can start calling you.

The Cost
The total cost for the Digital Call Blocker comes to $100 with domestic shipping included. There are no ongoing monthly costs, and you don’t even have to worry about replacing the batteries on it. Most users say that it’s worth the price and then some, for the calm it brings back to a home, and the headaches it does away with.

The Commitment
You’ll have to hook this up, but it’s relatively simple, and the included instructions walk you through it. There are also diagrams available at their website for the different configurations you might have, since each home is different regarding their phone service.

The nice part about the Digitone Call Blocker is that you can not only block specific phone numbers, but you can set it up so that it blocks an entire area code so that same company won’t be able to get through on another one of their lines. The way it works is that it will automatically block calls from callers that don’t provide their phone number. This alone will block 60-70 percent of all unwanted calls. It can then block specific numbers of whole area codes that you choose. It has an “after hours” mode so that you can create a list of callers that are allowed to call you at night.

Right out of the box this is going to quiet the most obvious of the annoying calls, and with a little bit of customizing you should have sanity returned to your home. The “Block” button right on the device is nice, because you simply push it when a call comes in that you don’t ever want to receive again, and you’ll never get that call again. It’s true that most callers that try to block their name or number are not ones that you want to receive.

Final Digitone Call Blocker Review

The Digitone Call Blocker is getting out Thumbs Up rating, as it has been around for several years now, and they keep making upgrades and improvements on it. The reviews for it have been nothing short of stellar, and it simply does what it says it can do, and does it effectively. With a 30 day money back guarantee in place, and a reputation for having excellent customer service, we’d say that there aren’t too many reasons not to at least give this a try, and chances are you’ll be pleased with the results and will enjoy your newfound quiet.

Our Recommendation
All signs point to this being a great buy if you want your phone to ring only when it’s someone you want to talk to. That’s the way a phone is supposed to be, and why it was originally invented. It doesn’t have to be a tool used by companies to try to pitch you their goods and services, nor should it be. This is a one-off purchase that can bring you years of ring-free nights so you can enjoy your home again.

What do you think? Does Digitone Call Blocker work or not?

28 Customer Reviews on “Does the Digitone Call Blocker Really Work?

  1. It has been a year since I purchased my Digitone Pro Series 2 Call Blocker in March 2021 and what a difference it has made. I feel like I got my landline back, the way is was before all the calls started. I was very impressed with the many ways you can exclude problem callers. It took a while to fine tune the call blocks, but it was worth it. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a landline.

  2. Read the book!!! You can set it up to block ALL CALLS. Then enter the numbers you want to come through and ring your phone. IT WORKS.

  3. I had this set up to block just certain numbers at first but people are now using spoofing to use other numbers so I blocked everything. I had to and have to put anyone.s number in the call blocker that I want to let call. Is absolutely the best!!!

  4. We have Windstream phone service which doesn’t allow blocking the first ring. It turns out that that is a bonus for two reasons. First, when a real person (not a robocall) gets hung up on, they call back again immediately; when that happens we can pick up on the ring before the Digitone intercepts the call. If it is a real person we don’t want to talk to I say “I don’t want to talk to you; don’t call again.” then hang up the phone. It always works. In November, we laugh ourselves silly hearing all the political calls that the Digitone hangs up on. With a large property, four buildings having eight floors altogether, and 75 yards to walk if the outside bell rings, it is nice to hear the phone stop ringing after one ring; and funny. Lol.

    Criminals who make uninvited calls have learned that people like us block every call except in our local calling area, so they spoof unused local numbers; but they are running out of those. I just say “I don’t want to talk to you; I’m going to block this call as soon as I hang up.” then hang up and press block twice to block the number. There is no point in telling criminals that we are on both do-not-call lists; they’re already criminals. Legitimate cold callers don’t make mistakes; it costs businesses at least a $2,500 fine. More if you report them to federal and state attorney general’s offices. Litigation costs even more… and the government takes care of it for you.

  5. Unit does not work as advertised. Blocks all calls including a VIP list even though Global Invite is set to 96. Can’t find an email address on their site for support, so I think I’ll get a refund.

  6. Bought this out of desperation when about 40 or 50 junk calls came in one day, and the same thing the next. Obviously somebody had my number . I could tolerate one or two, but every 20 minutes ought to be a capital crime. It works wonderfully for me, though my needs are simple. I have it between the modem and the portable phone base unit. After 24 hours of having it hooked up, only two of these clowns tried to call. I blocked them both after a couple of rings. A few hours later one of them tried again, but the DPB hung up on it. Where the others went is a mystery, but I’ll take it. If anything, the DPB is not aggressive enough in its behavior. There is no need to apologize for it. Perhaps the company might consider adding an outgoing message, like HA HA! or a user-generated recording of profane remarks regarding their ancestry. Otherwise, this might be the best money I’ve spent in a long time.

  7. I first bought the Digitone Call Blocker which worked great, than I upgraded to the Digitone Call Blocker Plus, if you decide to invest in this device you will not regret it. My Husband, and I are retired, since being home, all day we receive telemarketing calls. Since purchasing the Digitone Call Blocker, our phone is quiet, and when we do get a unknown, out of area, private call the phone does not ring, the $100 we invested in to buy this device was worth it, you can’t go wrong.

  8. Ordered directly from Digitone. Unit would NOT transmit Caller-ID to cordless handset in standard mode. If the unit was set to allow 1st ring, Caller-ID WAS properly transmitted, BUT this obviously allowed 1 ring for BLOCKED callers. Digotone sent me a second unit they claimed was optimized for my phone. NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER! Returned for refund!

  9. How effective is this device the day you install it?
    How much time does it take to block numbers which get though initailly?

  10. Two important points:
    – Think twice about blocking all 800 number calls.  Some legitimate calls do come in with an 800 number as their Caller ID (and even with “800 Service” as the name).  Examples can include your own phone service provider and also some businesses you’ve given your phone number to and that you actually want to hear from.  This has actually happened to me on more than one occasion, and I’m glad that I did not have 800 numbers blocked!
    – Rather than thinking in terms of who you want to *block*, think in terms of *who you want to hear from*.   Use “Select mode” (program code 33), and invite (or VIP) those numbers you want to hear from.  All other calls will silently go to your voice mail.  That way you won’t even need the “blocked” list and you’ll never have to worry about the “blocked” list getting filled up.  (And if a friend or relative you forgot to invite calls, they can still leave a voice message, and you can always call them back and add them to the “Invited” list.)

  11. The product works as advertised and has helped considerably. The only problem is that the unit has a limit of 130 incoming area codes/numbers. That sounds like a lot, but you realize very quickly that the 130 limit is not nearly enough to keep up with the flow of unwanted calls. You’re forced to delete old blocked numbers.

  12. Bought one several years ago and it has performed perfectly. It got taken out by a lightning strike but Digitone repaired it even though it wasn’t under warranty anymore. Don’t know what the hell I’d do without this device. It has saved my peace and quiet and has been worth every cent I paid.

  13. The Digitone Call Blocker is a godsend. We were going through a nightmare of telemarketers until I finally bought one of these gadgets and “poof” the calls stopped. It was easy to set up and operate.

  14. Have and use Digitone call blocker. Have two problems: (1) How can I expand the memory for blocked phone numbers? Political “advertisers” are more common than scammers and telemarketers this year. (2) How can I get greater contrast on the display? Or, is another high contrast display available. If so I and other seniors would benefit from significantly greater contrast/brightness. If so, how do we obtain the improved display?
    Thanks. FYI, after last years nearby lightning strike and following your repairs and return of the device, the system has performed flawlessly.

  15. The answer to my own question is to use code 70 to suppress the first ring of a blocked call. Strange that the rep from DCB did not know that.

  16. I would like to be able to have the phone NOT ring even once if a blocked call comes in, but someone at DCB told me that it can’t be done unless I go into after-hours mode, which I don’t want to do. I only use the device to add blocked calls; not messing around with entering invited numbers. Thoughts?

  17. I’ve had my call blocker for a little over a year now. At first it worked excellent, no more calls. I loved it! Recently, it has worked erratically. Some calls ring through even though it says “blocked” and sometimes it doesn’t ring but you can see the phone flashing like it is still ringing but you can’t hear it, so basically, they still think its ringing on my end and hope someone picks up. I guess this thing just wears out after a year. I had hoped it lasted longer than that at 100 bucks a pop.

  18. I bought this item a few weeks ago, and also subscribed, for free, to Nomorobo. Between the 2 I am annoyance call free. I don’t know how the DIGITONE Call Blocker Plus! works but there’s a PBA of NJ non profit that calls several times a day. Despite my request to remove me from their list it didn’t happen. You see a little blinking light that someone called but it doesn’t make my phone ring. There is only 1 down side is that it blocks private calls. I could unblock that aspect but annoyance callers have a private call ID also. So if it’s someone I know and they are private callers they better leave a message. I am over the moon thrilled with this little gadget. By the way there really isn’t much of a need to program annoyance callers unless they fly under the radar so to speak.

  19. Yes, this product does EXACTLY what it says it will do. However, what always disappoints me is that all the reviews and hype fail to mention a key aspect of the basic problem:

    NO device, including this one, and no commercially available blocking technique (software, national database, private database, etc.) can block the virtually infinite number of caller ID combinations that can be generated by the typical robo-call computer software used by illegal and predatory telemarketers and scam artists (these are the ones that seriously pose a danger to people who are vulnerable to such evil, and if you don’t believe this, just watch the news regularly).

    This device makes it very easy to enter blocking information for the call you are getting NOW, but once you have entered the maximum quantity of caller ID combinations the device is designed to “remember” and block, you are out of luck.

    EXCEPT for the GOOD NEWS that the DCB device has what I like to call a “doomsday mode” (for the scammers, not you) that literally cuts them off at the neck. See below what I like to post on sites that allow reviews for these types of devices…

    Solution: (to all this angst)

    From the DCB-10 and DCB Plus web site FAQ:
    49. Can I block all callers and just invite certain people to ring in?
    Yes and you will use Code 97 # * in Programming to block all calls. Then use the Invite command 50 then the invited caller’s number; ex. 602 555 1212, then the * key to store that number. You can also store whole area codes. Code 60 is also available for inviting VIP callers using Code 60. See page 6 or 7 of the DCB Plus Manual.

    My personal comment:
    Do it and get your life back, folks. We haven’t heard even one ring from even one scam call for over two years now. And, neither have we ever missed a call from anyone we know during that time. THIS IS A LIFE SAVER FOR ANYONE OVER 65 YEARS OLD WHO STILL USES A LAND LINE!

  20. We read about many different call blocking systems, but too many of them were unacceptable because they allowed one ring-through before activating. In contrast, Call Blocker silently cuts off blocked callers. The ability to block entire area codes adds to Call Blocker’s appeal, as does a huge memory capacity. We installed Call Blocker a couple years ago, and it did not disappoint us in any way. It is well-worth the initial cost.

  21. It works. I was a bit skeptical of the claims but we were receiving 5 – 10 annoying calls each day, some as late as 10:00 PM or as early as 7:00 AM — telemarketers, fund raisers, fix my computer, free cruise, and on and on and on — so, I figured it it works even halfway, it will be a relief.

    Easy to set up. I have Metrocast digital phone service, no problem with set up. I programmed the Digitone to block 800, 866, 877, and other toll-free 800-series numbers. Then, I blocked specific numbers. A very good feature is the # wild card — you can block, for example, 423-865-#### — which means it will block every number coming from area code 423, exchange 865 — 423-###-#### will block all calls from area code 423. Also — when you receive a call that you want to block, you simply scroll through the call history, find the number, tap the BLOCK button twice and that number is blocked. The device blocks only 140 numbers, don’t know if that will be a problem.

    However, in the past two weeks since I installed the Digitone, only ONE telemarketer slipped through, and they were using spoofed numbers.

  22. Digitone Blocker works! Easy to install. You can go on the web if you have questions or need further details but the basic instructions were even enough for me. And wouldn’t you know it, ten minutes after installing another nuisance call came in. So I simply pushed block (twice) and the red light flashed, the ringing stopped and the call disappeared. I also derive a sense of satisfaction when pushing that block button (twice) because it’s like getting back at these jerks. Revenge is sweet. Bottom line, It’s the third day I’ve had Digitone Blocker and we’ve gone from 6 aggravating phone calls per day to 1. The peace and quiet is nice. Thank you Digitone.

  23. I bought one of these. Let me get to the bottom line. This tiny piece of electronic equipment has completely, and totally, SHUT DOWN the hammerheaded lunatics that keep calling from Jamaica 24/7. I mean they are TOAST, HISTORY, STOPPED!

    If you happen to be by the phone/digitone at the time they call, tap “block” two times and the caller is history.

    From what I’ve read, they hear one ring tone, then silence, then it goes dead on their end.

    Nevertheless, they do keep calling, but only the red light flashes, NO SOUND, NO RING, ZILCH.

    Worth the money!

  24. The Digitone Call Blocker does work! I was so sick and tired of telemarketers calling all day, then I started getting them calling on Sunday’s. I bought this and the calls stopped. It was the best money I have spent in a long time. You just put in the area code that the calls are coming from and they stop. I have never had a problem since. I would recommend this to anyone who is sick of these annoying sales calls as it does work!

  25. I was very skeptical at first, but the Digitone Call Blocker DOES work just how it is advertised. I bought one a couple of months ago and I have had peace and quiet ever since. I had written down a list of area codes of various telemarketers as I received them. When I got my Digitone, I entered all of those area codes, not individual numbers, and it has successfully blocked ANY calls from those area codes. Since we do not know anybody in those areas anyway, it has worked great because telemarketers use so many different numbers within any given area code. As I have gotten new calls from new area codes, I add those and never get another call. Our house is quiet. You can also allow select numbers from area codes if you do know somebody and they will ring through. We were getting anywhere from 3-12 calls a day and we are now down to zero. We LOVE it and it was worth every penny. I got the first one and lo and behold, the box only held the charger. I was not sure how to call and tell them it was empty basically and have them believe me. however, I called Digitone and they thought I was joking at first. Then they realized I was serious and they believed me and sent another one out right away that day. Their customer service was great.

  26. If it could free me from all the damning telemarketing calls, I’m willing to fork out a lot more than an hundie. Ever since I bought a home and moved in, the telemarketers haven’t let up and even when I tell them to put me off their list I still get calls from some other jerk working for the same company. I’m sick and tired of those aholes.. digitone better work out man or I’m going postal on them suckers.

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