Does PhenTabz Really Work?

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Does PhenTabz work?PhenTabz is a weight loss pill produced made by Gentech Pharmaceuticals. In the world of weight loss pills and systems they stand out as the one making some of the boldest claims. The nonprescription ingredients it contains make it a safe alternative to medications that might have some pretty unpleasant side effects.

This is mainly aiming to replace Phentermine as the preferred appetite suppressant pill. In comparison to Phentermine, which is not considered safe for long-term use, PhenTabz claims to be safe for prolonged use. The weight loss pill is available in three lines: PhenTabz which is for adults and available without prescription, PhenTabz Teen, for teens between 16-19 years of age and available without prescription, and PhenTabz RX, the strongest of the lines offered for adults, a prescription is required.

The Claim
This is claimed to be able to suppress appetite and provide a much stronger energy boost than its competitors. It induces these beneficial effects by making fat flow through the body more readily and increasing the patient’s metabolism. Presumably the drug’s effects would make it easier for users to lose weight more effectively. It claims that this weight loss will not simply result from a decrease in water retention, but because of losing body fat. Although they do not specify what kind of weight loss should be expected within a given time period, it does claim that users will lose weight safely every day while using this product.

The Hype
There are several testimonials and before and after pictures on the web of satisfied customers that love this little white pill. There are also the obligatory amazing stories of individuals that have lost more than 30 pounds by using this product are all circulating in the web. However, these are somewhat verified by the number of positive reviews that this has received from its users. A lot of this weight loss pill’s hype can in part be attributed to its lofty claim to being the World’s #1 Appetite Suppressant and Weight Loss Pill.

The Cost
A one month supply of PhenTabz costs $70 for a bottle of 30 pills. Alli, a comparable over the counter weight loss pill, makes very similar claims and is much cheaper since it costs $50 for a bottle of 90 pills. However, it is pills such as Alli and Phentermine that they’re trying to replace since it claims to have none of the potential side effects. It is also worth noting that the Teen version sells for the same price, and it continues to be the only teen diet pill on the market. However, customers can only buy one bottle of the teen version per order, presumably for the sake of the teenage patient’s safety, and to prevent potential abuse.

The less severe known side effects of PhenTabz include dry mouth and sleeplessness. While more damaging side effects may arise from the intake of Ampheta-HC, the active ingredient it contains, which is known to cause insomnia and high blood pressure. Another possible drawback is remembering to take a pill before breakfast and lunch, since that means that at least one of the pills will likely have to be taken while in a public space, and that will probably be an extra hurdle for those trying to keep their weight loss private. Also, keep in mind that this they do not have a money back guarantee backing their product.

Final PhenTabz Review

As with any weight loss drug with very lofty claims, the promises made by PhenTabz must be carefully considered and put into context. While this seems to be a really great help in curbing appetite and giving its users a significant energy boost, it is important to remember that the remarkable weight loss stories shared in regards to this pill all resulted from a combination of changing eating habits, exercise, and the use of these pills. At that point it’s hard to determine what is causing the actual weight loss.

The very consistent reports of increased energy would certainly be an asset for anyone beginning a workout regimen, and we’re giving this the Solid Try rating. Just remember that the appetite suppressing qualities of the drug would have their limitations since weight loss is a rehabilitation process that requires a nutritional awareness and the establishing of healthy habits.

Our Recommendation
In the seemingly never ending struggle that people fight in order to reach a stable weight, every advantage must be considered if it leads to achieving a healthy state that you are comfortable with. If you are ready to commit to building a better you, and a pill that provides you with some extra energy and helps keep your appetite in check is all that you will need to achieve your weight loss goals, then giving this a try seems a logical choice. However, please make sure that you hit the gym, and watch what you eat.

What do you think? Does PhenTabz work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does PhenTabz Really Work?

  1. It worked great for me, zapped my appetite with no ill side effects. I don’t use it everyday because I eat a pretty healthy whole foods diet. I only use this on the occasions I suddenly feel like eating five candy bars, a gallon of ice-cream, and a pecan pie all at once.

  2. It works. It’s $70 for a 30 day supply not 30 pills. 60 pills come in the bottle. It’s worth it.

  3. So I have been taking the PhenTabz Rx for almost 3 weeks now…I started out taking one a day and increased it to 2 per day. I am down 6 lbs. I also workout 3-4 times during the week. I don’t get any jittery feeling or any dry mouth. I do forget to take some doses but you cannot double. I did notice that if I take it too late in the day, I have trouble going to sleep at my normal time. My diet has changed; however, I have not given up my coffee (Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts) whichever one is in route to work in the morning. I did change my eating habits by limiting the starch and sugar intake.

  4. I don’t have high blood pressure problem now, but my dad did and I’m a little concerned that using phentabz might just cause me to develop high blood pressure problem later on. It’s a big if, but it isn’t something that I can overlook so easily. This is probably a better choice for those who don’t really have family history of heart condition and people like me should probably stay away from it. Too bad though.

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