Does Diurex Work for Bloating & Temporary Weight Loss?

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Does Diurex work?Should you trust Diurex to help relieve that bloated feeling that can cause constant irritation in the belly?

There are now hundreds of similar products on the market that can dull the effects of a gassy stomach but they all can’t possibly work, and sifting through the ones that are less effective can be painstaking. So we will now fully review Diurex and ask the question, does it really work?

Diurex is a product that is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Alva-Amco. This company has a big presence in the American health product market and as such also holds down a good reputation which other companies strive to earn. Diurex comes in the form of Aquagels which are soft gel capsules filled with a clear liquid.

The Claim
Alva-Amco claim that their Diurex capsules have the potential to “relieve pre-menstrual and menstrual discomforts”. A product offering this is a great relief for women that suffer from this discomfort every month. They makes the somewhat audacious claim to offer a complete treatment for a problem which can cause women extreme irritation. Clinical trials have proven that the clear gel inside the capsule is released and cancels out the effects of excess gas in the stomach.

As the capsule contains a soft gel, Alva Amco also make the claim that their product is an easy to swallow pill. This is great, as it tends to be the case that those people with gassy bellies tend to get like that by swallowing too much air while eating. Therefore, an easy to swallow pill offers a great advantage to the consumer.

The Hype
Diurex Aquagels are a caffeine-free product which has the added benefit of reducing the side effects that could be felt from increased consumption of caffeine. Caffeine is a product that provides stimulation to the body to reduce the effects of physical fatigue and mental drowsiness. The downside of caffeine is that is can lead to the development of such conditions as nervousness and insomnia. It also has an adverse effect on the bladder and in extreme cases can cause cancer, so for this product to be caffeine free simply adds to the effectiveness and advantages.

The Cost
A packet of Diurex tablets retails at around $5 for a set of 42 capsules. Alva-Amco also sells packs in multiples of 42 where further savings can be had. The recommended consumption is one tablet a day before the main meal of the day and two a day on a day where increased volumes of food are consumed.

The Commitment
The Diurex treatment on gassy stomachs requires little attention and limited effort. As long as you take a capsule prior to eating gassy meals or when you feel the effects of a bloated stomach, the capsule will work its magic. For those that are not good at swallowing pills, this product is perfect for you as the capsule will simply slip down with the consumption of a soft drink or water.

The majority of people that get the feeling of being bloated are sufferers from excess water consumption in the stomach. This gives the effect of being constantly full and not allowing the stomach to deal with the gases. The Diurex capsule contains the active ingredient Solubilized Pamabrom which has the effect of reducing the stores of water that is built up in the human body and returning you to feeling bloat-free and healthy on the inside.

Does Diurex Work to Lose Weight? or Not.

From studying many online reviews of this product, the feedback is highly positive. For such a small initial outlay per month, typically $5 or less, Diurex has been able to give some final relief to those unfortunate individuals that suffer badly from gas retention in the stomach. The general opinion is that this product is a truly great medication that gives no side effects and allows the individual to get on with their normal everyday activities

Our Recommendation
The claims made by Alva-Amco about their Diurex capsules are bold and could be considered to be tad outrageous. However, they seem to be justified, and as such this product gets the thumbs up as a treatment for those whose digestive systems struggle to diffuse internal gasses thanks to excess water retention.

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