Does Activia Really Work?

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Does Activia really work?It is quite likely that you will have seen advertisements on the television for Activia, but can it live up to its claim of making you healthy? There is now a whole host of products that tell us that they are great for our bodies and will benefit us by increasing our good bacteria so it is important to understand the advantages that each product can offer.

Activia is a natural yogurt product that is produced and distributed by a company named Danone who is the parent company of Dannon and who is the same company that distribute the most popular brand of bottled water in Europe, Evian. The company has been trading for over 230 years and its headline product today is the Activia yogurt, which is aimed at the growing market of healthy nutrition. The most common form of the yogurt is the 4-ounce tubs that are sold in various pack sizes. A new addition to the Activia range is the 24-ounce family sized tub.

The Claim
Danone make the claim that Activia yogurts will “naturally regulate your digestive system and make up part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle”. For a tasty creamy desert product that is available in many different flavors, this sounds great, but how can this be? Tasty foods are never good for you. The secret is that Activia has packed their yogurts full of probiotics, which are living microorganisms, which stimulate the good bacteria in the stomach. This helps them to thrive and eliminate bad bacteria. This is truly amazing for a product that is simply a yogurt.

The Hype
The great thing about Activia is that it can be eaten at any time to curb food cravings but without the added guilt of eating too many calories afterwards. Activia is a great substitute for breakfast, mid-morning snacks or even as a late night treat after dinner to keep your stomach satisfied through the night. The large family size tubs can be poured into a bowl and mixed with fruit or cereal to add unlimited numbers of variations that can be had. Danone shows Activia adverts with super-slim models in an attempt to give the impression that their yogurt will make you slim. It may not be able to keep you slim on its own but the microorganism will sure keep your stomach healthy.

The Cost
Danone markets Activia in various pack sizes from 4 – 18 and even in the large family size 24-ounce tub. The smallest pack of 4 x 4-ounce tubs costs just $2 and the 18 pack cost $6. For the family tub you will need to pay around $4.50 but this will go bad more quickly than the individual sealed packs so should only be bought by those that high volume yogurt eaters.

The Commitment
Danone seems to be seriously committed to their Activia and healthy lifestyle products as they offer free nutritional guides and free fitness regimes on their website. This is almost unheard of and is almost certainly done as a marketing ploy to encourage further sales. However, the fitness regimens and nutritional plans that they offer do seem to make sense and have received glowing reviews by users on various other website pages.

Danone is also committed to becoming the global market leader in their niche field of probiotics yogurt. The Activia range currently accommodates 9-flavors. The range is also on the increase with the introduction of new sizes and flavors.

The fact that these yogurts are also tasty is a huge positive. It adds a new precedent to the healthy living and eating market and raises the benchmark for other healthy food product manufacturers to produce equally good tasting food. It sits on the supermarket shelves priced slightly higher than other yogurts to which the taste is very similar however, Danone’s competitors do not offer the same sense of health and well-being as the Activia yogurt does.

Does Activia Really Work?

It is worth pointing out that eating Activia will not instantly make you healthy but the Bifidus Regularis probiotic that is unique to the Danone brand has undergone some intensive research and the results show that those that eat the yogurts on a regular basis keep in better shape than those that do not with the same lifestyle.

Our Recommendation
For those individuals that often get upset stomachs and sometimes feel gassy and bloated, a week’s worth of eating Activia yogurts once a day will almost certainly settle your stomach and with the prices so low it is definitely worth a try. You never know, Activia may cure you from having an upset stomach ever again.

What Do You Think? Does Activia Really Work?

32 Customer Reviews on “Does Activia Really Work?

  1. Years ago, I suffered for 10 long years till I saw a tv ad about Activia. I only saw it once so when I went to the store my husband and I asked for it in the pharmacy! Then, I said to my husband, let’s go get some yogurt. There it was in the yogurt section and I got some. It changed my life! It only took a couple days and I was normal and could go places without worry. I got away from it for a while and now, after taking antibiotics 3 times I was using regular yogurt but no help at all. I remembered how Activia worked so well and got some more. I’ve been taking it for a few days and I am so thankful it’s working again. I’m normal again and I just wanted to thank you for making this product. I feel so bad when I read about the suits you had years ago because I can vouch for Activia Vanilla lite. I can’t take anything with flavors or fruit but the Activia Vanilla tastes as good as cheesecake to me! I love it. Thank you.

  2. Activia is simply AMAZING! It’s my life line when I have had serous digestive issues. Gives me instant relief. And is yummy too.

    I had a bad stomach infection some years back and after the antibiotics, my stomach had become too sensitive that I could not even tolerate the mildest probiotic. Then my doctor told me to try out Activia. I would have it day and night and was constantly on it for 6 months and in those 6 months, it healed my sensitive stomach completely. And I was and am able to eat anything I wanted. But, whenever I get a little stomach something, Activia is my miracle probioitic!!

  3. Right this is an update from earlier today, I managed to eat two pots of this delicious strawberry flavoured heaven in a tub and I am very pleased to announce I DIDN’T SHIT MY PANTS! There was a bit of a scare roundabout lunch time I thought the brown bottom butter was going to make an appearance but I managed to get onto the toilet and expel the brown smelly menace from my special hole just in time, now I can only say this would have not been possible were it not for the strange mystical properties of strawberry activia yoghurt, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! I will be experimenting over the coming weeks into what else the good bacteria can do to enrich my life…..I’m currently sat on my sofa smearing it onto my tiny genitalia hoping it will give me a rod so strong I can poke holes in cheap doors with……ps I’m still a big boy and special

  4. Well I have had one tub a few minutes ago and I haven’t shit my pants yet! Ill keep you all posted as time goes on.

    I’m a big boy and I’m special!

  5. Maybe it does not work for everybody, but it sure worked for me. I was so constipated after an operation and I started eating Activia and it regulated me within 2 days. I guess you have to have a problem to begin with to really see the benefits.

  6. I’m sorry, my wife has always been a b*itch… I assume its due to the fact she poops her pants regularly (think that condition got passed to out son.) Which brings me to why we bought this product. Thanks for helping my son, hopefully it helps my wife. Maybe create a product that also helps her tragic fascination to Donald Trump and his tiny “hands”

  7. I had been getting increasing heartburn and gassiness for the last couple of years. I was diagnosed with GERDS and have been taking prescription and over the counter antacids off and on since. I accidentally discovered Activia when my daughter had purchased an 18 pack for my granddaughter and my granddaughter no longer wanted yogurt so she gave them to me. I decided to have them every evening as a dessert. After a week, my heartburn and gassiness went away. I have been eating Activia for over a month now and have have yet to take another antacid! I am totally sold by it!!!

  8. I am testing it out day two… I will come back in a few days and say more. I am doing a two week challenge to help flatten my tummy.

  9. I usually go once every other day but since starting activia 4 days ago I’ve been going 3 times a day. I eat 1-2 yogurts daily. They are so yummy.!

  10. I’ve tried Activia due to trouble going, as well as bloating. However, I am very disappointed with the results. I tried Activia a couple years ago and nothing really happened so I stopped eating it. Just recently I purchased it again to see what would happen. After eating just one serving of the yogurt I experienced incredible abdominal pain, diarrhea, and nausea. The yogurt tastes okay but I wouldn’t recommend it after my experience. Those it benefits are lucky!

  11. I had diarrhea for 2 months. After 4 days with Activia I was back to normal. It definitely works.

  12. I totally concur! Iv never been a huge fan of yogurt but as soon as i tried the blueberry i fell in love. It obviously has 15 grams of sugar but thats really not above average for yogurt. Plus it helped to cure by bloating/gassiness.

  13. Activia Really Works! After years of watching the commercials & being skeptical about it I finally decided to try the Activia Challenge because I have suffered from constipation for many years & lately started noticing a bloated stomach. I tried it for 2 weeks and my stomach hadn’t been that flat for years! I even felt lighter and I even lost weight! Of course it was a combination of things that helped with the weigh loss but I definitely give credit to Activia because it made me “regular” and the feeling is priceless.

  14. I have a lot of trouble using the bathroom and I just had an Activia Yougurt 10 minutes ago and i finally went! It acutually works and it has good flavor with real fruit in it. highly reccomended.

  15. I used to poop my pants everyday but now I have little activia containers to go in! Yay activia! Yay clean pants! Momma gon be proudda me!

  16. I used to shit my pants everyday but now I have little activia containers to go in! Yay activia! Yay clean pants! Momma gon be proudda me!

  17. Yes it does ive had problems with my digestive system for 2 months after eating 2 of these things i felt a big difference

  18. Activia is the bomb, I am 61 and always had problems going, not anymore now that I use Activia. I eat two 4 ounce servings every morning and everything is easy peasy, feel good all the time

  19. I do not like yogurt! I am 51 years of age, and my sister advised me to eat yogurt daily. Find one that I like and eat it for my health. I tried a lemon merangue dessert yogurt..yuck! At a Days Inn hotel, I tried Activia Blueberry Yogurt. I liked it! No! I love it! After my trip, I began to eat one serving of Activia Blueberry Yogurt every morning. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow. I have gone from being very irregular to being very regular! I feel much better! Eating Activia daily does work! I have proven it, and I stand by Activia!

  20. I renathin noel I used to see activia comercial on tv all the time never beleive it but it really work for me exactly what they said on tv beacuse Im someone evertime when I eat every afternoon I always wake up in the next day with my stomac full until 1 pm or 2 pm but I start having just one tub activia after each meal now when I wake up in morning I really really feel so so empty

  21. Activia is just a probiotic yogurt…most yogurts are are actually probiotic! The only difference is Activia really markets this and claims health benefits because of it, which is why the company was sued. Most plain yogurts are probiotic..its cheaper and healthier too because it doesn’t have all that sugar and carbs. A simple way to see if your yogurt is probiotic is to see the ingredients list on the back, if there are at least 4 or 5 listed bacteria…it is probiotic and that means it MAY help regulate your digestive system.

  22. I thought it was funny when they started marketing this product as something that could help ‘regulate’ digestive systems since I thought they were limiting themselves to a small share of the population – I had no idea there were so many people who would benefit. I guess I’ve been lucky in that regard, but after reading some of the comments above I’d be a little nervous about trying it if I didn’t need to. I’ve checked the label before and don’t buy it for the same reason I don’t buy any flavored yogurt – the sugar content. (Don’t forget to drink lots of water, whether you eat Activia or not!)

  23. Activia really does work. I started eating one a day and I don’t feel bloated or gassy anymore. They taste great and you can always find coupons for Activia. My stomach used to always feel bloated and crampy feeling and I decided to try the Activia when I watched the Jamie Lee Curtis commercial and I started noticing a difference in just a few days. They come in great flavors. Activia is easy to carry for lunches. I recommend Activia for anyone wanting to stomach problems around even mild ones. You will see a difference in no time at all.

  24. It really works, it helps me stay fit kills my hunger and helps my immune sistem only way is make it park of ur diet!!

  25. I suffered with irritable bowel syndrome pain for quite some time before I tried Activia because of a friend’s suggestion. After a few days, I discovered that it really works!! I no longer have pain. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

  26. Be wary if you don’t actually have stomach problems to begin with. I bought it just because it was on sale and it seemed like a healthy thing for my body. Tried the stuff for 3 days now, only having one a day, and I was going to the bathroom more / feeling gassy. I figured that was pretty normal, and if anything, healthy, and thought nothing of it.
    Now I’m experiencing some mild queasiness,and a slight headache shortly after having one. I’ve read other’s reviews that say similar symptoms, and that they get much worse with eating more of it. This stuff should be labeled as only for people who need it. It might just affect everyone differently, who knows, but I’m dropping this stuff.

  27. they do work, iv been taking them on and off over the last year or so, and noticed that during times of taking them my stomach was toning up morso than if i didn’t. I often suffer with bloatness in stomach , often caused by drinking coffee, but i have stayed on activia yogurt, once a day for almost 2 weeks and it really does make a huge difference with balanced diet and regular excersise.

  28. I’m not sure whether or not to believe the claims that Danone make for Activia.
    I’ve eaten Activia for ages now and can’t say i feel any different/better. But then i’m not sure if that’s because it’s a gradual change that your body just accepts and gets used to?
    I’m sure some people do notice changes, but i don’t.
    I’ll continue with them though as they’re pretty nice anyway 🙂

  29. Activia helped me during pregnancy because I got really constipated, I also had some fiber on my diet, but having Activia in the morning made a change definitely. I guess it has to be taken as help but not as medication if somebody has a gastric condition, some people just take this kind of help as remedy when it isn´t, even when it makes things lot better.

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