Does Biotin Really Work?

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Does Biotin really work?Including vitamins in an everyday diet is very important and Biotin is a supplement that claims to help with general body well-being and health in a number of areas of the body. This article will investigate the product in depth and then conclude as to whether or not you should buy it.

Biotin is a B complex vitamin formation that is found naturally in several food products. It is sold in stores and pharmacies in the form of a capsule in a range of different sizes as an aid to the body’s internal metabolism. Vitamin B is an essential substance for humans, so those that find it hard to get enough from natural foods may require these capsules.

The Claim
Biotins product “aids with the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the stomach”. This means that it will increase the rate at which food is burnt and therefore decrease the amount of fat that is transferred into the body.

The manufacturer of Biotin capsules also claim that their product can help keep hair healthy and reduce hair loss, reduce the effects of acne and strengthen brittle nails. It is also claimed that Biotin capsules can help people with conditions such as diabetes, eczema, and mild depression.

These secondary claims have never been proven but are a goods sales pitch for the product. The use of this product for people that have diabetes is a subject of great debate as many people have different views following various clinical trails, of which none have been conclusive.

The Hype
A product that claims that it can do so much will clearly create a buzz in the world of nutritionist and supplement experts. However, with several clinical trials returning with inconclusive results to some of the claims, it is hard to support this product on these additional terms.

As for its main use of breaking down food substances in the stomach if taken before a meal, this seems more likely than it being a miracle drug. There are several other products such as Alli that claim to do the same thing, so this is a rather popular avenue for manufacturers to take.

The Cost
For a bottle of 100 tablets of Biotin that the retail price is $7.99. For the same quantity but in a capsule form, the off the shelf price is $11.99 for the bottle. The smaller bottle has a recommended intake of 4 per day and the larger pill is prescribed as having an intake of no more than 2 a day.

The Commitment
For the best results in metabolism breakdown, Biotin should be taken approximately half an hour prior to eating a meal so that the vitamin enzymes are in the stomach waiting for the food. The regular dosage is to have one a day but can be upped to two if further results are required. The bottle in which Biotin is delivered is compact enough to fit into any handbag, making it rather convenient.

From reading into the multitude of reviews that are available on online pharmacies, Biotin has on the most part received highly praising words and many letters of thanks to the manufacturer. There have been very few cases of adverse side effects of this product and in many cases those using that used it also noticed a considerable drop in cholesterol levels as well as a reduction in blood pressure.

There is no concrete medical evidence that this was due to Biotin, but it is commonly thought that individuals that are concerned enough about their health to take vitamin supplements, other good effects also fall in to place and could be causing the results.

Does Biotin Really Work?

Biotin is very effective when it comes to increasing the body’s digestive system with extra levels of vitamin B to aid with food metabolism. However, vitamin B deficiency is rare in humans and therefore this pill will mainly be targeted by those looking for an extra boost to their health system.

Our Recommendation
As there are so many inconclusive results from trials that have been carried out with this pill, it is strongly recommended that anybody with major underlying health issues should most definitely seek advice from medical professionals before obtaining Biotin pills. For the use as a metabolism booster, this product would be effective so therefore recommended on these terms.

What Do You Think? Does Biotin Really Work?

11 Customer Reviews on “Does Biotin Really Work?

  1. why are you doing product reviews when it it clear that you have made up your mind before you begin. BIOTIN is absolutely fantastic for growing hair and strong nails. I’m pretty sure many or most people who are knowledgeable about supplements already know this. No, it’s not just a random claim to put on the bottle as you propose. (never heard of the diet claim)

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