Does Doo Gro Really Work to Regrow Hair?

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Does Doo Gro really work to regrow hair?The average man in the US starts to see the effect of baldness and a receding hair line in their 20’s, so can Doo Gro be the product that delays the effects of aging to the scalp and prolong you luscious locks?

The market is now brimming with similar products to this so Doo Gro has got to be amazing at preventing hair loss in order for it stand out to the consumer.

Doo Gro is available in two different products that are both aimed at the market for those with damaged of receding hair. The first is Gro Serum that targets the regrowth of hair and thickening where time has left the scalp thin. The second is Repair and Shine which is marketed at those that have mistreated or failed to care for their hair properly and so therefore have left the scalp in a sorry state.

The Claim
Doo Groo claims that their Gro Serum formula can “revitalize, thicken and strengthen” hair that has other ideas. The claim is also made that the application of Gro Serum will protect the hair against split ends and frizzies. Men across America will be drawn to the attraction of Doo Gro based on these claims as a treatment to nature’s way of showing age.

The Repair and Shine treatment claims to offer the user protection against heat to protect from further hair breakage. This claim makes the product appealing to both males and females as both genders suffer from split ends in the hair. The name also suggests that its will add a shining glow to the full head of hair.

The Hype
When a man starts to see hair loss, they will often panic. The modern opinion is that a full head of hair depicts an image of stability and success. Therefore hair loss can be scary for those that want to maintain their image and looks. This makes the potential market for Doo Gro’s hair treatments huge. Currently, Doo Gro are producing tubs that are 50% larger than the original and marketing them at the same price which is another big draw factor for potential customers.

The Cost
The original 4 ounce treatment of both the Gro Serum and Repair and Shine are retailed at between $8 and $10. The current offer allows users to pick up increased quantity tubs of 6 ounces for the same price. It is estimated that single tubs will last the user around 1 month when the recommended application rate is followed.

The Commitment
The optimum time for application of the Serum is just before the user goes to bed. This is advised so that the formula will not be rubbed off and the user will not have the effect of looking like they have greasy or wet hair. Adding a quick application process to the bedtime routine is very simple. It is advised that the serum is washed thoroughly out of the hair in the morning before re-application.

The Gro Serum contains a Shea butter which adds to the experience of using the product. It will add a good smell to the hair which will counteract the possible poor smelling substances that perform the magic of hair regrowth. The Shea butter will also help to moisturize the scalp which allows for the growth ingredients to seep in and encourage the effects as well as softening and protecting the hair that is already present.

The Repair and Shine product is formulated with a mixture of Aloe Vera and other vital vitamins to care for the hair and scalp.

Does Doo Gro Really Work?

For those that are expecting to re-grow a full head of hair in an instant, this is not the product for you. There has unfortunately not been any product to date that can offer this effect other than a full head of hair transplant costing thousands of dollars for a single treatment. Doo Gro does slow down the effect of hair loss and regrowth has been proven through clinical test with subjects noticing a difference after two months of continued use.

Our Recommendation
This product receives a rating of 8 out of 10 for its effectiveness. It is by no means the best product on the market, but the price is an indication that they’re not trying to be. Regrowth will be noticed provided that the serum is used consistently over a period of a few months. However, for the extremely low initial financial outlay when compared to other products in this market, this product is extremely good.

Buy Doo Gro from Amazon and save a little on the purchase price.

What Do You Think? Does Doo Gro Really Work?

21 Customer Reviews on “Does Doo Gro Really Work to Regrow Hair?

  1. i think that doogro works reallly good on my hair i have dreads and i have only had them atleast 8 monthes and they are already improving alot they are almost to my shoulders now and i started them from so small and now they are real long in just 8 monthes thats crazy too me the best way to get the best result is to wash your hair once a week and keep it moistured and conditioned right so that it can ensure and allow your hair to get longer over the time thats pasting by everyday or better yet every year i wish for my hair to be even longer the older i get i hope it makes it to the middle of my back one day

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