Does Tithing Really Work?

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Does tithing really work?Tithing, giving 10% of your income to your church, is said by many to help them become more abundant in life. Many of the worlds leading experts on money and wealth advocate giving back to either your church, or to charity. With so many people in agreement this can’t be a scam, or can it? Finding out why tithing may or may not work is the goal of this page.

Tithing is nothing new, it’s been around since the dawn of religion. Many people know that their church needs money to keep functioning, either because they pass a basket around at mass, or because they hand you a stack of envelopes that are for your monthly contribution. In recent years tithing has been making its way into self-help books and finance programs as a way to get even more money than you have, almost as an investment.

The Claim
When you tithe you’ll be rewarded for your generous nature with more money and a more blessed life. You may or may not also have a better spot in the afterlife. This last claim varies depending on each religion and each sect within specific religions. The overall claim is that it leads to a holier, more devout life, and more abundance in all areas of your life.

Many money experts include tithing in their wealth-creating programs as a way to help people make and keep more money. They state that you’ll get almost what amounts to a Return on Investment when you employ the habit of tithing.

The Hype
There’s not very much hype to this, just that several of the top money-making gurus always recommend tithing in one form or another. When you hear it from many different credible sources it seems that it’s almost a guarantee that it would work.

By giving to your church or to charity, you will produce some good feelings in your body. These good feelings will help you live a happier, more prosperous life, but they are not exclusive to tithing. Anything that you do that produces warm fuzzies inside will lead to more things to feel good about. If tithing is something that makes you feel stupid, or if you give to your church and it produces any sort of negative feeling inside you, then you won’t receive any benefit from it.

For example, if after tithing you regret that you gave the church money because now you’re not able to buy that big screen TV this month, then it is not producing good feelings, and therefore you wont’ get any benefit from it. Not only will you not get what you wanted this month, but you might even be setting yourself up for more disappointment in the future.

Does Tithing Really Work?

By asking if tithing works or not, you must be asking if it ends up returning more than 10% back to you. Who’s to say? Strictly on paper there’s no way that you can use tithing as an investment. There’s no website that can track whether or not your tithing money is generating a dividend. It’s impossible to tell if it’s because you’re tithing that your income is increasing or your life is getting better. It’s simply a matter of belief, and therefore a spectacular placebo effect. If you believe that tithing will bring more abundance into your life, then you can be sure it will. If you’re skeptical, it probably won’t, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

Our Recommendation
If you have enough left over at the end of the month to give to your church or to another deserving charity, by all means do it. But don’t come from a place of “what’s in it for me?”. If you want to live a more abundant life, make sure you take care of yourself first to the point of having more than enough. Then you can shift your focus to giving and helping others get what they need.

There’s no point in giving up 10% of you money if you’re struggling, hoping that it will be the good karma you need in order to finally make it big. If getting an ROI on the money you tithe with is your goal, why not invest the money into a proper investment first and then donate any proceeds to your favorite charity or church? This way you’ll still have the principal left over, and you will get the same good feelings of making a difference in a positive way.

You should still give to your favorite church or charity, just don’t do it for the wrong reasons, like getting something back personally. Tis better to give than to receive, remember?

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41 Customer Reviews on “Does Tithing Really Work?

  1. Also some people make very little. They tithe out of obligation or religiously trusting that one day
    they will be blessed. They even beg at times is that Gods will? We must learn to walk by faith
    not by sight.

  2. The scripture says that God promises to bless you when you tithe. That makes it a covernant. However I know lots of people who tithe all their lives and remain poor. This truly was a covernant with the levites. Besides the lord love a cheerful giver. This means that given is guided by the spirit God. He is the one who moulds and guides you into a prosperous live and also into righteousness.
    We no longer give out of obligation it will never bear fruit. Sometimes the Holy Spirit leads to give more than a tithe. Be guided by the Holy Spirit to tithe. Some people like the law of tithe so they never have to consider giving more.

  3. Tithing is an integral part of abundance in all its forms. When you tithe where you are fed spiritually, you activate the Law of Circulation – whatever you give to others comes back to you multiplied. TIithing is especially important when you are in debt. Since “It is done unto you as believe,” by tithing, you believe you have plenty to share and spare, and the most amazing demonstrations of your belief in abundance show up. If you want a wonderful life, tithe.

  4. You are just right, it is a faith thing not some contractual transaction. it is a principle that will work over and over again in different ways!!! God guides the tither and the cheerful giver.

  5. This post is RIDICULOUS! You are giving people HORRIBLE information. You do NOT invest your money instead of tithing and use what you make to tithe. That is not how it works. You do not give to charity instead of tithing. That is NOT how it works. That doesn’t mean don’t give to charity, you should, but do not count it as your tithe. Your tithe is for keeping your church running. Make sure you tithe to a good church, with good intentions that has a main goal of spreading the gospel to as many people as possible. Yes they used to use animals and different stuff back in the day, but guess what… back in the day animals and different things were money. Give 10% of your money as a tithe to a good church that plans on, and is spreading the word of God to as many people as possible. Anything above 10% is an offering. If you are not tithing to help churches stay open so they can spread the word of God to as many people as they possibly can, then you should not be tithing at all. You DO NOT wait tell the end of the month to see if you have enough money to tithe. Right when you get your check, even if you KNOW in your heart that you won’t make it through the month if you tithe 10% of it, DO IT ANYWAYS! You will be surprised when you find yourself making it through the month easier than you thought you would have without tithing at all. Get your check, pay your tithe, and THEN you can do whatever you want with the rest of the money. Do not sit around waiting for a magic windfall of money, just let yourself grow and God will be in your life guiding you. Quit smoking weed, quit drinking, quit smoking cigarettes, quit eating filth, start exercising, and start TITHING, and never look back. You will GROW into prosperity. You will never go tithe 10% and then all of a sudden you win the lotto, or become a CEO at a successful business. You will be guided. You will meet new people, have a new attitude, come across new opportunities, you will steadily grow, gain knowledge, meet people, come across information, just all sorts of things will happen that move you towards a prosperous life and it will be so subtle that in hindsight you may even think tithing had nothing to do with it and all that stuff would have happened anyways. Start tithing, fix your health, and trust in God to bring you all the knowledge/info/connections you need to live a happy prosperous life. Tithing works, but God is NOT some sort of slot machine where you put in 10% of your money and a whole bunch more comes out, and you just do it over and over again. That’s just not how it works, sorry.

  6. Tithing is not a financial transaction and should not be implied as such (If getting an ROI on the money you tithe with is your goal, why not invest the money into a proper investment first and then donate any proceeds to your favorite charity or church), it is a biblical-based principle. Also, the requirement is give God the first of our fruits that he has blessed us with, not the last (If you have enough left over at the end of the month to give to your church or to another deserving charity, by all means do it). You are sending mixed messages to people and leading them down a slippery slope…

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