Is V8 Juice Packed Full of Vitamins & Antioxidants?

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V8 juiceIf you’ve seen a V8 commercial, you can’t help but wonder if it really does what it says, and provides the amount of nutrients to make you feel that good. A further look at their website and you’d think that V8 is on a mission to make the world a healthier place. Before we all start singing Kumbaya and blowing bubbles together, let’s find out if this stuff is worth your money or not.

It’s been around for almost 80 years. That’s an amazing amount of longevity for any consumer good. Products that last that long rarely are the same as they used to be, and this is most definitely the case with V8. The V8 of 1933 probably tasted fresh and delicious, was made from fresh or semi-fresh vegetables, and manufactured in reasonably sized batches.

The V8 of today is made in a giant processing plant, using vegetables sourced from all over the globe, and combined with all sorts of fillers and other “natural flavors” so that it gives the appearance, taste, and texture of something you could drink.

The Claim
No less than 8 different vegetable juices are used to make V8 and it gives you 2 full servings of vegetables. This contributes to a balanced lifestyle, according to their website.

The Hype
People walking around at a slant and then drinking a V8 and then walking normally is enough hype to make anyone want to try it.

The Cost
V8 is moderately priced. It’s about the same as other juice and soft drinks, so credit Campbell’s for not gouging the consumer on price. However, the old adage that you get what you pay for is definitely apt in this situation, and you must wonder how could they produce such a nutritious product for such little cost. The answer is that they can’t. Read on.

The Commitment
All that’s required of you is to drink a V8 every day in order to get the benefits claimed above. In fact, the slogan is “Could’ve had a V8” meaning instead of having other beverages, you should drink V8 instead because it’s better for you and will make you feel better than other options.

Perhaps the V8 that our grandparents drank was good for them, but unfortunately the product masquerading as a healthy choice is not the same thing. For as much as V8 costs you’d better believe that the manufacturer uses the lowest cost vegetables they can find, and keeps trying to find cheaper and cheaper materials to make it.

Unfortunately for consumers we live in an ultra-capitalistic marketplace. This means that the only way for Campbell’s to make more money from the sale of V8 is to increase the price or lower the cost of making it. Since they must compete with all of the other beverages on a crowded store shelf, they are forced to buy cheap tomatoes and other vegetables. The cheaper the better for them. The cheaper the worse for us, though.

You’d be better off buying an organic vegetable juice from as local a place as you can find. Pay the extra money because that’s the entire point of drinking this juice, right? If you’re paying the money and drinking the juice for its supposed health benefits, don’t choose V8 which uses industrial grade, nutrient-void vegetables to make something that looks and tastes the way it does.

Go with a small company that either grows their own vegetables or uses the best that they can find and sells it at a price that is fair to both you and them.

So Should I Drink V8 Vegetable Juice?

V8 provides some amount of nourishment, but not to the level that their advertisements would have you believe. It’s an over-stated, over-hyped product and should not be used a cure-all to healthy eating. It’s not the highest quality beverage that you can drink, and in today’s era of multi-national corporations creating the foods and drinks we consume you just can’t trust any company with your health.

Our Recommendation
Drinking V8 won’t do you any harm, but it also won’t do you as much good as Campbell’s would like you to believe. You can safely avoid the added expense and inconvenience of drinking a daily glass of what amounts to low-grade tomato juice by eating a balanced diet, and following proper eating.

What do you think? Does V8 really work?

57 Customer Reviews on “Is V8 Juice Packed Full of Vitamins & Antioxidants?

  1. I drink three to six cans a day because I have cramps and problems with stigmatism and I personally disagree with anyone who don’t know the fact about the vitimans in v8 juice. I my self will continue to drink it everyday til I no longer can or it causes cancer . My self I believe that I may fight the cells that cancers derive from .

  2. this GUY SOUNDS LIKE HE WAS DENIED A JOB THERE. this is totally biased. I’ve been drinking v8 for years. And I recall the week I started, how it changed my daily health and how I felt. Like with ALL products and services in our society there are pros and cons, but such is life. It certainly wont damage your health. I had some serious health conditions surrounding my liver and V8 played an integral role in making me feel better on a daily basis. I enjoy, I enjoy what I believe the benefits it has brought me health wise and I will continue to drink it.

  3. orgainics are better if only due to lack of pesticides on them. The real benefit is from soil organisms and healthier soil. commercially farmed soil has a shortage of minerals and trace elements. but mostly its pasture raised food that has benefits. beef raised on grass, and chickens that eat bugs and forbes. The eggs have double the nutrients and so do the beef. please put that in your pipe and smoke it. Oh I almost forgot. pasture raised beef is healthier and needs few, if any antibiotics.

  4. salt. Yes salt will stop the Charlie horses. Period. pink salt is best…..muscle cramps are a shortage of salt.

  5. I’m pretty sure the Bible says to not swear and call someone else a name. I could be wrong… Make the world a better place by not swearing and calling someone else a name.

  6. What a stupid argument. You don’t mention anything about A) does it contains the juice it say, B) does it contain the antioxidants is says or C) is this product any good. Your whole premise is: It’s mass produced so therefore it can’t be as good as they want you to believe. You should rename your blog “my opinion on why you shouldn’t buy this stuff in case you care”

  7. There is an ironic reason why organic vegetables are better. They are NOT more nutritious than other vegetables. But, they are grown in a way that is better for the planet. No pesticides, no herbicides, etc. is just good for everyone and everything. Also, locally grown vegetables are better for us all. That’s because it takes less gasoline (less pollution) to deliver them to your local store than if you bought them sourced from further away.

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