Does Forbrain Really Work?

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Does Forbrain Work?Most everyone is interested in ways that they can improve themselves. Or, they are on the lookout for resources and tools that may be useful for their children. A product that may fit into this category is Forbrain

Forbrain is a tool that has compiled from technology that allows the user to use their own speech to stimulate their brain. This is done to assist with reading and speaking and to help those who attend classes.

The Claim
The promoters of Forbrain claim that all it takes is speaking through a headphone that is placed around the back of the head. The ear pieces are then placed so they sit on the outer ear bones. The microphone is placed near the mouth to allow for the audio. As one speaks they are able to hear changes in their voice that are created by the what is called the audio vocal loop. The brain is hearing what is being spoken and the corrections are made to the voice which then leads to increased energy and motivation.

The Hype
Forbrain is an auditory system that can be used for many different age groups to address specific problems and assist with learning.

The Cost
The cost for the Forbrain system is $299. The system will include the headset designed with the bone conduction technology which will include a filter. Then the microphone covers all of which comes with a case which will also have the charging cord. There will also be an instruction book.

The Commitment
To really be able to take advantage of a system like Forbrain one has to be convinced that there is some merit to it. Then it means dedicating oneself to using it for the time directed based on its intended use. For using the Forbrain system the user can read from a book, or sing or just speak whatever they want.

The main uses of Forbrain are for attention, speech and memory. It can be used for different age groups. For early age some are using this for assisting the young one with pronunciation. Kids between the age of 5 to 15 years can make use of the system to help them focus and with attention difficulties. Teens to adults may rely on this for increased energy and confidence building. It may help seniors with memory retention. The Forbrain system is being sold on Amazon although it is fairly new on this platform. The feedback based on 19 reviews is giving the system a four star rating.

Final Forbrain Review

We are prepared to give Forbrain a thumbs up even though as yet the feedback is limited. We like the concept and the technology that it utilizes. The world still has a lot to learn as to h ow the brain learns and something like this that is showing something positive may be of an interest to may.

Our Recommendation
If you are interested in product that help to promote brain fitness you may find this one interesting.

What do you think? Does Forbrain work or not?

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