Does ISO7X Really Work?

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Does the ISO7X really work?The ISO7X has been around in different forms for years now, and is based off of the idea of isometric training.This involves a static contraction as opposed to the dynamic motion used with regular exercises involving reps and sets.But can you really get an intensive workout, just 7 seconds at a time, or is this bar making claims it can’t live up to?

If you’re looking for a way to shake up your workout routine, this probably got your attention. That’s because they show the guy not doing any reps, just holding the bar in place. Immediately this strikes you as something that could work if it is producing the resistance necessary to contract the muscle. It’s funny how many products out there seem very logical, but then don’t measure up when tried out in the real world. So let’s see where this one ends up on the ‘ol effectiveness meter.

The Claim
ISO7X claims that in just 10 minutes per day you can get lean muscles and that you’ll be stronger, tighter, leaner, and that you’ll get there faster than you can with other training methods.

The Hype
A lot of people are asking if this works, and wondering if something that doesn’t look like a traditional weightlifting workout can be effective. There are also competing products that look and function exactly like it, so you have a sort of back and forth going on between the two sides saying one works better than the other.

The Cost
ISO7X is $28 shipped to your door. You can add on a second unit for $9 more. Compared to other exerise equipment sold online this is one of the lower priced ones you can buy. Many products come with installment plans and are 3-5 times more expensive than this. This can either be a good thing, or it can raise suspicion as to the quality of the product. It’s from the makers of Iron Gym, so it’s probably not a quality issue.

The Commitment
They say that you only have to use this for 10 minutes a day in order to see results. That is a very short period of time, and the thought is that since you aren’t doing reps that you are saving time. Of course you’ll want to watch what you eat and do some cardio as well to get the full results possible.

The ISO7X is well-built, and holds up when you put it through its paces. Most people that try it are happy with the way it performs. The consensus is that for the price it’s not a bad way to spend a rainy day instead of going to the gym. And that’s really all you can expect from a piece of home equipment like this. It’s not designed to replace the gym, but more for when you can’t make it there.

One major drawback that has been cited is that it doesn’t come with an instructional DVD, just a wall chart that leaves much to be desired. The infomercial shows a ripped guy using it in all sorts of ways, but this isn’t instructional, and it would have been nice if they took the extra time to put the different workouts on video so you use the proper form. But then again, that probably would have doubled the price.

We’re going to side with NASA on this one and say that you’ll probably get limited results with the ISO7X, and it shouldn’t be used as your only muscle building activity. It’s not their their product doesn’t work, but that isometric exercise as a way to build muscle is not very effective. So while you may feel your muscles contracting, and it will be strenuous to hold it for 7 seconds, it is not going to make your muscles bigger the way that a full range of motion exercise will.

This seems to be another case of a fitness model posing with a piece of equipment that he most definitely did not use to get his physique. Although everyone knows this is the case, it would be nice to see a product demonstrated by someone that actually used it to get fit. That’s why it’s neat to see the actual people doing the Power 90 workouts in their home, because it shows the physique they have, and there’s a high chance that they used that program to get in shape.

Final ISO7X Review

The ISO7X hits so many key features, such as being able to use it just about anywhere, and giving your entire body a workout. Unfortunately, NASA looked into isometrics as a way to keep their astronauts to maintain their muscles on long voyages. They concluded that it wasn’t the right answer because on a molecular level the muscles were actually degrading. However, their findings are based on using this as your only form of strength training. When you combine this with traditional exercise, it can help you by contracting a different part of the muscles than you’re used to.

Our Recommendation
You can still get this if you want something to get you by if you’ve got a big trip planned, or just to play around with. It folds up nicely and it does something, just not enough to rely on it for your only form of strength training. It complements a full range of motion workout routine at the gym, and is something that most people find fun to work out with.

What do you think? Does ISO7X work or not?

11 Customer Reviews on “Does ISO7X Really Work?

  1. If you use this it will WORK! Super portable and makes no noise. A great device to have at home, on vacation, and at work. Don’t worry about “doing it right”. I made up my own routines and have had great results for my shoulder, chest, and arm definition. I perform 90% of the exercises sitting down. Get a chair with no arms and go to town. You cannot lose here, BUT you must use it for it to work.

  2. This product really does wonders. Build muscle ,definition stamina, Works the core and more .Also good for physical therapy back injury and knee

  3. YES, ISO 7X REALLY WORKS! I own one and then bought for the whole family. Great price for the same item sold for much higher. Basically, it is a Bullworker 2 tube (vs the BW X5 3 tube) isotonic/isometric power bar with nylon type straps. It is smooth and quiet and packs good power, about 90 lbs of compression, expansion force. I’m 6’1″ and 218 lbs with 17′ arms and 50 inch chest and it gives me a great workout in minimal time. I do both isometric and isotonic workouts depending on how I feel. I also own the Bullworker 3 with brown handles from the late 70’s. Both are virtually the same. If I was given the option to own either back in 1979, I would have purchased the ISO 7X because it is cheaper and I’m cheap, AND it does the same thing with slightly more (about 5 lbs, but not sure if the Brownie got slightly weaker over time) tension strength and because it is quieter. Either device only works if you USE THEM!

  4. I had gotten this device a few months ago on a steal ( 7 bucks) didn’t think much of it at first but tried it with office workers and they felt the strength it had on it . The device will not build up muscle mass but when incorporated with a work out ( I prefer as a cool down post work out) it can really help and you will notice it the next day – I fell this would help with achieving a more leaner cut look and done by itself it can def make you sweat a lot

  5. I used the Bull Worker way back and it did build strength – but not the mass as illuded to. I recently bought the ISO X7 and found the internal spring far to strong. I can only get small compressions and medium on others. To bad there wasn’t 2 sets of interchangeable springs. One light and one heavy for when you get the stength going.
    I would still recommend it.

  6. I’ve been using ISO7x off and on for about seven years and I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth. I use it as more of a warmup exercise, but you do get a pretty good upper body workout out of it. I take mine to work occasionally (I have an office job) and it comes in handy when I get a few minutes of downtime

  7. I had a Bullworker back in the day and used it on a regular basis, although I didn’t get huge muscular wise it definitely made me stronger which I tracked using the strength meter, as time goes by u can see yourself compressing longer and deeper on each exercise

  8. I have been using the original Bullworker for about 10 years now. I keep one at home and one in my office. I also have an Iso 7x. They are my workouts. Mine have traveled to the Caribbean to Las Vegas to Palm Springs to Seattle and San Francisco. As a kid in the 70’s, the fellows I knew who worked for Bechtel and the CIA carried these all over the world with them. The problem with them is this: they are so simple to use people cannot wrap their heads around the concept.

    Isometrics work. I use 7 second holds.

    To write that it is not designed to replace a is uninformed.

  9. It works well for arms. I Although, i use this in combination to push ups, pull ups and dips. It’s an awesome piece of work. In martial arts, this form of muscle training is preferred to increase stamina and burn fat around the muscles and loosen you up. Of course, weight lifters can benefit from this as well in a huge way. It’s similar to a workout you will typically see in any Kung-Fu movie where the trainee will have his hands levitated while holding a weighted object or jug of water in each hand and in a squatting position taking controlled breaths. Increases speed, stamina and inner strength.

  10. I need something that I can work out with in my small office and since I don’t really want anything that stands out that don’t belong in an office, Iso7x looks pretty interesting to me. The video looks straightforward enough and I think it should be easy enough to do with a chart. I think for few minutes at a time and in total maybe 10 to 20 minutes a day I can probably get a good exercise out of this.

  11. The way that guy in the video is pulling the ISO7X at times makes him look like he’s pulling a bow and arrow! Do you see it?

    The fact that there isn’t an instructional DVD that accompanies the ISO7X might leave a gap in the market for someone to create a YouTube channel showing people how to use the equipment. It’s probably been done.

    I agree that it’s not likely to work on its own, but as part of an overall exercise plan. Before I got to your last paragraph, I was thinking how portable it looked, that it would be particularly useful for regular exercisers who travel from time to time.

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