Does Glucosulin Really Work?

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Does Glucosulin work?Glucosulin says that it helps you maintain the proper blood sugar levels, preventing a sort of “domino effect” leading to weight and fat gain and a vicious cycle. By lessening the amount of insulin that is produced by the body, they are claiming that it helps to manage your blood glucose levels, keeping you at a healthy weight. But can only be accomplished by a pill like this, and is there any sort of scientific evidence backing up their claims?

When it comes to losing weight, there is the hard way, through diet and exercise, and the seemingly easy way of taking a pill. If you’ve tried the hard way so many times, and failed just as many, you are probably looking for a way to get the results you want without a lot of effort. While this isn’t the best way to go about things, it is something that pops in the heads of many of us at one point or another. The best solution is to use the easy way to help you with the hard way. A diet pill can be a good springboard to a newfound ability to eat right and get active. So let’s see if this is one you can trust your body with.

The Claim
Glucosulin claims that it works to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, and also helps to lessen the amount of food you eat in one sitting. They say that you will still feel satisfied when you’re done eating, but because you take it before your meal, less sugar will be released into your bloodstream. They say that this contributes to a healthy method of losing weight, and that their product does not use any stimulants.

It’s long been established that maintaining healthy blood sugar levels leads to a healthy body, and weight. However, what remains to be proven is whether this product actually helps to maintain those levels. The other thing to consider is that there are other diet pills that produce the same effect that have more reviews, and more studies showing that they actually work.

The Hype
The way they talk about blood sugar levels, and insulin production, almost makes it seem like they are intentionally using people’s knowledge of diabetes as a way to sell their product. When people that are diagnosed with type II diabetes start following a specially formulated diet, and start monitoring their glucose levels, they usually end up slimming down. Also, Tim Ferris talks about the importance of maintaining your glucose levels in his book The Four Hour Body

The Cost
The initial cost of Glucosulin is just under $12 and that is the shipping charges for a trial of 2 bottles. You get 30 days to try it out, and if you don’t cancel you are charged an additional $100, that’s $50 per bottle. They also enroll you automatically into their every other monthly shipment program where they bill you $48 a every other month, and send you a two month supply.

The Commitment
You are directed to take 2 pills before each meal, and that’s it. We advocate incorporating healthy eating and regular exercise into any use of a diet pill.

There aren’t enough valid reasons given to try this product, or to take it seriously. This is a prime example of how not to sell a diet pill. We could create a website and a similar looking and sounding diet pill, make the same claims, and in about a week’s time be processing orders. The $12 shipping charge likely covers shipping as well as the cost to manufacture these pills. Anything else they receive after that is pure profit, if they’re not already profiting from the shipping charge.

A number of people will likely stay on with this, either because it produces some effect, or because of the placebo effect. They would only need a few hundred people to stay on with it in order to make it a viable business. And if it does produce results, there’s no proof that it does so because of the way they explain how it works. It could be some bulk filler that makes you feel full. Who’s to say? It’s definitely not explained at their site, and you can’t hide behind “proprietary blend” entirely, you have to let people know what they’re ingesting.

Final Glucosulin Review

Glucosulin is getting our Thumbs Down rating. It is just like any other diet pill that is designed to curb your appetite, and slow down the absorption of carbohydrates in your system. That being said, there are plenty of other peer proven pills out there that should be used before this. There isn’t any data or study given as to why this would work, and their frequently asked questions page doesn’t cover some of the most basic questions, like what’s in it, and why.

Our Recommendation
There are better products than this one that serve the same result but don’t put you on auto ship program, and the have the bogus free trial offer where you have to call in and cancel your order if you’re not happy. A true free trial will let you use it, and take action in order to keep it going, not take action to make it stop. It is also explained why they charge you so much for your initial order if you decide to keep it. You are paying more than twice the price for your initial order.

What do you think? Does Glucosulin work or not?

19 Customer Reviews on “Does Glucosulin Really Work?

  1. i am trying to cancell this product but the sources make it hard This to me is bad business Stay away if you don t want to be robbed every month by this company

  2. I just made my initial order. I thought I would be getting two bottles for only the shipping charge. Then the guy starts talking really fast and I couldn’t really follow what he was saying. Now I’m reading about auto ship and some of you being charged more than I was told future shipments would cost. He told me $39/bottle on a 2 bottle shipment. I’m going to call their customer service # tomorrow because they are closed now and I was going to try to get more clear information as to what would be shipped, when it will be shipped an what my cost would. But, after I hung up with the guy who took my order and started having second thoughts, I called my credit card company with some “what if” questions. They told me if I don’t get the answers I want and they don’t cancel the order if I tell them to or if I see a charge on my bill and never received the product, that I should call the credit card co. back and ask for a Disputes Specialist. They would block payment to the company. So tell the lady (or any of you that might be having a problem with that company) to call her credit card company’s Disputes Department.

  3. im lost weight from taking this so i need some more pleas

  4. My delivery if Glucosulin just arrived today in the mail and just took my first two pills …. We will see if it does anything for me like it says and as I read I am going to try my luck and call them to cancel my order

  5. I have bin on glucosulin for two weeks now and I take two pills befor each meal and I do not feel full at all. Will it be hard to cancel?

  6. The Phone no. for Glucosulin is 1-800-249-0574, good luck! They are a scam and are hard to deal with.

  7. If there is anyone out there that has the phone no of this company please email it to me? I know a lady in her late 70’s that keeps getting billed for it and returned it before the 30 days

  8. I to found the infomercial too good to pass up. I called and within 24 hours had been charged more than thirty dollars. I was told by the representative that shipping was only twelve dollars. I am very afraid now and will not continue this product. I have not received it yet, but I think as most people struggling with weight loss have been misled. I was not told about any automatic shipping and charges or being added to a repeat mailing of the product. Thank you all for your input.

  9. You are wrong. My husband has type 2 diabetes and he was warned not to use this. I have also checked into it extensively and it is a scam. If you do not return the unused portion you are billed $99.96 and the company will refuse to refund you the money and insist they gave you terms and conditions when they did not do so. I have frozen my bank card as well as my husband. If they tough! The company also states that they will stop sending you things if you call. We will see. I just called this weekend and they are more evasive and inept than carters has liver pills.

  10. Interesting product! Will this work for someone who is Type I diabetic? I’d like to use the 30 day trial of course, I mean who wouldn’t? I also don’t eat much and am pretty active but also can’t seem to lose weight. Anyone else with this problem?

  11. The honest review is really refreshing but Glucosulin sounds a little too interesting to pass up. I guess millions of people might feel the say way, but I don’t eat a lot and I’m pretty active person, but I just can’t seem to keep a healthy weight. This is a free trial anyways and the shipping only costs 12 bucks, I think it’s worth a try and especially since I get 30 days to try it out.

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