Does Orajel Instant Pain Relief Really Work?

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Does Orajel Instant Pain Relief Work?There are plenty of different types of discomfort that the human body can endure but one that is most difficult to deal with is a toothache. More often than not these occur at the most inopportune times, like when the dentist’s office is closed. Or when there is some special event to attend. Or when money is tight and one cannot afford the dentist bill. There may be an otc solution for this which is Orajel Instant Pain Relief.

Orajel Instant Pain Relief is a OTC treatment for those who are having tooth discomfort which most often is as the result of a bad tooth. This is a oral pain relief product that many have used and with great success.

The Claim
The Orajel Instant Pain Relief promoters claim that this is the number one brand for adult oral pain relief. To deal with discomfort that can come from a regular or severe toothache, or even discomfort that dentures may have created. There are three distinct Orajel Instant Pain Relief products that deal with each one of these discomfors specifically. That is because they are formulated to deal with the specific problem. There is The Orajel for denture pain. Orajel for severe toothache and gum relief. Then there Orajel Severe PM for toothache and gum relief. There are several others that are based on the amount of the active ingredients.

The Hype
The hype about the Orajel Instant Pain Relief products is that for many they bring instant relief. For some the relief is long term while for others it brings them enough relief until they can at least get into to see their dentist.

The Cost
The price for Orajel Instant Pain Relief is going to depend on which specific product is purchased and where it is purchased. For example Orajel double medicated sells on Amazon for $7.60. But it can also be bought at many drug stores.

The Commitment
The commitment you may want to make when it comes to Orajel Instant Pain Relief is to make sure you always have it on hand. As one never knows when tooth or gum discomfort is going to strike. This is even true for those who have dentures.

There are a lot of people who rave about the great results that Orajel Instant Pain Relief brings and I am one of these speaking from personal experience. This product contains two active ingredients which are benzocaine and menthol. Keep in mind that the product is meant as a temporary relief as it does not address the actual cause of the problem. This is something that needs to be done by a health care professional like the dentist.

Final Orajel Instant Pain Relief Review

We are going to give Orajel Instant Pain Relief a thumbs up based on personal experience as well as that of many others. The price is reasonable and one may want to check out the other Orajel products just in case another oral problem crops up. This is what can be considered as a ?must have” product.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for another Orajel product that is not tooth related but deals with Cold Sores then Check out the Orajel Single Dose.

What do you think? Does Orajel Instant Pain Relief work or not?

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