Does the Cordini Really Work?

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Does the Cordini Work? Anything that is going to help make our homes or businesses a little neater looking, easier to clean, and perhaps safer, is worth taking a look at. The Cordini cord keeper may have the potential to do all of this. Is buying an item such as this really going to make that much difference around your home or business?

A very common complaint that many people have about their residence is the number of cords that are exposed when they are using the plugs. In almost every room of the house there are electrical outlets, and more often than not they are being used to capacity. This product has been designed to allow for storage of those cords that lay along the floor or are piled up in a section close to an outlet. Usually the item being plugged in is close to the outlet so there is excess cord that is just left laying on the floor. This can be a hazard for people to trip over or at the very least are unsightly looking. With this product it allows for the excess cord to be wrapped within the outlet which creates a neater looking appearance.

The Claim
The Company claims that the benefits of this product is to clear up the clutter that is created by cords leading to outlets. They state that their cord keeper is easy to install and can be done by most anyone.They further indicate that it helps to cut down on trip hazards.

The Hype
While there are several different types of cord concealers on the market the Cordini is focusing on the fact that their product is allowing the cords to be hidden behind the face plate of the electrical outlet. They are focusing on the premise that the cord is not just being camouflaged for appearance sake but that it is actually out of site. This type of hype is likely to appeal to many because all these cords laying around is a real source of irritation.

The Cost
The total cost of $26. includes a buy one get one free which includes the shipping and handling. You will also get a bonus of two swing sockets, but according to the fine print you have to pay the shipping and handling on these which we have included in the $26.

The Commitment
If you are just placing the one order then you are going to have to decide which two receptacles you want to use them on. Then you are going to have to follow the instructions for removing the face place of the plug and how to wind the cords so they will be concealed when you put on the Cordini.

At first glance it looks like this product has some good benefits to it. When you look closely it seems that really all the Cordini is, is a face plate that doesn’t sit as flush to the wall as a standard plate does. This allows for storage of the excess cord behind the plate. There is no doubt that cord keepers of various sorts do have some appeal to them. When you look at Amazon there are a variety of types available like the Cord Away Cord Keeper Protector Pack. Overall when looking at the amount of people that are searching for a solution for keeping cords in an orderly fashion there is lots of interest, but very few products that have been totally satisfactory.

Final Cordini Review

We have decided on a risky Try/Buy rating for this product. We feel that because there seems to be a need for a product that is a solution for messy cords, then perhaps a product that will be somewhat sufficient may be better than nothing. When looking at the marketing material closely it indicates that two cords maybe able to be concealed nicely in the Cordini. If however, you have multiple cords being used on a receptacle then it is not likely this product is going to be the ideal solution. On the other hand for safety purposes multiple cords should not be used on the receptacle anyway. The price of $10. per one and get one free is reasonable, but when you include the cost of the shipping for this and for the bonus then it becomes a little pricey.

Our Recommendation
If you really review the marketing material available for the Cordini carefully and realize its limitations then you may not set your expectations to high. Then the product may be a good solution for you in some cases. Ideally for those excess cords that are on counter tops this product makes sense. It would be similar to those appliances that have the retractable cords. When you look at the use for receptacles closer to the floor it does raise some potential issues. For example, the little cord that is left exposed is up off the ground but could still potential create a tripping hazard. Any product that makes moving around the home or reduces clutter is well worth looking at. A prime example of a space saving item is the Space bags that we reviewed a while back.

What do you think? Does Cordini work or not?

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