Does Fitness Complete Really Work?

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Does Fitness Complete Work? Fitness complete is a new complete offering of vitamins that come in pre measured packets so there is no guesswork of how many to take per day. While there are tons of vitamins on the market it seems that the consumer of these is always looking for something new and better. Is this product going to be the one that they are really looking for?

This product comes as a full year supply. It is designed for those consumers that want to achieve better health by way of more energy and take a product that has the antioxidents that so many people are becoming aware of today. Added to this, the product is touted as being all natural with no additives or artificial coloring. This is an important aspect as many people now want to get away from taking anything that contains chemicals. What makes this product perhaps a little easier to take is that it comes with the vitamins in pre measured packets, and there is a whole year supply. This makes it convenient of not having to run out and get your vitamin supply every month.

The Claim
The company claims that these vitamins with nourish and protect your bones, and increase your energy. These are two important benefits that most people want to enjoy and especially the older generation. Then the Company claims that the product is all natural and has no additives or artificial coloring. They also state that the product contains antioxidents. The ease of use according to the company is based on the pre measured packets that the product contains. They state that each packet contains 2 high potent vitamins,an energy and vitality vitamin,and a omega 3 complex tablet.

The Hype
The hype is all based around most everyone’s wish to feel great and that using the right vitamins can help to accomplish this. The marketing material is geared towards a variety of age groups. It appeals to the older people who want to keep their bones strong and healthy and increase their energy. Then if you take a look at the customer reviews they are focusing on this product as helping them to look younger and make some indications that it has helped their figure. These are all focusing on the hype that almost all vitamin producers rely on. What may be unique to the Fitness Complete product is that each daily dose comes individually wrapped and there is the convenience of having a one year supply. Also, there is some indication that there is a new dose of vitamin and mineral supplement every 60 days.

The Cost
For the cost of $107. which includes the shipping and handling you are going to receive 12 boxes of the product delivered to you. The marketing material states that they offer a money back guarantee if you don’t feel a difference. However, when you look closer at the offer it states that all sales are final because this is a limited end of year clearance.

The Commitment
Just like with any medication, you are going to have to get yourself into the habit of remembering to take your daily dose each day. This can be hard when it comes to vitamins, because it is not something that some people consider as a medicine they need to take to cure an illness. Based on this they tend to go two or three days sometimes without remembering to take them. You will have to set yourself a schedule so you won’t be hit and miss when using the product.

One of the difficult aspects about evaluating this type of product lies within the fact that everybody is an individual. As such, their body will react differently depending on what their body needs, and if the product has enough of what they are lacking. Something else to be considered as well is the time in which one would be feeling a positive difference from the vitamin they were taking. A close review of all of the promotional material for Fitness Complete doesn’t seem to give any indication as to when a user should be able to recognize any positive results. It also states that there is a switch in the vitamin intake every 60 days. There are no clear indicators as to just what the vitamins consist of in detail. Another product that we took a close look at and actually gave it a thumbs down rating that promoted a sense of well being was the Welltabs. You may want to take a look at this to see why we determined this product was not considered a good buy.


Final Fitness Complete Review

We are going to give this offer of Fitness Complete a Risky Try/Buy. One of the main reasons is the offer refers to it being an end of year sale. Vitamins do have a shelf life so there could be some concern here as to what it would be for an end of year supply. The other reason is because there is just not enough details as to exactly what the vitamins consist of in respect to their components. Yes, the promotional material does say antioxident, all natural and no preservatives and coloring, but it omits to say specifically what it does consist of. A good example of an organic vitamin is the Rainbow Light Womens Vitamins found at Amazon, which does give a clearer indication of what their product ingredients are.
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