Do Space Bags Really Work?

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Do Space Bags really work?We could all use more space in our lives, and that’s where Space Bags hope to help. By removing the air from our storage bags they say that you’ll be able to reduce the amount of storage space needed and protect your items a little better. But do they really work as they’re shown to in the ads, or is this product a dud?

The technique here involves using a vacuum seal so you’re removing all of the excess space taken up by the air. Big, bulky items like comforters, sheets, pillows, towels, and clothes can get compressed, saving you space and allowing you to store more things in less room. This is definitely heaven sent for those of us that like things to be organized, and keeping our things nice.

The Claim
Space Bags claims to be able to increase your storage capacity by 4 times. Most people will likely use this to store 4X more stuff, but others might benefit by having more open space available. Other claims are that it keeps what you put into it clean, dry, and protected while you’re storing it, so when it comes back out it’s fresh and ready to go. They also say that they’re waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water damage. And they’re reusable, so you can use them over and over again.

How It Works
First, put all of the things you want to store in the Space Bags. Close up the zip lock top, and then attach your vacuum cleaner hose to the one-way valve. Proceed to suck all the excess air out of it, and watch as your storage bag reduces and size. The valve is set up so that once the air gets sucked out it should keep its seal. Some people have reported that the seal comes apart in certain conditions, so it’s a good idea to double check it at times and see if it needs to be re-sucked at all.

The Cost
Their current special gets you three packs for the price of one for $28 which includes shipping. That will get you a total of 3 cubes, 3 large bags, and 3 medium bags. For the average household this should be more than enough to take care of all your storage needs.

Time Commitment
It does take a little bit of time to use Space Bags, because you have to stand there and watch the vacuum cleaner suck the air out. But since storing things like this only happens once in a while, and the results last for a long time, it’s time well-spent and you can quickly get on with your life after you’re done storing your stuff.

After seeing the Space Bags system put to the test in an actual real world environment, it’s easy to see that it works as advertised. Of course, it’s better for certain items than others. The vacuum effect works great with any bulky, porous object, like sweaters and sweatshirts, pillows, and bedding. This can be a great way to store your winter clothes during the summer, or vice versa. It’s also a great way to store an extra set of bedsheets, or the bedding for the guest room in between company.

What About Space Bags TO GO?
Traveling isn’t really conducive to lugging a vacuum cleaner with you, so the makers of the original Space Bags came out with Space Bags TO GO. You don’t need a vacuum with these bags, you just press the air out of them by hand, and they stay close and don’t let the air come back in.

After personally using these on a backpacking trip to Europe, I can say firsthand that they definitely work. The clever opening is designed to let air come out, but not back in until you open it. I used it to store my clean clothes, and it kept them dry, and separate from the dirty clothes in the same bag. It also saved a ton of space which allowed me to fit everything into my pack.

Final Space Bags Review

Space Bags work great! They stand up to real world testing and pass with flying colors. The amount of space saved will vary depending on what you put in it, but you have to use the right sized bag fitted for the item you want to store. Luckily they send you bags in several different sizes so you just have to decide which size you need. With their new cubes you can store even more in less space, and with less bags needed.

Our Recommendation
You can’t go wrong by picking up a Space Bags system. Try the original first for your bedding, and then if you like them you can get the larger capacity sizes if you need it, or the travel version if you’re planning a trip or travel frequently. They really come in handy, and can free up space in your home or space for more stuff.

What do you think? Do Space Bags work or not?

12 Customer Reviews on “Do Space Bags Really Work?

  1. This bag is rubbish. It worked for 2 days and became very soft , waste of money and bad customer service too. My money was taken twice and I called d customer service . I was told someone will get back to me but no one ever did.

  2. I will NEVER use a space bag again! They did work great for storing extra blankets, but, even packing them with dryer sheets did not keep the awful smell from ruining my brand new comforters. Everything I put in them came out smelling so bad I had to throw it all away. I tried washing multiple times and airing outside for days to no avail. The items were dry when I put them in the bag so I have no idea what caused the awful smell.

  3. I live in a tiny apartment and I desperately need more closet space. I have so many things that are laying around in a disorganized fashion because I simply no longer have room for them, and I certainly cannot afford buying or renting a bigger place at this point in time, so I thought I had to just cope and deal with the problem. After reading this review, though, I am definitely going to give this product a try. It should give me the little bit of extra space that I really need to get organized and be able to stay here for a little while longer until I can afford a bigger space.

  4. I like these things a lot in fact I will use them in my situation always which is this. I work from home, have one small dog and no kids or anyone living with me so I tend to rent very small spaces with only drawers like as in an efficiency so it is a great thing to have when you have a lot of seasonal clothes and other things that you don’t need to leave out. This makes it easier to store items under the bed or in the bottom or top of closets. It does not destroy good clothes and you may only need to iron a few pieces before you wear them. It actually safeguards against mold and such by extracting the air out of them and if you don’t want yellowing this prevents this as well.

  5. The Space Bags really do save space and store all items easily. This makes storing winter apparel in one area without the fear of anything getting into your bags. You just use your vacuum and suck out the air. I couldn’t believe how small the package gets when you do this. Amazing! This is perfect for blankets, comforters or any type of items that you want to put away. You can stack the bags in a closet or even under a bed as they take up no room at all. The cost is great. I actually paid ten dollars for mine which was a bargain.

  6. I have used SpaceBags in the past and I have mixed feelings about them. Although they do what they say, I have found the awkward size they are when you’re using them is annoying. My goal with them was to use them for extra bedding and large sweaters, etc. While the bags did get quite a bit smaller, I had been planning on storing them in the closet stacked up one on top of another. This clearly didn’t work as the bags don’t maintain a flat surface after taking the air out. Although I wouldn’t buy more of them for storage, I do like what Taryn said about using them for vacation. What a great way to get big clothing to fit in a small suitcase, especially when traveling during winter with big sweaters and coats!

  7. Vacationers of the world unite! I can’t get enough of the SpaceBag travel size. We travel to Disney once or twice a year and because we travel with a service dog, we cannot fly. If you have ever driven 13 hours with five adults, a toddler, and a 55-pound dog, you appreciate that luggage space is at a premium. Our first trip we ended up so packed in that I could barely walk when we got to the hotel. These little roll-up bags make a huge difference in not only the amount of space we have in our van, but also in our organization. It is easy to pack each person’s clothing in individual bags, then pack everything into just a couple of suitcases rather than having each person have an individual suitcase.

  8. I think that there are very good uses for this product, but there is a lot to be improved upon. This item appeared great at first. I used the big bag along with all my blankets, and a smaller bag for all of my summer clothing. Yes, it compacts fast. Yes you can easily see where all your clothing and linens are easily. BUT…there are a few things that make it not so ideal. Does it actually fit with the contour of the container? Definitely not. I attempted to match it in plastic containers and it wasn’t going to happen. You actually must kneel on it, action on it and shape it with your hands to get it to that particular contour WHILE deflating it. After that’s executed, good luck putting it away!!!! They increase in size by the first day or two, even though they are incredibly compact in the beginning. As promised, it still saves room, but not nearly how it did in the beginning.

  9. I have lots of stuff- my husband shakes his head at the amount of clothing that myself and my children have. But, what can we say? Looking beautiful in the latest trends is something that we want to do. Now with the help of these Space bags all of our gorgeous clothing is no longer a problem. These amazing space bags seal flat and can easily store under the bed and anywhere else that you need. The bags are easy to use and when you take the items out they go right back to original size, ready to be used again and again. If you’ve got $20 this is where the money should be spent.

  10. I’m not impressed with the Space Bags. When my niece had to move into a small apartment I thought that the bags would be a really great idea. She had very limited storage so I thought the bags were a great solution. We had difficulties with the seals. For 2 of the bags we never got the seals to work. Probably one of the most disheartening things was sealing her winter coat. Later when she went to take the coat out of the bag, she never could get the coat into its original shape. She also had a pillow that wouldn’t fluff up to its normal shape. I guess that I would just caution people about the use of the bags.

  11. Vanessa I agree. When I got my first set of space bags I was hooked. I filled those up and went back and got another set. With the second set, when I was putting the bag away it snagged on a spring (I was sliding it under the couch) and it was useless after that.

    The concept is sound but the plastic was weak. I actually think I am going to go get another set just to see if the quality has improved since I bought the last set. By the way the cube shaped are my favorites as well!

  12. These definitely work, and well! I have several of the space bags, like the cube shaped and flat shaped ones. We use them for blankets, pillows, and to store bulky sweaters and coats during the winter months. We use the cubes for extra blankets and pillows, and then we can conveniently store them inside the storage area of our futon for when guests stay over. The only problem is that if they get even a tiny hole in them, they won’t work. Once one of the bags ripped when caught on a piece of sharp metal and the bag was unusable from then. I think if they were made of a slightly stronger plastic they would have been better.

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