Does Wild Growth Really Work?

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Does Wild Growth Wotk?A common problem that so many people have is with their hair and specifically with hair loss, thinning or even just slow growth. There have been a lot of products that have come out on the market to help with these issues, some of which are deemed as quite good and Wild Growth just may be one of these.

Wild Growth is a product that contains all natural ingredients with the two main ones being olive oil and coconut along with several others.

The Claim
The promoters of Wild Growth are claiming that this product is excellent for detangling the hair and softens it. That it also promotes good hair growth. It also claims to help reduce blow drying time.

The Hype
The hype really comes with the all natural ingredients that are Wild Growth which is mainly a collection of different well known and quality oils. The other hype that should be mentioned is the hype that is not there. Meaning the promoters are not jumping all over one factor such as it promotes hair grow. They seem to be simply outlining all that it is proven to be capable of.

The Cost
The Cost for Wild Growth is $8.88 but you may also have the option of buying a 2 pack for #14.95.

The Commitment
As with anything to do with your beauty and appearance it takes some time and effort. It is recommended that you follow the instructions for using Wild Growth. Some have said that the oils are very heavy and if the product is over used then it burdens the hair with too much oil.

Everything about Wild Growth has some good factors to it. It seems that you only need a few drops of the oil to glean its benefits as you work the product through the hair. There are a lot of great comments about Wild Growth including what seems to be its ability to help stimulate hair growth. Many that have commented on do say they are also using other methods to help encourage hair growth so it could be more effective when used in combinations like this. At the same time there are lots that are just Wild Growth on its own. Aside from hair growth a lot of users are impressed at how well it untangles the hair and the overall appearance that it gives to the hair in general

Final Wild Growth Review

We are going to give Wild Growth a thumbs up. We like the ingredients as they are quality ones and the product is all natural. It has received a four star rating out of 2,057 reviews. It is reasonably priced and you don’t have to use a ton of the product to get some results.

Our Recommendation
Based on everything that Wild Growth has to offer we recommend giving it a try, however keep in mind everyone is an individual so you are going to get individual results. An alternative that you may want to look at is Hairintegro.

What do you think? Does Wild Growth work or not?

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