Does Dr. Mist Really Work?

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Does Dr. Mist Work?It used to be that any deodorant would do as long as it worked. Now with the public becoming more knowledgeable about the harmful chemicals that so many of these products may contain that we use on our body, we are becoming much more cautious and that includes our deodorant. Based on this you may want to take a look at Dr. Mist.

Dr. Mist is all natural deodorant that has gained a great deal of recognition as well as growing rapidly in popularity for many reasons.

The Claim
The Dr. Mist is claimed to be a floatation fluid spray that has the ability to work for up to three days. It does so by killing the odor causing bacteria.

The Hype
While most of wouldn’t think of going three days without a shower, therefore needing a new application of deodorant each time, Dr. Mist has the capability of protecting you from underarm odor for this lengthy period of time.

The Cost
If you are purchasing in the USA you are looking at a cost of $7.99. For all the accolades that this product has gained, the price for Dr. Mist is quite reasonable.

The Commitment
You are not going to have to do anything different with your application of Dr. Mist than what you would do with any other product. What you might have to get used to however, is the feel of the product going on. While many products feel sticky at first, Dr. Mist feels just like water.

There is a lot to like about Dr. Mist. First, it’s what it doesn’t contain that’s impressive. It doesn’t have an aluminum, fragrance, colors, cream or oils or alcohol. Not only is hypo allergenic but it’s environmentally friendly. If you are wondering how it really works well this is a registered trade secret. It is credible however as it is backed up with the Geneva award for inventions.

Final Dr. Mist Review

We do know according to the marketing material that is formulated with some of the components of the dead sea. For anyone that knows anything about beauty products,they will tell you that usually dead sea formulated products are top quality. Added to its rights to boast is the fact that it has received several other rewards. Not only do many use this product for underarm odor they are also using it for foot odor with great success. It seems that more uses for this product are popping up continuously.Based on all that we have learned about Dr. Mist we are definitely inclined to give Dr. Mist a Thumbs Up rating.

Our Recommendation
If you are intent on staying away from deodorants altogether if possible then another alternative is the De Odor. We have reviewed this and it has received a few positive thumbs up. Most people however just cannot phantom going without deodorant so Dr. Mist seems like a great choice.

What do you think? Does Dr. Mist work or not?

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