Does the Awake Chocolate Bars Really Work?

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awakeWhenever our energy starts to diminish then a lot of us tend to look for another cup of coffee or a hit of sugar to give us that quick spike that we need. Is an easier solution the Awake Chocolate Bars? If so, what makes it different than the ton of energy drinks that are already on the market?

Awake chocolate bars are guilty little pleasures that contain all the taste of a regular chocolate bar combined with a shot of caffeine.

The Claim
The claim is that by eating an Awake chocolate bar you get the same amount of caffeine you would get in a single regular sized cup of coffee.

The Hype
The hype surrounding these Awake Chocolate Bars has been exploding ever since they were featured on the show Dragons Den. Since then the company has expanded massively and currently the bars can be found in just about every major retailer aisles.

The Cost
The cost for the Awake Chocolate Bars varies from retailer to retailer depending on the size of the Awake product you choose. They offer single chocolate bars and even small single bite options. Check your local retailer for prices near you. It appears they can really vary in prices depending on your region. Some are saying they can get the bars for $2.99. Others are saying $5.50, then on Amazon they can be as high as $7.50.

The Commitment
The only commitment required for these tasty treats is that you must love great tasting chocolate and need or want the punch from the caffeine. When done simply smile, wipe the chocolate remnants from your lips and toss the wrapper in the recycle bin…done! What could possibly be easier…or more enjoyable than that!

For many people, a cup of coffee represents a little jolt to the system, a little energy booster to start the day or keep up the energy level throughout the day. The same can be said for the many different types of energy bars and drinks that now cram the shelves in stores across the globe. While all of these manufacturers do their best to ensure that their products taste somewhat palatable the truth remains that many of them just do not. They are either horrible or leave a bad aftertaste or just simply look unpalatable. Along comes AWAKE and the game is forever changed. These bars and bites taste absolutely fantastic (as intended!) and give you that little boost to get you going in the process. The amount of caffeine is relatively small compared to some of the more “lively” products on the market today and represents the amount contained in just a single cup of coffee. These Awake Chocolate Bars really do give a little boost and taste great at the same time.

Final Awake Chocolate Bars Review

The final review of these Awake Chocolate Bars shows that these really do what they say they will. Give you a small shot of caffeine into the system while tasting really, really, good. We would recommend them to anyone looking for an alternative to the energy drinks and bars on the market today. They taste better and have a much smaller amount of caffeine than many products out there and are therefore a little safer overall. Remember though, if you buy the small single bite Awake products to follow the serving suggestions as the entire bag contains more caffeine than a single bar does. We have to give the Awake Chocolate Bars a Thumbs up!

Our Recommendation
Again, we would recommend these to anyone looking for a tasty alternative to the energy products on the market today. They give you the desired boost and taste fantastic, what more could you ask for! If eating chocolate just isn’t for you then an alternative may be in the form of an energy drink like Five Hour Energy.

What do you think? Does Awake Chocolate Bars work or not?

20 Customer Reviews on “Does the Awake Chocolate Bars Really Work?

  1. Please read what Awake Chocolate advertises online, word for word:
    “Consume one AWAKE bite and you’ll be ready to send a fax, or possibly several emails. Two bites and you’ll be ready to demand a raise, arm wrestle a swole bro, or bench press a small coworker. Three bites and it gets real—you could possibly create the greatest spreadsheet known to humankind. Eat four bites and you’re in hurricane territory. We pity the fool who gets in your way.”
    Awake Chocolate does not reveal the caffeine content in their bars until AFTER you have placed your order and the shipment is on its way. Again, this is word for word:
    “Thank you for your purchase! In about 24 hours, your order will begin its fantastic journey from our nest to your door. In the meantime, here are a few things to get excited about: 1 bar = 1 cup of joe”.
    Have you ever consumed 1 cup of Joe and have it make you “In hurricane territory?”
    This is false advertising. I left several voice messages, plus emailed them several times and received no response. Please do not give this this company your business.

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