Does Five Hour Energy Really Work?

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Does Five Hour Energy really work?Today’s current climate see’s many people working long hours or even having 2 jobs just to make ends meet and keep afloat with their payments and commitments, which has given Five Hour Energy a huge market to work and sell in.

Five Hour Energy is a supplement that is sold in a bottle containing 2 fluid ounces of the energy drink. As its title suggests it gives the consumer a long lasting energy burst and can aid with mental stimulation. The product was first introduced to the US market back in 2004 and has steadily grown in popularity and sales. But is this justified?

The Claim
The first claim that 5 Hour Energy makes with their product is clear to see by the name. It claims to stimulate the body and mind for at least 5 hours with a single shot of their drink. This goes far beyond the effects that are seen with other energy drinks in the market and so appeals to sports stars and those that are taking long journeys as well as those that are generally tired from working hard and being in a busy family.

Five Hour Energy claim that you can drink their product in seconds and you will feel the effects of stimulation within minutes. No other energy drink on the market today has ever been reliably proven to act as quickly as this so it is another bold statement to advertise.

The Hype
Often at work the afternoon is known as the graveyard slot. This is where all the workers have eaten lunch and they then get groggy and need a nap. 5 Hour Energy can be taken just after lunch and this will then keep the employee going until the end of the working day ready for their journey home.

People have also noted that unlike other energy products in the market, Five Hour Energy does not leave them over-tired once the effects have worn off. This is a big positive and one that drives many away from drinking energy drinks like Red Bull.

The Cost
5 Hour Energy is normally sold in a pack of 12 bottles for which the recommended retail price is $25. Some local shops and stores also sell Five Hour Energy in single bottles that are usually sold between $2 and $3.

The Commitment
It is not recommended that 5 Hour Energy is used every single day with doctors commenting that it may weaken the kidneys and bladder earlier than nature intended. The recommended dosage for Five Hour Energy is to consume half of a bottle for a moderate energy boost and a whole bottle for maximum energy. With the effects occur almost instantaneously, sports starts like to drink half of the bottle before a big game and consume the second half in the interval.

The user does not have to do anything other than drink the energy shot and feel the effects. It is worth pointing out that the consumption levels should be monitored and the shot should be cut back if the user feels any adverse effects internally.

This product is great for the sports and leisure industry. It is non-carbonated, has zero herbal stimulants and sugar, and contains vital vitamins and amino acids as well as being only 4 calories. Those that visit the gym after a long day at work can get and extra energy boost which will allow them to burn those extra calories or have the increased energy that they need to lift that extra weight.

Five Hour Energy contains active ingredients that are primarily found in naturally grown foods and so does not contain as many horrible formulated chemicals which can effectively rot your internal organs after consumption.

Does Five Hour Energy Really Work?

Some of the leading sportsmen and women in the business vouch for 5 hour energy as giving them that extra boost of energy which is so vital to their trade. Busy businessmen have also spoken up and vouched for the usage of 5 Hour Energy by saying that it has given them increased performance in the workplace and greater productivity and output.

Our Recommendation
Five Hour Energy comes with a recommendation from us to get out and try it. It is extremely likely that whether you are performing in a sports match or even just struggling to stay awake at work that you will see positive benefits from using it. It is worth finding an outlet that sells the singular bottles to try out before committing to a box of 12 but the likelihood is that you will love the product and continue to use it on occasions of low energy.

What Do You Think? Does Five Hour Energy Really Work?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Five Hour Energy Really Work?

  1. This product definitely works. I needed some extra energy after work to do some upgrades for my house. Well, I was able to finish the project in a short amount of time and my energy level was up at all times. I usually go to bed around 9:00pm and feeling very tired most of the time, but with this product, I was able to work until 11:00 – 11:30pm. I highly recommend it!

  2. I never tried 5 Hour Energy myself, but my sister got a few free ones at an event at her college. She tried one that day and it definitely worked, but maybe a little too much. She was very hyper. She said it didn’t taste that good. I don’t think I’ll ever try this product only because coffee gives me as much of an energy jolt as I need, and if I have too much caffeine In the day I have a hard time falling asleep and it makes me stressed out. I like that it doesn’t have any sugar though, because I can’t drink coffee without sugar but I hate the crash that comes after a sugar rush.

  3. Wow, I am really surprised at how many positive reviews 5-hour Energy has! I had a boss that swore by this stuff, too. He had one in the morning and another one at lunch 6 hours later, and he was alert but he seemed really jittery. Maybe he just took too much. I’m glad it’s gotten good reviews and works for a lot of people, but I’m hesitant to try it because of the way it affected him, and typically energy drinks give me a stomach- and/or head- ache. I may try one if coffee isn’t keeping me awake, based on the reviews here. I just hope it doesn’t make me feel jittery or sick.

  4. This is my absolute favorite product on the market as far as energy drinks/shots/supplements go. Living a very active lifestyle, I find myself drinking one of these every day. There is no doubt they work, and they work wonderfully well. The taste is a turn-off to some, but I found that the more I drank them, the more I craved the flavor. I’ll also second that there is no sugar crash, but you can definitely feel the “crash” as it wears off. My only complaint is the price, they are slightly higher than most other options, although that may be due to my location. If you’re looking for long lasting, clear-minded energy without the jitters, this is the product! (Do consume with caution and start with ½ of a bottle until you are sure of how your body will react.) I’d be lost without 5-hour Energy!

  5. It tastes absolutely awful and will not always work as it claims. Not to mention that doesn’t last the full five hours. While I never crashed after the full five hours, it still wasn’t enough to give me the energy I needed to get things done easier. It’s obviously a better choice than Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar but it disgusting and you shouldn’t use on an empty stomach. Occasionally it helps give you the energy you need but it’s not something that one should use on a daily basis. So if you’re constantly lacking energy then you need to get more sleep, drink a lot more water and eat healthy. The double strength is the better option to go with when you’re choosing 5 hour energy. Especially if you need the energy more quickly.

  6. Five Hour Energy is my choice among all the energy drinks. I generally do not imbibe the other brands, like Red Bull and the huge cans of Monster and such, but when I need a pick me up, Five Hour Energy is my choice. It’s a small bottle instead of some huge canned pint of sugar and bull testosterone. If I’m working a double shift or staying up late for a freelance project, this product provides a nice boost and seems to aid focus, and the “come down” is lighters than that experience from Red Bull and others of that ilk. Just don’t drink it everyday (or twice a day!) like that commercial says to do.

  7. I think what happens is that people start to confuse the effects of drinks like this with the natural energy created by the foods they eat and the circumstances in which they find themselves. 5 hours of sustained energy is a very bold claim. I have tried lots of these things and nothing has ever had an effect for more than 20-30 minutes. Basically they spike your glycogen levels. Any ‘energy’ you feel after this spike had subsided is due to the natural adrenaline and energy your body generates through consuming food and being stimulated by the world around you.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly, 5 hour energy certainly does work. I still remember how I felt the first time I tried it, really the only word that fits is “jolted.” Granted, while I know that 5 hour energy works, if I want a pick-me-up I usually drink another brand of energy drink like Monster or Nos either that or just coffee.

  9. I’m certain that there are folks out there for whom 5 Hr Energy does not “work”, or causes disagreeable side effects, but luckily, I’m not one of those folks. What I actually do is drink 1/2 a container of the Extra-strength version when I need to stay up for long hours at a time. The reason I initially began drinking the suggested limit of 2 containers daily was because I first used 5 Hr Energy within a period where I was required to remain alert for 24 hrs. Therefore, I determined that instead of getting the ordinary strength and only lasting 10 hrs, I’d get the Double Strength and stretch it out over 20 hrs. That worked magnificently and since then, I’ve consistently switched to 5 Hr Energy in the uncommon instances that I have had to stay up for 24 hrs. More often though, I utilize it to get me through an especially slow day at work where I’m just dragging and struggling to concentrate. I really like how fast it “kicks in”.

  10. I beg to differ! This stuff DOES taste nasty, but it is straight energy for me. I drank a bottle of this a 8am when I set off home on a roadtrip from Massachusetts. By 5pm, I started getting tired…. And I was in Virginia after driving all day.

    The fact is, this drink works on some people, others it doesn’t. But it doesn’t make the product ineffective. I think it has something to do with how the body breaks down and uses the vitamins. This drink works for me, so I can only talk about what works.

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