Does Dr. Miracle Really Work?

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Does Dr. Miracle really work?Dr. Miracle is a product that can really pay dividends in a consumer’s quest for beauty. The market for hair products designed especially for blacks is growing massively with the newfound love for emulating the look of popular music and film stars. But does it really work at delivering the results?

Dr. Miracle is a company that was founded in 2004 by a black woman that was fed up consumer products that did not suit or satisfy her desires and requirements. Today, Dr. Miracle has over 20 products to aid black Americans in gaining the hair of their dreams.

The Claim
Dr. Miracle’s claim is simple and easy. It is the “finest hair care system on the market for African Americans”. This is quite a niche market and so quality of the product is absolutely paramount. If this product really is the “finest” in the market then it should instantly take a majority share of consumers.

The range of products each have separate claims such as “get your hair the straightest it’s ever been” in the case of the relaxer product and another that the product will “make your hair big and shiny” on a product aimed at those that have larger, curly hair.

The Hype
The claim to be the finest in the market is a big one and in the case of African Americans, there has always been a void in the hair care product line that is available . No product has yet been able to offer the consumer exactly what they want for every customer type. With Dr. Miracle claiming 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry testing and trialing products, this product portrays a lot of anxiety to the customer. African Americans are constantly battling with their hair for a multitude of reasons.

The Cost
Each product in Dr. Miracles range of hair care product has a different price with the cheapest being the oil sheen spray costing just $5.99. The priciest product in the line is the No-Lye relaxer and the Temple and Nape Gro Balm which are both sold at $9.49. Relatively inexpensive according to industry standards.

The Commitment
The requirements for the consumer when this product is bought are very limited, and in fact in most cases the time taken to get ready and make your hair look great will decrease considerably. Dr. Miracle’s products will simply replace other branded products in the daily routine but will have the added benefit of leaving the hair in a better condition which is therefore more malleable and easy to set in place. The products that are applied directly to the hair and scalp are in easy washable tubes and therefore require no second thought.

Dr. Miracle’s best selling product is the No-Lye Relaxer which aids those with longer hair (longer than 2 inches) to have a much easier time when they try and straighten. The typical natural ethnicity of African American hair is generally curly which makes it very hard to straighten and can often take the individual hours to do.

The problem then is that the hair will often lose its straightness very quickly. The No-Lye Relaxer is intended to be applied directly to the hair prior to straightening and this will then make the whole process of straightening much easier and give longer lasting results.

Other popular products from the Dr. Miracle range include the Daily moisturizing Gro Oil and the Hot Gro Hair and Scalp treatment cream. The line-up also includes several products to protect hair such as the daily anti-damage and breakage cream.

Does Dr. Miracle Really Work?

Dr. Miracle sits in a niche field where few companies have succeeded in bringing high quality product to the market to aid black consumers with their hair styling worries. However, this product is heavily backed by top medical professionals and the web is crawling with people that have noting but great views on all products in the line.

Our Recommendation
Nothing will compare to the consumer getting their hair medically steamed into being straight but that is normally out of the price range of most. The Dr. Miracle product is extremely competitively priced and receives glowing reviews from the high majority of its past users. This product therefore comes with a highly regarded recommendation for at least a trial run.

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238 Customer Reviews on “Does Dr. Miracle Really Work?

  1. Dr. Miracle is great. Before I used to use ors, then cream of nature but they gave me rough hair and it did not grow just got more damaged. A family friend recommended Dr. Miracle. I tried it and loved it. My hair got softer and grew a lot. I’ve also used the deep condition and I have to say I’m in love👆😍😍

  2. I’m used to Dr miracle relaxer for about 4 years,i retourch last two months my black,shining,long hair pool off the way I’m combing it.l love this product please what should I do to gain my hair back?

  3. How did the products work with transitioning is your natural hair growing longer and stronger? I’m asking because I just started going natural last month and I can’t decide what products to use.

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