Does the GB Pocket Stroller Really Work

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Does the GB Pocket Stroller Work?There are tons of strollers on the market to choose from. The real focus has been aside from the safety features, is just how easy it is to use and to carry along with you. The GB Pocket Stroller may be a great choice for Mom’s on the go who need the most compact and lightweight stroller they can find.

The GB Pocket Stroller is an extremely versatile baby stroller that when not in use folds into a small cube.

The Claim
The claim is that this “pocket” stroller is one of the smallest folding strollers on the market today.

The Hype
The hype behind the GB Pocket Stroller is that it easily folds up into a mass that is extremely small. In addition, it has all the features of a full size stroller in a very compact size. It holds the Guinness world Record for world’s smallest stroller.

The Cost
According to the Pishposh blog the GB Pocket Stroller will retail for about $249.00 which is true because it is presently listed on Amazon for this price.

The Commitment
The commitment necessary for the GB Pocket Stroller is very minimal indeed. When not in use it folds down to a size that is comparable to a small suitcase.

The GB Pocket Stroller is not to be confused with the exceptionally cheap umbrella strollers on the market today. This unit actually folds down to the size of a very small carry- on bag. It will actually fit down the aisle of a standard aircraft when fully extended and actually fold small enough to fit in the overhead compartment on the plane as well. It holds the world record for smallest foldable stroller. The stroller, when extended will hold a child up to 55 pounds and has all the features of a much larger stroller like swivel front wheels with a lock feature for rough terrain and a sun cover on top. The harness is a padded 5 point harness to ensure that the child is safely secured and comfortable.

Final GB Pocket Stroller Review

The GB Pocket Stroller really is hard to beat if looking for a really good portable stroller. Sure, you can buy the umbrella strollers on the market for much less money but they have none of the features that this unit has in terms of safety or comfort and do not fold down to nearly as small a size as the GB Pocket Stroller. This baby really does defy possibilities in the size it folds down too. It really is the future of portable strollers. For these reasons we are giving this stroller a Tumbs Up rating.

Our Recommendation
For any family that travels a lot but needs to have a quality durable foldable stroller, this is the one. It truly does offer a great number of features and the fact it folds as small as it does is simply incredible. Absolutely great for the travelling family or anyone with limited storage space. While we found this stroller to be really unique something else that we thought that was quite intriguing when it came to baby mobility was the Baby Jogger Glider Board.

What do you think? Does GB Pocket Stroller work or not?

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