Does Dream Look Really Work?

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Does Dream Look really work?If your eyes are sagging it makes you look older than you are, and Dream Look hopes to be the remedy with their instant eye lift. By placing a thin strip of plastic onto your eyelid, they claim that you will instantly look younger and more wide-eyed. This product seems especially geared to the aging baby boomers, and their promo features many people with drooping eyelids.

The aging process is just no fun, and things start sagging and drooping that didn’t sag and droop before. Propping them back up is an entire industry, including plastic surgeons and products like Dream Look that hope to help you avoid going to a cosmetic doctor for an expensive surgery. But can a little piece of adhesive plastic be all that you need?

The Claim
All you have to do according to the makers of Dream Look Instant Eye Lift is place the piece of plastic onto your eyelid. It will instantly pull your lid back so that more of your eye shows. They say that it’s easy to apply, and also that it will be invisible when it’s on your eye.

These two claims had better be true, because if it isn’t easy you can’t expect people to do it every day. Also, if people can see the plastic lifter it defeats the purpose of lifting the eye because you’ll just be drawing attention to that area and people will know that you have insecurities about your eyes.

The Hype
The hype comes from exaggerating how big of a problem this is. If someone is already self-conscious about their drooping eyelids, this commercial will only solidify their belief that they need to change. The difference between some of the before and after pictures is so minuscule that it’s hard to notice any sort of difference. Only someone that is looking very hard at that area and scrutinizing it greatly would notice such a subtle change.

The Cost
The Dream Look plastic tabs are disposable, so if you want to keep getting the results, you’ll have to keep re-ordering it as you use them up. At first glance it appears that these cost $28 which includes shipping, and gives you enough tabs for 60 days of daily use. You can optionally enroll in the club which will send you a month’s supply every 30 days if you plan to wear them daily.

Ordering troubles: Many users have reported that it is not the easiest thing in the world to order these from the manufacturer’s website. They will try to upsell you on several different additional products, and they will charge you without showing you what you’re ordering. You end up getting more product than you bargained for, and end up paying extra shipping for these extras even if they’re “free”.

If you order these, we recommend going with Amazon where you won’t have to worry about your checkout experience, and where you can get them for $19 which includes shipping to your door.

The Commitment
Any day you want your eyes to be lifted you’ll have to insert a new Dream Look eye lift tab. If you want to keep up this appearance for the long haul, you’ll have to apply these every day. Having something that is adhesive on your eyelid day after day is not really sustainable. Some sort of complication is bound to arise given enough repeated use.

Credit the marketing team on this one for making something as simple as adhesive strips seem like a new innovation. There’s nothing revolutionary about Dream Look and you don’t need to sign on for the monthly expense of joining their “club”. If you eyes are very baggy, they probably won’t work, and if they are only mildly so, you won’t see enough benefit from using it to put up with having something stuck to your eye for hours on end.

Final Dream Look Review

Technically, they work in lifting up the skin on your eye. However, the question remains of whether or not you would actually want to wear them every day. They may not be comfortable enough to keep on your eye every single day, and they also may be noticeable to other people, and not invisible like the claims made in the infomercial.

One user noted that you can get the same sort of effect with ordinary scotch tape. This is a great way to try it before you buy it. Just cut a little strip of it off and apply it to your eyelid. This will give you an idea of what you’re in store for once you order Dream Look. If you don’t mind having a piece of tape on your eyelid and you think that it’s unnoticeable and can be worn for several hours, you might be able to handle using the product.

Our Recommendation
You may have a strong desire to lift those eyelids, but this does not appear to be a workable solution. It might work in a pinch, like if you have an important date or an event, but only if they are not visible once you put them on. For the price involved to try them out, it just doesn’t seem worth it.

What do you think? Does Dream Look work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Dream Look Really Work?

  1. they worked perfectly for me…took practice..for my kids it takes a whole one and half of another one for the outside corner of eye….I’ve also found that another coat of the “gel” applied over the stickers once they’ve been applied helps them disappear….these are a game changer…wish I could post a picture to show!!!

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