Does the Duragloss Car Care Bucket Really Work?

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Does the Duragloss Car Care Bucket Work?If you really like to look after your vehicle and want to be able to clean and detail it with ease then you need a product that is going to allow you to do this. There are a few products on the market to help with this but perhaps one of the best will be the Duragloss Car Care Bucket.

Duragloss has been in the car care business for a very long time and have made many excellent products over the years but seldom have they put the best ones into a kit like the Duragloss Car Care Bucket, so that you get the chance to clean and detail your automobile at home with the same effect that you would get spending much more at a detailing company. Now they have !

The Claim
The claim by Duragloss is that by having access to their best products in one simple to use and store kit like the Duraglss Car Care Bucket, you too can get the perfection of having a fully cleaned and detailed car without ever having to leave the driveway of your own home!

The Hype
Much of the hype of this kit is realized by the fact that Duragloss has established a very good reputation as a pre-eminent maker of very good car care products.

The Cost
The Duragloss Car Care Bucket is very reasonably priced at only $38.95  There are many similar priced kits that offer products that are simply inferior to the Duragloss products contained in this bucket making this a great value overall.

The Commitment
Not much in the way of commitment required for the Duragloss Car Care Bucket other than the commitment to a finely detailed and exceptionally clean car or truck when you use it!

As we mentioned above, Duragloss is well known and pretty much universally accepted as the makers of the best car care products on the market today with few exceptions. The Duragloss Car Care Bucket that they have put together in this bucket offers the consumer a very good selection of some of their best products so you can get a factory detailed car in the comfort of your own driveway. The kit includes a bucket to use when washing the car and works perfectly for storing the kit when not in use. It also contains their excellent Polish & Cleaner that is designed to put a wicked shine on the auto after you have used the car exterior wash. You also get the Vinyl/Leather cleaner that works your interior to a perfect shine. You get the Ultimate Detail cleaner for those hard to reach and finds areas and the All Wheel Cleaner to get the wheels looking in perfect like new condition!

Final Duragloss Car Care Bucket Review

Many of us clearly prefer to clean our own car for a variety of reasons. We don’t trust the car wash to do the same job we know we can do or simply enjoy performing this particular chore ourselves. There is also the financial consideration. By doing the job ourselves we save a huge amount of money over the years, enough that a kit like the Duragloss Car Care Bucket pays for itself over time. For all of these reasons the Duragloss kit is well worth the money! We are giving it a thumbs up rating.

Our Recommendation
For anyone who truly appreciates a good product and likes to wash their car at home under their own watchful eye this kit is designed for you in mind! Easily get detailing shop results without detailing shop prices or hassle! A great product and excellent value for the money! For doing some extra chores on your car cleaning you may want to check out the Metro Vac N Blo 500.

What do you think? Does the Duragloss Car Care Bucket work or not?

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