Do Easy Combs Really Work?

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Do Easy Combs work?Easy Combs bill themselves as a way to style your hair without using a scrunchie, or one of those claw combs. They say that they can be used on any type of hair, and with any style, and also at work and at fancy events like weddings. So can you really use this as your new secret weapon in styling your hair?

When it comes to putting your hair up there are only so many viable options. You can put it up in a ponytail, but that’s not a very sophisticated look. You can use a variety of hair clips to get your hair up off your neck, but there’s no guarantee that it will stay there, and you’ll probably have to go to the lady’s room a few times throughout the day to readjust it and put back some stray strands.

The Claim
Easy Combs claims that with the included beauty guide, you can create new styles in just seconds, and have your hair looking good without needing things like barrettes, or other hair clips like the claw type ones.

Conventional Methods
Going with the old way of keeping your hair up is just so bland, and doesn’t really do anything as far as fashion goes. Using a scrunchie to put your hair up is so 1980’s, hair ties are pretty much out of fashion, so it’s really time for something new to come along that breathes life into the hair and styling industry. We’re pretty convinced that Easy Combs isn’t it, but perhaps another company will come by to save us from bad hair days.

The Cost
Easy Combs are not very expensive and you can get a set of them for $5 from Amazon. One of them is black, and the others beige so you can mix and match depending on your wardrobe. We like items at this price because there’s not a whole lot riding on it, so you can grab it and use it and see how you like it.

The Beauty Guide
If you’re short on ideas for how to use your new hair combs, fear not. They have a beauty guide that comes with it, showing you different style ideas and tips for how to get your hair looking best. You can take your time and play around with it until you find a style that you like. Some of the styles are harder to pull off than others, and in fact we were only able to pull off one style with it, and it’s a pretty basic half pony tail.

Easy Combs have been shown to work well the first few times, but they aren’t able to go the distance. Even though they are shown to be able to stretch in the commercial, they can only do so a few times before they start to loosen up and cannot get back to normal size. They lose their elasticity and the beads start to come off. It’s pretty apparent from the beginning that these are cheaply made. Getting products manufactured for a low cost is pretty common these days, but it is possible to get them made cheaply, but still provide good quality to the end user, and still make a profit as a company.

What People Are Saying and What We Say
There are plenty of people that really like their Easy Combs, and they say that they hold up their hair all day without having to redo it, and without any hair coming out. However, we tested it out for ourselves and found that the craftsmanship just isn’t there, and the ease of use that is their namesake isn’t there as well. We believe that the concept is solid, and that yes, you actually can create some hairstyles with it, but it is not very easy to use, and it is something that is destined for the trash can before too long.

Final Easy Combs Review

Easy Combs is a great concept, but the general consensus is that they are unable to take the wear and tear that comes with repeated use. At this price you could get them for a one-off event like a prom or wedding, but if you were thinking of using them for daily use, or at the office, you will only be able to use them for so long before they wear out on you. Perhaps that’s why they’ve lowered the original price, they figure people will not complain if they did not pay very much for them.

Our Recommendation
This is a good price point just to get it and see what happens. If they work for you for a short period of time, you would still likely get your money’s worth, and if they work for you for a long time, like some people say they do, then you’re getting a great value here.

What do you think? Does Easy Combs work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Do Easy Combs Really Work?

  1. No way is this going to withstand the weight of my hair. Also, when is someone going to design some interesting new methods for tying up a mans long hair? I mean, there seems to be a company out there who makes almost every other conceivable contraption, so why not this? Are there really so few men with long hair? I’m talking long, long hair, mind you. My hair is literally down to my waist and I can only put it up in a bun for a short amount of time because it’s so heavy. Plus it takes me ages to get it up properly so that it stays. Where are the innovations for me? Anyone?

  2. These are really pretty, and for such a low price, I’m not bothered by the fact that they don’t last long. They might be worth getting a couple and using them every once in a while, and they’ll last for a while. You don’t keep the same hair clip or elastic forever either.

    The only thing I would be worried about is the fact that it’s called an “Easy Comb” and it doesn’t seem all that easy to use. If you guys could only actually make one hair style work, I don’t know whether this is worth it. However, for that price, and since they’re really pretty in my opinion, I would still try it, and then play around with it to see if I can get it to work in different ways. I want one of these now.

  3. This is why I love video reviews, you can tell very clearly when something works or doesn’t. The easy combs.. I don’t want to be too harsh since I haven’t tried it personally, but I think it’s safe to assume that is not made to last. Thanks for the review and I think I’m gonna avoid this one.

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