Does Elevate GF Really Work?

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Does Elevate GF work?Elevate GF says it can improve your body’s muscle growth, and even makes claims to be able to add inches to your height. It’s been met with a lot of skepticism, and we mean a lot of skepticism, so is there any validity to the claims, and could this really be the savior for so many smaller-statured guys out there?

If you’re not as big as you’d like to be, it’s likely been a dream of yours to get bigger and taller. This creates a strong desire for a solution, and without a lot of treatments available you probably put it out of your head as an impossibility. This is one of the few products out there that we’ve seen that promises to increase the size of your entire body and simply get bigger.

The Claim
They claim that Elevate GF contains only 100% natural ingredients, that it can improve your mood, and that it can help to boost your confidence. They say that this is a top selling supplement, but we could find nothing to indicate that this is true. We even had trouble finding a picture of a bottle of the stuff that didn’t look like it was simply a Photoshopped bottle.

The Hype
They are doing their best to try to hype this up, and generate a buzz for it, and to a degree they’ve been successful with it. There are advertisements for it that say it’s been making the news, but we were unable to find any legitimate news outlet that had run a story on it.

The Cost
A bottle of Elevate GF is darn near $90. They don’t charge you that up front, rather they send you a bottle for $5 and then give you two weeks to try it out. You have to call their customer service line and request a return authorization number in order not to be charged the $90 and not be automatically enrolled in their monthly program at $90 a month. This is an absolutely absurd price, and is roughly twice the price or more than any other product on the market that promises to make your muscles bigger.

The Commitment
As with any supplement, you’ll have to remember to take this according to the directions, and stick with it on a daily basis to see the cumulative effect over time. They are pretty much banking on you seeing results within two weeks, since that’s how long they give you to try it. This means you should at least commit to those two weeks before making up your mind. Just be sure to call and get your return number before the two weeks is up or you’ll see charges on your credit card.

The way this is set up is indicative of it being more a way of collecting your credit card information than anything else. We’ve seen this situation countless times where consumers can’t pass up a trial offer because the shipping is so cheap, but then they get popped with the charges later because they forget that it is just a two week trial and not a one month trial because you’re set a month’s supply. There are still pills left in the bottle, so you must still be in the trial, right? Wrong.

Here’s a testimonial from a similar product:

When you go to get the charges removed they will tell you that there’s nothing they can do because you authorized the charges. You can still call and have future charges canceled, i.e. get the auto-ship program removed so you’re not hit with another $90 charge, but you’ll likely end up swallowing the first one.

Final Elevate GF Review

We’re giving the Thumbs Down rating to Elevate GF and recommend against buying it. Even at a $5 trial, with all of the fine print this is one offer you don’t want to jump on board with. The claims it makes are overstated, there isn’t a smidgen of proof anywhere to be found, and details on the offer make it so you’ll probably get stuck with unwanted charges.

In order to justify a $90 expenditure every month this product would have to do all that it says it can do and more. We were unable to find any third party users that could vouch for it, and aside from the testimonials on the page most would-be customers are giving it a wide berth and asking a lot of questions about it’s effectiveness before trying it.

Our Recommendation
While it’s nice to think that bigger gains could be had from a bottle of pills, the reality is that the feedback on this is not promising, and those that have analyzed the ingredients were not impressed with their ability to get the body to grow. Stick to the tried and true methods of increasing the size of your body by taking trusted supplements with a proven track record and positive user reviews.

What do you think? Does Elevate GF work or not?

73 Customer Reviews on “Does Elevate GF Really Work?

  1. Wow !!!
    I must say all the negativity on this issue is unbelievable !!! Unless you have actually tried this product or any other for that matter opinions should be kept to a minimum !! In Rafhael `s defense I must say he`s pretty gutsy to even respond to all this negative BS , and stands by this product hats off to you buddy !! Now speaking for myself I have been using the product for about a month & like the other people it has worked for , I am getting the same results . I have been sleeping great, my energy levels through out the day have been awesome , even my mood has been altered much more happier !! And of course I can see some changes in my arms and chest but a month is not enough time to get mind blowing results. as with any true body building program you must give at least a true 6 months to see major results. Ooops I almost forgot I haven`t seen difference in my height !!

  2. I have used Elevate GF for 18 months and a fag end with no significant difference in my overall physique. DO NOT purchase Elevate GF unless you want to become upset and disconcerted both with the product itself and with the recent change to the respective customer service center. I am in complete disbelief of how extremely condescending, disdainful, and apathetic the representatives are towards their customers. I have attempted to escalate my case to their corporate office only to realize that the agents and managers themselves have the audacity to outright claim that “they are corporate” and find pretexts to dispose of customer concerns that are not rudimentary and look mostly after their optimal convenience and of course, their salary.
    I am deeply regretful to say that this company does not really have a future and the actual company holders have made a grave mistake in entrusting customer support to the California call center. The Maine call center agents had *much* better ethics, comprehension, and a sense of support for their customers and they will be greatly missed.

  3. I did ask this question to a representative at least once and was told it was also safe for females to use in spite of the fact that the customer pool mostly consists of men. I hope this helped 🙂

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