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Does Elevate GF work?Elevate GF says it can improve your body’s muscle growth, and even makes claims to be able to add inches to your height. It’s been met with a lot of skepticism, and we mean a lot of skepticism, so is there any validity to the claims, and could this really be the savior for so many smaller-statured guys out there?

If you’re not as big as you’d like to be, it’s likely been a dream of yours to get bigger and taller. This creates a strong desire for a solution, and without a lot of treatments available you probably put it out of your head as an impossibility. This is one of the few products out there that we’ve seen that promises to increase the size of your entire body and simply get bigger.

The Claim
They claim that Elevate GF contains only 100% natural ingredients, that it can improve your mood, and that it can help to boost your confidence. They say that this is a top selling supplement, but we could find nothing to indicate that this is true. We even had trouble finding a picture of a bottle of the stuff that didn’t look like it was simply a Photoshopped bottle.

The Hype
They are doing their best to try to hype this up, and generate a buzz for it, and to a degree they’ve been successful with it. There are advertisements for it that say it’s been making the news, but we were unable to find any legitimate news outlet that had run a story on it.

The Cost
A bottle of Elevate GF is darn near $90. They don’t charge you that up front, rather they send you a bottle for $5 and then give you two weeks to try it out. You have to call their customer service line and request a return authorization number in order not to be charged the $90 and not be automatically enrolled in their monthly program at $90 a month. This is an absolutely absurd price, and is roughly twice the price or more than any other product on the market that promises to make your muscles bigger.

The Commitment
As with any supplement, you’ll have to remember to take this according to the directions, and stick with it on a daily basis to see the cumulative effect over time. They are pretty much banking on you seeing results within two weeks, since that’s how long they give you to try it. This means you should at least commit to those two weeks before making up your mind. Just be sure to call and get your return number before the two weeks is up or you’ll see charges on your credit card.

The way this is set up is indicative of it being more a way of collecting your credit card information than anything else. We’ve seen this situation countless times where consumers can’t pass up a trial offer because the shipping is so cheap, but then they get popped with the charges later because they forget that it is just a two week trial and not a one month trial because you’re set a month’s supply. There are still pills left in the bottle, so you must still be in the trial, right? Wrong.

When you go to get the charges removed they will tell you that there’s nothing they can do because you authorized the charges. You can still call and have future charges canceled, i.e. get the auto-ship program removed so you’re not hit with another $90 charge, but you’ll likely end up swallowing the first one.

Final Elevate GF Review

We’re giving the Thumbs Down rating to Elevate GF and recommend against buying it. Even at a $5 trial, with all of the fine print this is one offer you don’t want to jump on board with. The claims it makes are overstated, there isn’t a smidgen of proof anywhere to be found, and details on the offer make it so you’ll probably get stuck with unwanted charges.

In order to justify a $90 expenditure every month this product would have to do all that it says it can do and more. We were unable to find any third party users that could vouch for it, and aside from the testimonials on the page most would-be customers are giving it a wide berth and asking a lot of questions about it’s effectiveness before trying it.

Our Recommendation
While it’s nice to think that bigger gains could be had from a bottle of pills, the reality is that the feedback on this is not promising, and those that have analyzed the ingredients were not impressed with their ability to get the body to grow. Stick to the tried and true methods of increasing the size of your body by taking trusted supplements with a proven track record and positive user reviews.

What do you think? Does Elevate GF work or not?

73 Customer Reviews on “Does Elevate GF Really Work?

  1. Wow !!!
    I must say all the negativity on this issue is unbelievable !!! Unless you have actually tried this product or any other for that matter opinions should be kept to a minimum !! In Rafhael `s defense I must say he`s pretty gutsy to even respond to all this negative BS , and stands by this product hats off to you buddy !! Now speaking for myself I have been using the product for about a month & like the other people it has worked for , I am getting the same results . I have been sleeping great, my energy levels through out the day have been awesome , even my mood has been altered much more happier !! And of course I can see some changes in my arms and chest but a month is not enough time to get mind blowing results. as with any true body building program you must give at least a true 6 months to see major results. Ooops I almost forgot I haven`t seen difference in my height !!

  2. I have used Elevate GF for 18 months and a fag end with no significant difference in my overall physique. DO NOT purchase Elevate GF unless you want to become upset and disconcerted both with the product itself and with the recent change to the respective customer service center. I am in complete disbelief of how extremely condescending, disdainful, and apathetic the representatives are towards their customers. I have attempted to escalate my case to their corporate office only to realize that the agents and managers themselves have the audacity to outright claim that “they are corporate” and find pretexts to dispose of customer concerns that are not rudimentary and look mostly after their optimal convenience and of course, their salary.
    I am deeply regretful to say that this company does not really have a future and the actual company holders have made a grave mistake in entrusting customer support to the California call center. The Maine call center agents had *much* better ethics, comprehension, and a sense of support for their customers and they will be greatly missed.

  3. I did ask this question to a representative at least once and was told it was also safe for females to use in spite of the fact that the customer pool mostly consists of men. I hope this helped ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have been using elevate gf for a few months I believe it works. I noticed an a dramatic increase in stamina and my mood seems to always be fairly positive far as muscle gains I’ve notice for cuts and veins to show some of the true definition of the body. I insist everyone interested try it. I have and I love it.

  5. I am currently on it, and I have a lot more energy in the gym. I have to pull myself out of the gym. I actually do sleep better, and it doesn’t not make me grumpy like other supplements. I think it is like most supplements and it’s how hard you go in the gym. I have leaned out and toned up on it and have got a lot of compliments recently on my new mass. I will pay the 90 dollars because it has improved MY gains. I take only 2 supplements now, and has replaced my other numerous supplements, so it’s actually cheaper. Hope this helps some of you who are on the fence about it.

  6. STOP USING MY NAME TO WRITE COMMENTS! It’s offensive and idiotic enough that you claim I am being impudent with the public for you to inappropriately use other people’s names on public blogs.

  7. For the idiot who wrote this comment, here’s another bit of information for the record. I am a full-time college student who is *ridiculously far* from having “too much time on [his] hands”. Furthermore, it only takes me less than five minutes to write my thoughts about the product because I *absolutely know* I am legitimate proof that Elevate GF works. Are you feeling bothered already? Well tough, because you offended *me* in the first place.

  8. I would suggest those who want to know more about Elevate GF’s authenticity should research the main ingredients on Google. Mucuna Pruriens, Rhaponticum Carthomoides, Phyllanthus Emblica, and Terminalia Arjuna.

  9. Here’s a new job for you, Harrison: Take your disgusting comments and yourself with you and never come back.


    I spoke with the company via telephone about five minutes ago and was informed that the trial terms were recently changed. Instead of being a 14-day trial, it is now a 10-day trial. I personally also noticed that the terms on the Elevate GF order page have not been updated with the length of the trial period, which definitely leaves room for questioning for lots of people looking to utilize Elevate GF’s trial offer.

    On my previous response, I posted the Terms and Conditions for the 14-day and 10-Day trial for informational purposes, but that policy is product-dependant since Elevate GF is also affiliated with Raspberry Ketone Fresh, Total Body Slim, amongst other products on and . The bottom line is that Elevate GF did, in fact, change their policies for their trial as per the conversation between the representative and myself and I did notify the representative as well that this needs to be updated for everyone’s benefit. Even I could have been charged $87.47 without any knowledge of the 10-day trial.

    Lastly, I must say that the company *can* extend the trial, but you do need to call at most on the 9th day to insure you are not charged the full retail price.

    Thank you for taking heed of this. I am a long-standing customer and I am just as concerned as anyone else about these policy changes.

  11. Furthermore, how can you possibly evaluate a product based on only *one* month of usage? It has taken me *more than eight months* to see noticeable results from the consistent utilization of the product.

  12. The company offers the product in bulk form as well. I completely concur with you that re-occurring shipments are not only expensive, but one big hassle for your bank account.

  13. Read the comments I have received as a response to mine and then you can make judgements. Other than that, keep your mouth shut.

  14. Hi Just1n!
    Well, I have not really seen too much height growth in only eight months (which is the main reason why I purchased Elevate GF), but my sleeping patterns and my muscle growth have improved quite a bit. The better mood and health have *definitely* shown and I couldn’t be happier with the results of the product thus far. ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. For now, I will take an educated “descition” and ask you to stop embarrassing yourself.

  16. Go to hell. I am not “callous”; it’s the people on this discussion like yourself who have
    caused me to behave in that manner. Now please shut up.

  17. I am using elevate gf now. I called the next day and they extended my trial. I thought two weeks was way to early to see results, and as far as them charging your card, as long as you call before the deadline they will be happy to cancel it for you. I didn’t need a code or anything. just your name and email address if that is what you used to order it. They didn’t even ask any questions. as far as results, well I will have to continue using and see what happens…….

  18. I never really checked for height im already 6,2 which im fine with, but as for sleep pattern and muscle growth Ive had an increase. Im also taking nitrocut which is pretty legit as well. Good combo if you ask me, since elevate GF is for taking at bed time, and Nitro is for morning, and before workout. How are your muscle gains since you have been on the product?


  19. I have not promoted a thing, Tim. Your experience is your experience, but do not expect the public to be swayed in regards to their decisions by what you have written.

  20. This Dave person doesn’t even know how to write well. Dave, I made no claims
    and I am not a salesperson. Get lost.

  21. Moderator, I believe this comment should be annihilated.
    It is severely offensive and this is the reason why the current discussion
    no longer has too much credibility. That is, unless this blatantly pronounced
    abuse and misuse of my name is taken care of.

  22. Dont try the product unless you want your account to get charged close to $100 every month..
    Its a rip off…
    How do they except to sign you up for concurring monthly payments even before you used the product..
    One angry customer who got ripped off..

  23. Whoever is the ass that is inappropriately using my name, GET A LIFE, DO SOME RESEARCH, AND CEASE FROM MOCKING OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE OBVIOUSLY BETTER INFORMED. Administrator, please note this is abuse and must be dealt with.

  24. Kyle,
    I attempted to access your links and one of them does not function. I have tried locating the second page that pertains to the second link you provided but I believe that page has been substituted by the company.
    I found no evidence myself that Men’s Health does indeed endorse the product and the most practical conclusion I can come up with is the fact that these pages were nothing more than advertisements. I remember stumbling upon these advertisements myself but I personally did not purchase the product as a result of reading them. I was more than a bit skeptical about Elevate GF when first became acquainted with it since I am usually informed of potential swindles that people can naively be fooled by on the World Wide Web.


  26. In response to J, it’s absolutely correct to allow others to state their opinions. Thank you for abstaining yourself from behaving hostile towards everything I have had to state about Elevate GF. However, for the last time, I am not affiliated with the company. As a long-time customer, I’m only attempting to correct misconceptions that people may have about the product and how the company operates so as to not mislead those who have an interest in testing something with legitimate backing (in regards to the ingredients). For the record, I find any sort of whey protein to be an over-hyped, shelf-filling, useless supplement, hence a waste of money that can also cause certain digestive problems (as I experienced myself). Besides, it tastes like medicine. Yuck!

  27. Seems as if someone feels the need to completely overcompensate for this product. If it works, I’m sure there will be more than one individual who feels the need to post positive remarks in relation to the effectiveness of the product. Take, for example, Gold Standard Whey Protein. There is no doubt as to whether or not the product is effective, and therefore, there is a huge lacking of negative feedback. Raphael, though I’m sure many readers appreciate your opinion, it is just that- an opinion. Just as every other individual who has posted their opinion, negative or otherwise, they are entitled to it.

    Let the product sway the general public. If it does-and it works-awesome! If not, clearly there’s something missing.

    Also, based upon the context and implied comprehension of the processes in which the company maintains, I find it very hard to believe you aren’t affiliated with them in any way.

    I’ll probably never come back to this page, but best of luck in your sales and commission goals! ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Yep I canceled my subscription and just bought it in bulk from website. I bought 3 months worth package which gave me 2 month free deal they have going on which is total of 5 months for around $150. I recommend it ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Ordered it, used it for a month and it doesn’t work. The gains I have are typical gains you get from going to the gym for 30 days. I ordered this after recovering from a broken hand. I couldn’t work out, and lost a lot of weight before having the cast removed. Took this supplement after finishing occupational therapy to get my strength back in my hand in order to hit the gym. Raphael, please stop trying to promote fake sh*t. Its painful enough to see false advertisement floating around the internet.

  30. no raphael you only get the desperate ignorant people buying anyone who has done even the slightest bit of research knows there is legit nothing out there that can do what you claim and you continue to insult the people buying your stuff calling them lazy and saying they are to dumb to even know how to read english claiming up to 1 lb a day what do you have to drink 2 gallons of water a day to retain all that water weight get real people

  31. Hey Harrison,
    How about you stop making senseless and potentially misleading and offensive comments? The “majority” of people are ignorant and probably don’t even know how to read or speak English properly, and even if they did, their mental capacities are detestably low, because they are obviously too lazy to even look through Terms and Conditions.

  32. Keep going!! I am sure you can even pull of a good six extra inches of height. You just have to keep taking the product, but I highly recommend you insist on discounts. They can offer them…you just have to say the magic word. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Thank you for the positive comment! There is, at long last, someone who actually has an unbiased view of honest commenters and users of Elevate GF.

  34. Dante,
    The terms aren’t deceiving at all. Otherwise I would have been cheated myself.

  35. jason,
    As far as “spreading the word [about the scam]” goes, you will find that you are losing. An overwhelming amount of people (for THREE YEARS) have actually used the product for a significant amount of time and they INDEED see results, including but not limited to height increases. If this is not the kind of review you seek, then I really think you should try a little harder to get acquainted with the product and the free trial offer TERMS AND CONDITIONS (which are of an acceptable length and VERY easy to understand), because from what it seems, you obviously aren’t.

  36. Mr. “Kind and Keen” Harrison,
    “Good and true products sell them selves”. As far as this line goes, you are correct. But don’t count on THESE kinds of sites to look for people who like the product. It’s blatantly obvious that hardly anybody who has responded to this critique cares to even give Elevate GF a chance. This only tells me that customers are coming in from other avenues and don’t really care to listen to unknowledgeable, negative, and downright ignorant people. There must be a reason as to why the company has been coming strong for three whole years (as far as I know).

  37. It seems my response to Harrison has not been posted yet and is still being “moderated”. Well either way, I don’t work for the company and the only reason I reply back to people is because they keep criticizing the product’s ineffectiveness, thus making my opinions look useless. I am not one to waste words or time, so you can ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY be sure that I will answer whatever I need to answer (so long as I don’t offend anyone inappropriately) in order to defend my position with the product. I am more than just “kind and keen”. I could be crude and extremely harsh with lazy, pessimistic individuals who only see my comments as nothing more than stains on top of ignorant claims. But I’m not that type of person, obviously. I am not convincing people to buy the product, but if too many people claim the product is a scam, guess what, that isn’t good for everyone else looking all over the internet for HONEST reviews of people WHO ACTUALLY TRIED THE PRODUCT. There are limited places (such as this one) where people can have a better idea about whether or not they should give the product an honest chance.

  38. Moreover, in terms of height gains, simply trying to “earn” the extra inches through exercises and diet might just not be enough. Elevate GF ISN’T the “easy way out”. You have to follow the directions as prescribed and also do exercise on your end. It isn’t an overnight magic pill and the company doesn’t guarantee any specific time period as to when people can see gains in overall growth since everyone’s body is different. As I said before, the average American probably doesn’t even know Elevate GF exists until they do some research on the internet. But most likely, these average people will end up stupidly buying into the negative comments from people who never even bothered to work with customer service for enough time and simply complain because they purchase the trial and quit because they didn’t read the conditions, ultimately leading them to think the company is a “total scam”.
    It doesn’t take too much of an effort to use your head a little more when making these kinds of purchases over the internet, ESPECIALLY since you are provided with a TOLL-FREE number.

  39. The fact that you called me a hired scammer was more than a low blow. It’s a stupid, careless move from your own part.

  40. I’m not scamming people, Harrison. I am actually using the product. My personal, legitimate remarks about Elevate GF are more than just “kind and keen”…they are hopefully informative. But, if you want to be part of the 99.99% of people on the internet who just want to fill the blogs with negative criticism, nobody is really stopping you. Furthermore, you SHOULD know as an “average American [male]” that many drugs that are advertised on television have free trial offers.

  41. And moreover, if I say so myself, my words mean more than a lot since I actually AM trying the product.

  42. Harrison,
    Nice try, to start off. I don’t work for the company, for the millionth time already. I am trying to let people know that the product has potential since the reality is that I have been using the product for more than five months. THAT is a FACT, whether you accept it or not. I personally invested time and energy ordering a very substantial quantity of the product, and I have actually FELT the benefits of the supplement. Height and size take time to show. Like I said, not too many people have the time or resources to dedicate large amounts of time at the gym. Exercise is ALWAYS recommended and I’ve been partaking in many sports and activities since I was a teenager.
    The best thing to do at this point is just forget any of these overly negative sites exist and remain solely in contact with Elevate GF customer service. They have plenty of satisfied users, so any comments made by anyone on the internet basically aren’t worth squat to them. “The majority is against the hoax” because they choose to listen to people who CLAIM it’s a hoax but NEVER, EVER TRIED THE PRODUCT.
    “My friend”, please invest some time to call Elevate GF Customer Care a few times and it’s then that you can have a good judgement about where the company truly stands. The “average” person you so cleverly speak about hardly does anything to influence their growth and just simply let the body do the work, which is why it’s so commonly agreed that growth stops once you reach 20 years old. This by itself is BS, sir.
    And excuse you, but I think it’s time you transferred your self-righteousness somewhere else and actually make remarks until YOU have a better idea of how the company operates. Other than that, the comment you wrote as a response to mine is baseless, meaningless, and is a very poor waste of words.

  43. Raphael,
    Stop trying to convince the majority that this product is real. If it worked and was real you wouldn’t need a free trial. Good and true products sell them selves. You are very kind and keen on your posts but its bs man, people like the quick way out especially in America where our population is over weight. Of course this product seems ideal to te average American, but as the saying goes words mean nothing until they are backed up with action/reactions and thus far the majority’s against this hoax. I think that attempting to scam people is a low blow my friend. Find a new job.

  44. Dear Andrew,
    The only thing that is BS here is your comment. It contaminates people’s motivation to test this great, legitimate product. Yes, exercise helps speed up results while taking this supplement (as far as I know), but not everyone can dedicate 5+ hours in the gym every day. Life is busy and full of priorities.

  45. Administrator, please note the following. This comment contradicts the majority of opinions expressed by everyone else thus far. Moreover, the “scam” myths going on about this product have already been cleared and provided solutions for. I would suggest this comment be fried, thank you.

  46. Before the trial ends, I would suggest you simply request to cancel the trial and place “straight sale” orders of one, three, or five month supplies, depending on what you need. This way, they don’t cancel your account but you are absolutely not obligated to be tied to a reoccurring shipment membership.

  47. it’s a clever scam! i would never order online without reading the fine print from now on. although, i must say that this has never happened to me. the font size indicating that you have to continue the membership should be larger and regulated. it is very deceiving and in turn, it’s a scam because they’re trying to fool you! lesson learned. on the side note, do you really read the fine print/terms and conditions of apple products or reputable companies? the answer is no that’s why it’s an automatic response to people and hence get mislead in a way, it is scam. no other way looking at it. because i remember that they used to print the continual membership outside the fine print. it’s bullshit straight up

  48. They actually can make them available to you if you call their toll-free number. A little effort goes a long way.

  49. TravelerSuspect,
    From my knowledge and research, the product cost is kept at a relatively low rate being that it’s sold in the on-line market. Offering substantial discounts on the actual price of the product is already a big steal but in my opinion, it’s the only way customers will have enough time to make an educated decision for a long-term investment on the product. The company even honors the customer discounts for a lifetime. Just dial the number and call as many times as you need; with this company, YOU have control over YOUR purchases and charges. They do NOTHING behind your back and against your consent.
    Making Elevate GF available in store shelves would result in a disastrously prohibitive price for even one single bottle! This is because it takes considerably more money to extend sales all the way to drugstores, supermarkets, and other convenience stores, not to mention the advertising that would need to be done to attract customers to such locations. Besides, if you grabbed a phone, dialed the toll-free number, and spoke to one of the friendly and helpful representatives, at the end of the day you would feel satisfied about the trust that the company attempts to instill in every one of their conversations and sales with new and existing customers. Overall, Elevate GF is a quality product that truly works and is backed up by a quality customer service line that is open 24/7. Period.

  50. Read the fine print, sir. This shouldn’t happen. The terms and conditions on the order page are clear enough for anyone to look over, even in a rush.

  51. this is a scam!! they get your credit info and charge your card!!!!!!!! do not order please spread the word!!!!!!!!!!

  52. I, Rafael A. Gonzalez work for Elevate GF!
    With that said, I am sorry to post so many frivulous claims to try and sell you this product. This stuff honestly doesnt work. I mean C’mon, who REALLY has a responsibility to the public? A. Someone with too much time on their hands, B. someone getting paid. And I was definitely getting paid. Elevate GF pays for multiple websites and search engine optimization on each, which is why this is like the eighth link from the top. They also pay people like myself to look up reviews that can cost us sales, and add comments that confuse the general public into getting charged the 90dls after the 11th day of the trial. If this product was that good, we wouldn’t need to charge for shipping, we would know that after the first bottle people would come back for more. Instead we ask for your card so that we can deceive customers into making an UNEDUCATED descition.
    So there you have it, only reason I’m coming out clean is because I was just fired for being too stupid.
    Sorry guys!

  53. TravelerSuspect,
    I think it’s time you should know I’m not a marketer for Elevate GF and I’m actually someone who IS trying the product and has been using it for a little over four months. I’m living proof the product is working.

  54. The ads for the product claim that it has been proven in clinical trials. Well, if that’s true, they should be publishing the details of those trials, or at least make it available for the asking. Facts from the trials, if properly done, speak volumes. Show me the evidence, not the hype.

  55. Dear user “KatM”,
    Only because I feel it my responsibility towards the public to share my true-to-life experiences with the product do I venture off into Elevate GF review sites and post my honest comments. On such sites, I have received down-votes, outright rude, mocking, and destructive negative replies, but if I can get through to at least a few people, then I have fulfilled my objective. No, taking Elevate GF isn’t believing in blind faith at all, but I have personally witnessed the product work exceptionally well on my body and I’m really excited since the best is yet to come in the next few months!
    I wanted to personally take the time (very late at night where I am) to thank you so much for a highly positive response to my feedback. The same gratitude goes to the user “just1n”. I would like to wish you both a blessed next day and best of luck to you if you so choose to take Elevate GF ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Hello again,
    The two highly and extremely positive comments from KatM and just1n have literally lightened up my day ๐Ÿ˜€ I am really happy to know the product works for those who place enough effort and willpower into the treatment plan (as it is characterized). Of course, in terms of the height increasing effect, so much has to happen in the body before these kinds of results can be observed. Andrew, this product is not really meant to provide quick fixes, which is why so many customers complain and shout at representatives over the phone because they didn’t see what they expected within the trial period. The philosophy behind this product greatly coincides with what you have mentioned. There exists NO QUICK FIX for ANYTHING in life. This supplement requires consistency and your own innate ability to follow directions to the point. Yes, exercise is most certainly encouraged and even the Elevate GF representatives insist on it to complement the product ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. This product is a bunch of hype BS… just like everything else… put in the hardwork and you wont need this garbage, we live in a society where everyone wants quick results with very little effort. Everyone wants something for nothing, quit being lazy and push yourself, your muscles will be real and you will appreciate them more. Nuff Said.

  58. I agree with Rafael , I’ve taken the product for a week now and I feel a lot better and I see a little muscle growth on my chest. Its only been 1 week!! So yea I’m on the trial and I know about the $90 charge or whatever. As good as I feel with this and also talking to customer support. I’m sticking with this stuff. So the people who market the product have guaranteed 100% results … just sayin

  59. I bet Rafael Gonzalez has actually USED this product and strived for the best results he could ask for. The customer care line sounds amazing. If they are able to work with you and your budget and able to offer 50% discounts, they obviously know what great results the customer will see.

  60. This is a pure scam. If you are reading this and actually think there is any pill in the world that will make you taller once your growth plates are done growing, I have a bridge to sell you too.

    Please save your money.

    Also, if you have done any additional research this Rafael obviously works for this company. If you can only buy it online and there is a free trial to start and they need your credit card for a subscriptionโ€ฆ.think twice.

  61. I would say Rafael A. Gonzalez seems to be a representative of the company since he’s left rather raving reviews of Elevate GF on any site that contains any critique of this product. If it’s that good and works, it’ll blow up like viagra… nuff said.

  62. Can some with the company (obviously a few of these biased posters are from the company that makes the supplement) tell me the source of this weird ad that promotes the product:

    I can’t find any background on a magazine called Men’s Life & Health. Sure we all know Men’s Health magazine and how did they endorse these products? This Men’s Life & Health isn’t even a real online magazine. Its an online ad. All the supposed magazine links on connect directly to the product page of Elevate GF That is pretty deceiving for me. So has Men’s Health Magazine reviewed and endorsed this product or not?!

  63. Hello Friend,
    I advise you to read the article below. You cannot always trust what one person says about a product. The only authentic manner of knowing whether a product of this sort works is to give it a shot yourself. By the way, the supplement is supposed to help you grow taller and develop bigger muscles at the same time. Have an exercise routine, have a balanced diet of foods, and more importantly, believe to achieve. Also, count your blessings. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your physique, but if you do not appreciate yourself, it’s hard to appreciate anything that comes next. Remember, there is only so much that a growth supplement can do for you. It won’t change facial features, hair texture and color, amongst the like. THIS, I believe, is something that can NEVER be altered regardless of what kind of expensive procedures one might choose to undergo.

  64. One last question about the review to the author before I disappear forever from this site:

    Who are “those” that you say tested and tried the product and state it didn’t work? Please list your sources so people can be better informed.

    By the way, if you choose to delete this and the comment I made previously, be aware that what I said is more than 100% legitimate and never, in any way, am I trying to promote or advertise the product.

  65. Hello readers,

    Allow me to please add my two cents to this argument. Note that any and all comments I make below are a product of MY PERSONAL first-hand experience with Elevate GF for the past two and a half months.

    While it’s true that $90 is quite a lot of money (and I completely agree with you), you NEED to call the Customer Care line and you can actually receive discounts on bulk supplies of the product without needing to resort to the trial. They offer as much as a 50% discount on their supplies, depending on your needs and more importantly, on your budget.

    In a few words, the supplement, as of right now, works. I have actually started noticing a series of health benefits from it (as they promised) and expect to see greater and better results in the next coming months. The benefits I’ve seen to date include MUCH better sleeping patterns, increased stamina throughout the day, an overall greater feeling of well-being, and even a better metabolism. Again, these are my results and I’m not quite certain about how Elevate GF will react for everyone else.

    As of height increases, I have nothing new to report yet but Elevate GF Customer Service let me know (and is a universal truth) that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, and results will vary from person to person. Prior to beginning Elevate GF, I completely discarded any and all supplements I ever took (including GNC’s highly advertised MegaMen multivitamin and their “100% Whey Protein”) because, no matter how “tried and true” these and other supplements might be, they are, in a few words, to me and for my purposes, USELESS AND A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY. Personally, I would much rather invest in Elevate GF than in the infinite kinds of supplements that giant corporations like GNC and continuously attempt to sell to their consumers through HEAVY advertising and propaganda both on and off line.

    I’m extremely sorry, but as informative as the above review is, I find it too harsh and unreasonable for those who are just beginning to test Elevate GF as well as for those who are curious about its effectiveness and who actually took the time to use the phone number and other means of communication that the company provides. It’s logically impossible to comment on a product that has never been tested up close and personal and it’s, to a certain point, highly wrong and unfair to force people to believe something doesn’t work because the author says so. Again, I say this with utmost respect towards whoever wrote the review.

    My message to everyone out there who is in need of a solution that this supplement can provide and who come across this article: PLEASE use every means of communication that the company makes available to you. I am highly impressed by the quality of the customer care specialists backing up Elevate GF and for all the time I invested speaking to them, I did not doubt about giving it a fair try. Take my word for it, please. I have called numerous similar companies, and the larger part are nothing too short of pathetic, disgruntling, and inconsiderate with people’s money.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

    By the way, the video posted in the article pertains to Height Growth Plus, a company that NEVER EVER replied to any of the four pre-sales inquiry messages I sent them.

  66. If it sounds too good to be true… I guess the old adage holds true in this case. As a short man, I’m always temped to look into any product that claim to make you taller, but I should know better and stop hoping for the impossible. Thanks for the review though, it was a nice wake up call.

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