Does the Ex Recovery System Really Work?

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Does the Ex Recovery System work?There are many programs like the Ex Recovery System, and they all say they can get your ex back, but this one goes about things a little differently. The first thing you’ll notice is that they’ve broken this up into two separate systems, one for men and one for women. It makes sense that the steps would be different based on gender, but can this really work to mend things and get them back the way they were?

Relationships have their ups and downs, and if you’re not careful a really low down can turn into a full on break up. If things have come to a head and you feel that they’re beyond repair, you are probably racking your brain trying to figure out how to get them back, and what you did wrong. Or maybe you know what you did wrong but you don’t know how to fix it and make it right again.

It only makes sense that you’re not equipped to get them back on your own, since it was your actions or inaction that led you to this point. It also makes sense to get some outside advice, and often our friends and family are either too involved to give objective advice, or they are also novices when it comes to relationships and it will be the blind leading the blind.

The Claim
Ex Recovery System says that it can help you woo your ex back, no matter what the reason is that you broke up. They also say that you’ll be able to turn the tables so it’s not you that’s chasing them down hoping for reconciliation, but the other way around. When it comes to these sort of claims, they can sound a little over the top, but if they only work half as well as they sound like they do, you’d be in a much better place than you are now.

The Hype
The hype comes from there being so many different products to choose from when your goal is to get your ex back. It’s its own sub-niche in the relationship market, and the basic promise of all of them is that they will turn things around so much your relationship will be better than it was before.

The Cost
The Ex Recovery System is $47 no matter which gender you are and is sold through ClickBank, so if you can’t manage to get your ex back in 60 days then you can get your money back and try something else. Time is really of the essence because the longer you leave things in this unhappy zone the longer they have to solidify their feelings like it’s over. So really, if you can’t get a turnaround in 2 months time you’ve probably lost them for good.

The Commitment
You have to commit to going through this program and putting their action items to use. If you just passively skim it then you’re not putting the amount of effort that’s necessary to get the end result you want. If you really care about them enough to want them back, then you’ll need to set aside some time to learn how to do it, and to unlearn your old ways.

Even the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin was smart enough to say he couldn’t make people fall in love with him. People fall in and out of love all of the time, so when a program like Ex Recovery System says that they can make someone fall in love with you again, you have to wonder if this is legit or not. You should also ask yourself if that’s really something you would want to do if you could. Relationships should be a 50/50 thing, you should want someone that naturally wants you back. Trying to get your ex back is like trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. It would be better just to look for a square hole.

If you could say all of the right things, and get a total 180 degree turnaround, would you still want to be in the relationship, knowing that it was just the clever words you used, and not really a natural process that got them to love you again? Maybe, or maybe this is a way to reopen lines of communication, and then you can be yourself around them again and that’s the actual person they will be falling in love with.

Final Ex Recovery System Review

We like how The Ex Recovery System was smart enough to break this up into two systems. Getting a guy or a girl back are definitely two different tasks to try to accomplish, and you can’t use the same strategy for one as you do for the other. Many programs out there only offer one program and expect both sexes to use it the same way. If you follow your respective program, you should stand a better chance than going on your own.

Our Recommendation
We would seriously consider the pros and cons of trying to get your ex back. If it’s because you really, truly love them and you don’t want to live the rest of your life without them, then do everything in your power to get them back, including getting this program to learn new ways to communicate. However, if you examine your feelings and find that you’re only acting out of desperation, and that you want them in your life because you’re scared of being alone, then you should take this time to be alone, and to work on yourself for a bit.

What do you think? Does Ex Recovery System work or not?

46 Customer Reviews on “Does the Ex Recovery System Really Work?

  1. I have been searching for the actual product to purchase but haven’t been able to find a link that works?
    Please assist???

  2. I think this review is spot on. There’s a possibility that this might work on your ex, but if they broke up with you, it must have been for a reason, and even if it’s just that they don’t feel the spark anymore, than that’s kind of it. I feel bad for people who are dumped, it’s happened to me a bunch of times, and I wished he would want to date me again, but I feel like this company is just capitalizing off of those negative feelings after a break up. I’ve dated the same person two different times before, and I was certain the second time it would work out, but he dumped me both times because of the same reason. He just stopped feeling like he wanted to be with me. And I was really upset, but then I got into a relationship with someone new who was crazy about me, and we have a much better relationship than the person who dumped me.

    Everyone deserves to be with someone who wants them back. If that’s not happening, then even if it’s really painful, move on. Even if you get them back with this program, you’ll have the same issues as before. I don’t think this will work for a long term situation.

  3. I thought I was old enough and mature enough to move on from a break up without much fuss, but as it turns out when it comes to love it doesn’t matter how old you are or how experienced you are in relationships. I haven’t been able to sleep or eat well since my girlfriend left me and it’s really threatening my sanity now. Somehow I gotta get her back and I don’t care what it takes really. If it’s a system that’s going to get her back then so be it. I’ll read it a thousand times if I have to.

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