Does the Furminator Really Work for Pet Hair?

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Does the Furminator work?The Furminator is a rather simple-looking pet brush that says that it help relieve you of your pet hair troubles. It says that it works at getting the undercoat of your pet so that it not only gets the hair they’re shedding now, but the hair they’ll shed later as well. But can something this unassuming actually provide the results they say it can?

One of the most common complaints from pet owners is the amount of hair their pets leave behind everywhere they go. Of course, we all still love our pets, and they love us as long as we keep paying their room and board, so if we could just find truce on the whole pet hair situation it would make for more commodious living between the species. The Furminator shows piles of hair being removed from all sorts of different cats and dogs, so we had to pick this up and put it to the test to see if it’s for real.

The Claim
Furminator says that you can reduce shedding up to 90% by using it. They say that for cats this can reduce the number of hairballs they cough up. For both cats and dogs they say this will relieve you of a lot of the pet hair you find around the house, on furniture, and on your clothes. They’ve really formed an entire business out of the success of their original model, and now have a comprehensive website with many different tools, all geared toward specific pets and hair types. We like it when a company branches out and improves on an already successful product.

The Hype
The hype comes from just how much hair they show being removed. Of course they probably pick the shaggiest dogs that are in dire need of a good brushing, but still that’s a lot of hair that comes off. But here’s a spoiler: The hype isn’t really hype because the resounding response is that it actually does produce these sort of piles.

The Cost
The Furminator comes in many different options, depending on whether you have a dog or a cat, and then depending on what kind of coat they have. If you have a large breed dog with long hair you’re looking at $74 and if you have a toy dog with long hair it’s $39. The original has been revamped and is now new and improved and goes for $26.

The Commitment
You have to be the one to use it and brush all of the undercoat out, but it’s just as easy as brushing your dog with a normal pet brush so it’s not too bad. Plus it can be a great bonding time with your dog or cat, as they’ll probably love it if they’re a dog, or tolerate it if they’re a cat. It’s time well spent, because the more time you take to prevent it from infesting the house, the less time you’ll spend later with the vacuum trying to get it up out of your carpeting and furniture.

The Furminator can’t be beat as far as reviews go. If you’re a company trying to sell your own dog deshedding tool, forget about it because they’ve got the market cornered. A staggering 80% of users, that’s 4 out of 5, give this a five star rating. This is pretty much the most well-reviewed product on the planet and you have to consider a few things when you look at the feedback it gets. One: Pet owners are notorious at scrutinizing pet products, and don’t usually settle for less than amazing. Two: There are so many different types of pets, and different types of hair, that it is amazing that they’ve developed a device that can get rave reviews across the board.

Three: Very rarely do products work the way they’re depicted in their promotional videos. But many users say that this is exactly what happens when you try this at home with your own pet. Four: The scarce negative reviews that it gets are from people that either received the wrong item, or are complaining about random problems with the ordering process, and not saying negative things about the product or its performance.

Final Furminator Review

Furminator is getting our Thumbs Up based on all of the real world tests that have been done, and also our own testing. We’ve found that it works on different breeds of dogs, with different hair types. It also works at getting the undercoat, so even if you don’t think that your dog looks shaggy, when you run this through their coat you’ll be amazed at how much hair comes out. This is hair that would have ended up all over your home, and would have required you to either suck it up or sweep it up, or use a lint roller to pick it up.

Our Recommendation
Grab this! It’s priced right, it’s high quality, and produces fantastic results. As an added bonus when you use it, your pet will actually be softer and easier to pet. It takes out all of the tangles, and when you pet your dog you won’t be left with a bunch of hair on your hand. Overall, we’d have to say this is one of the best pet products we’ve checked out, and can fully recommend trying it. You have about a 90% chance of liking it.

What do you think? Does Furminator work or not?

96 Customer Reviews on “Does the Furminator Really Work for Pet Hair?

  1. My cat loves being groomed. I use a slicker brush first, and that gets load of fur out. Followed by a brush.
    He isn’t shedding loads of fur around the house, occasional small clumps. But he has started being sick with small fur balls in it.I haven’t noticed him over grooming.Vet nurse advised oil fish 3 times a week, and maybe the de furring paste. I’ve ordered some Fur ball control dried food.
    Just how much better is this Furminator tool as opposed to using a slicker brush? Has it got blades and how does one avoid chunks of fur being removed? the cost is ridiculous at some places prices at £33.50 but always reduced at present.

  2. When we first adopted our dog we had no idea how much he was going to shed all over the place. To make things worse, all of our bedding and fabrics in the household are white and his coat is black. We tried other brushes on him but the shedding and the mess was still a problem. After using the Furminator for a few weeks, we noticed a considerable difference. It really seems to help minimize the problem and deliver results, which is just what my white duvet cover needed. I feel that $30 for something that really works is well worth the money.

  3. I LOVE my furminator! This is the absolute best product I have used for removing my cat’s undercoat. (The undercoat is where the shedding comes from.) Yes, even from my eight-pound cat, this produces huge piles of fur. Plus, since it’s not a brush, there’s no fur getting stuck in the bristles. (Pet peeve of mine.) It must be fairly gentle, because my cat doesn’t seem to mind it.
    It’s also a sturdy, durable product. It’s actually kind of heavy-no cheap, plastic merchandise, here. I bought my first one almost five years ago, and it’s still in like-new condition. It’s an amazing investment-I cannot recommend this product enough.

  4. My apartment’s tiny and my dog is humongous, that results in hairy beds, clothes, and I guess pretty much it becomes a hairy apartment. Maybe the problem with my current pet brush is that it doesn’t get to the undercoat, but whatever the case my dog isn’t going anywhere so I’ll need something that will keep my apartment cleaner.

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