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Does Eyesential work?Eyesential is a potential solution for problems with the area directly under your eyes. This is often a part of the face that shows a lot of stress and strain, and can make you look more tired than you actually are. But how well does it really work?

The face is often the first thing that people notice about you, and the eyes are one of the most striking features of the body. Tired eyes make people think you’re tired, even when you’re not. There are surgeries that you can have to try to correct the problem of bags under your eyes, or droopy eyelids. But most people don’t like the thought of having this sort of surgery so close to their vital organs. This is a way to perhaps get an improved look without having to go under the knife.

The Claim
The makers of Eyesential say that it is used by professional make-up artists to help their clients look their best. They say that it is applied in just 30 seconds and that it can last up to 11 hours. Perhaps the most convincing display of its effectiveness is the expo testimonials, where they sit people down and apply it to just one eye. That way you can see a sort of before and after picture on the same face, at the same time. It’s almost like watching a before and after video, which is much more believable than a before and after picture.

The Hype
People will do almost anything in the name of beauty, and this is most prevalent in the things they’ll do to get their face looking as good as it can. Whether it’s a face lift or beauty creams, the face gets the most attention. And since the eyes are the focal point of the face, these get a lot of anti-aging attention as well. When you have a product like this the hype comes in the form of the perceived value of looking better, and the lifestyle that this newfound look will bring.

The Cost
One bottle of Eyesential costs $100, so it’s not the cheapest beauty product on the market, but it’s nowhere close to the most expensive either. When you compare this to surgical treatments the cost pales in comparison. But this is not really an apples to apples comparison, as a surgical treatment could potentially last you several years, and this is a cover-up that is meant to get you through the day.

The Commitment
The one thing that you have to do with this is put it on, and it should do the work from there. This is something you’ll need to reapply each day to get the results consistently. It is meant to work quickly, and last throughout the day, but it is not designed as a permanent fix, or a long-term solution.

The biggest problem seems to be with user’s perception of what Eyesential is, and what they’re expecting it to do. As long as you go in with the right mindset, you should be pleased with the results you get. This is akin to a cosmetic, whereby you’re attempting to improve your outward appearance, so it’s important not to give it any credit at helping improve the condition of the areas under your eye. Those that understand what it’s supposed to do, and set their expectations accordingly appear to really enjoy the look it gives them.

Even though time will always win in the end, it doesn’t mean you can’t fight the good fight. There’s no reason to look older than you feel, but that might happen if you don’t take proactive measure to combat the effects of time and gravity as you age. If you’ve neglected this sort of care in the past you can take steps to improve the condition of your skin, and then it’s simply a matter of daily maintenance. One day you may have to succumb to old age and wrinkles, but at least you’ll be able to say that you gave it your all and enjoyed several more years of youthful looks.

Final Eyesential Review

Eyesential appears to work for the short term, but cannot be considered a solution because it is not helping to fix the underlying problem, just the aesthetics. In this manner, we’re giving it the Thumbs Up for doing what it says, providing an effective visual answer to tired looking eyes. But if you were expecting a real fix, this isn’t it. It is not treating any problem you may be having with your eye, and they don’t claim that it does. They flat out state that it is not a treatment, and that it doesn’t penetrate the skin or go any deeper than the surface.

Our Recommendation
You have to make up your own mind what sort of approach you want to take to looking younger. You can go fully aesthetic with products like this one and other cosmetics, but over time you’ll only need to cover up more and more as your problem continues. You may also take the gradual and long term approach of using products that help the skin rejuvenate itself or build collagen. Many users find success using both types of products, covering up the problem for short term benefits, but also treating the long term problem by using items meant to battle Father Time.

What do you think? Does Eyesential work or not?

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