Does Fake TV Really Work?

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Does FakeTV Work? Nowadays alarm systems can be quite expensive, and especially if you want to have your home monitored on a regular basis, the costs can add up. Now of course there’s no real price to be paid for the security of your home and for the safety of your family. But if you’re going to be out of the house for any period of time, one little added extra you may want to consider is called Fake TV.
There have been lots of different types of deterrent items brought out on the market in the past, such as lights shining on at various times throughout the home while there’s nobody present. The Fake TV is a device that has 12 LED lights that mimic the flickering of what a television set would show to the outside individual if they were looking in. Even if you are home alone and feel a little uncomfortable, having Fake TV may help. It can be utilized in different rooms. Showing TV sets that are active might make you feel a little better. In the sense that anybody again looking in might think that there’s more than one person present in the home.This Fake TV makes it look like your TV is on when you’re not home and can actually deter would be thieves from entering your domicile.

The Claim
The claim of the Fake TV is that because of the different lights and the way that it flickers on and off, it truly does mimic the way a TV set would shine out to the outside. Instead of just having some lights shining on, the flickering of the Fake TV really does make it look like it is a real TV set. With the actual shows being portrayed. With the timers that come with Fake TV you can set it so that at a certain time the Fake TV will come on showing somebody is present at home anytime you desire.

The Hype
The hype with Fake TV is the fact that it truly mimics what a television set would show to the outside individual looking in. As stated there are 12 LED long-lasting lights that just don’t turn on.  They will flicker with various degrees of intensity and color portraying what a TV set would actually showcase from the outside looking in.

The Cost
The shipping is free, but the cost of the Fake TV will run you $19.95 and it is pretty easy to use. The Fake TV comes with an easy to use electrical plug and AC adapter that goes into your regular electrical outlet.

The Commitment
The commitment with Fake TV is that the 12 LED lights that are used to mimic the TV set are long-lasting. Even if you use the lights on a regular basis they should last you a lot longer than what any regular light bulbs should last you.

As far as the evaluation goes with the Fake TV there are some great positive points. Obviously being the fact that especially if you utilize these lights in various rooms on a regular basis if you’re not home, it will give would be thieves some second thoughts as to whether they would like to enter your home compared to someone else’s where the lights were all off. The idea itself is a good one and the only negative aspect is that if one light burns out, just like Christmas lights, you have to go through the various bulbs to find out which one is defective.

Final Fake TV Review

The final Fake TV review is a positive one, especially if you are out of the home on a regular basis and you want to perhaps augment the alarm system you have in place. Especially if you don’t have an alarm system. Then the Fake TV might be great for you in order to make your home a little more protective when you’re not around. We are prepared to give the Fake TV a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
If you or your family have a tendency not to be at home on a regular basis where perhaps people might recognize this fact, then the Fake TV might be a great addition to your home. Especially if you don’t or can’t afford the expense of an alarm system to keep your home protected. Sometimes even the smallest things can prevent somebody from wanting to break into your home. Seeing a bunch of TV’s might just be the deterrent needed to keep your home and belongings safe from would-be burglars.

What do you think? Does Fake TV work or not?

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