Does the Bombas Socks Really Work?

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Does Bombas Socks Work?When one thinks of socks you don’t really picture yourself buying them online, or for that matter, spending more than a few dollars on what you’re going to put on your feet. Often you pick up socks as an oversight and not something that you particularly go out and shop for. One company that is taking the sock world by storm is called Bombas and their Bombas Socks is supposed to be unbelievably comfortable and extremely supportive.

When the engineers at Bombas Socks really started to really examine the basic standard-issue tube sock, they started looking at comfort, softness, and support and how they could improve these features. For example, the seam that runs across your toes, to support that you find in the mid-foot, and how well the Boomba sock holds your foot where you need the support the most, are just a few of the things that were examined. In fact, they actually came up with seven material improvements that add to a new level of comfort and performance.

The Claim
The claim of the Bombas Socks is that no matter whether you’re out running errands, running behind on your way to work, or even running a marathon, these Bombas Socks are supposed to be the most comfortable and most supportive that you can buy. They claim they use the softest, long staple yarns, purchased from the best cotton and merino wool producers from all over the world. The material itself is made up of natural fibers of the highest quality, they are antimicrobial, and are designed to keep your feet dry all day long.

The Hype
The company itself is quite unique and their name Bombas comes from the Latin word for bumblebee. They feel they are similar to a hive because of how closely they work together, so the name suits them. Their mantra is to B-Better and this is actually knit on the inside of every pair of Bombas Socks they manufacture. They do strive to make the world a better place anyway they can, no matter how small a gesture, so when they heard that socks were the #1 most requested items at all homeless shelters, they decided to unbelievably donate 1 pair of their amazing Bombas Socks for every single pair they sell, something unheard of.

The Cost
The cost of the Bombas Socks vary in price and range from $12 – $28 per single pair for men and women’s with 4 to 12 packs ranging in price from $30 – $122.40. For children’s sizes you can buy 3 to 12 packs that cost $15 – $64.80.

The Commitment
There have been quite a few reviews about the Bombas Socks and so far most of the ones that I’ve seen have been very positive and some are actually very glowing, extolling the virtues of these amazing socks. The company itself has an excellent reputation and their sole priority is their customer’s happiness and satisfaction with their product. This means no matter what, no questions asked, no ifs ands or butts, if you have a problem with your Bombas Socks, they will refund your money, or send you new ones, whatever you want. They actually have a customer happiness team whose sole purpose is to take care of any inquiries and deal with any problems that might possibly arise. The only negative point so far seems to just be how long it takes to ship the socks out to their customers.

When it comes to socks it seems that the Bombas Socks are the cream of the crop and are definitely worth every penny you may dish out. Not until you actually put them on and wear them for the day do you realize just how truly comfortable a pair of socks can be.

Final Bombas Socks Review

The final review of the Bombas Socks is an absolute positive one and even though they may be far more expensive than what you’re used to paying for a pair of socks, as stated in the evaluation, they truly are supportive and extremely comfortable, and especially if you are on your feet all day long, they will make a big difference at the end of the day. We are going to give the Bombas Socks a thumbs up.

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What do you think? Does Bombas Socks work or not?

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