Does Fingerhut Really Have Good Stuff?

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Does Fingerhut work?Fingerhut
is a catalog that focuses on being able to finance your purchases so that you can get them now and then make monthly payments on them so you pay them off over time. But how easy is it really to get credit from them, and is it worth buying these products and getting a line of credit with them?

Sometimes getting the best price on an item is not the only consideration you have to make. Sometimes a company can thrive by providing a service that other companies are unwilling to provide. The most famous retailers out there have credit standards in place and turn away several thousands of customers annually because they’re just not quite worthy of a store credit card. Fingerhut represents a company trying to capitalize on this fact.

The Claim
The main reason people shop with Fingerhut is because it’s offering name brand products that you’d actually want to buy, and it’s allowing you to finance them when perhaps you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It’s sort of like Rent-a-Center where you’re able to use the product while you’re paying it off, instead of going without it while you save up to make the purchase. Yes, you’ll pay more for the privilege of having it, but you’ll be able to have it that much sooner.

The Hype
Fingerhut produces an attractive catalog that does a good job of showcasing all of the different products they have for sale, and also they have a website that makes it easy to find items that many people would want. They don’t rely much on TV ads, it’s more direct marketing through the mail, or online advertising to bring people to their site.

The Cost
The prices at Fingerhut are higher than what you can pay at other retailers, and they’re well aware of that. This is because they’re expecting you to finance your purchase through them, and these higher prices are basically the cost of that financing. They know that you could go to other places and get the same exact merchandise for less, but they are banking on the fact that not everyone has enough spare cash to make these purchases all at once, wants to break up the payments over time, and wants to enjoy the products while they’re paying them off.

The Commitment
You’re never under any commitment to buy from Fingerhut, as there aren’t any membership fees or dues. If you do buy something from them using a line of credit you’ll be responsible for paying the balance as agreed at the specified terms. You may incur late fees and additional charges if you don’t make timely payments.

The Fingerhut premise is a solid one. They are going after the consumer segment that isn’t able to get approved for credit through the most common avenues, and are providing some of the most sought after products that people want to have urgently, such as the most popular gaming systems as well as goods for the home that have a sense of urgency like appliances and other items that are needed when moving into a new home or apartment.

The reviewer in the above video is saying that Fingerhut is a ripoff because the prices listed are more expensive than those that you can find elsewhere. While this is true, the value that people are finding in ordering from Fingerhut is that they’re able to get approved for financing when perhaps stores like Wal-Mart or Target or other big box retailers won’t extend them credit. So for some it makes sense to pay $250 for a Wii if they can buy it now and make payments on it, rather than buying that same Wii for $50 less at a different store but having to pay the full amount all at once.

One of our testers applied for credit because we knew they had a lousy credit score, and was approved for $180 on a sort of second chance line of credit. We checked that there was no annual fee, and all that was needed to have the item shipped was a $30 minimum down payment.

We did notice a series of complaints regarding the customer service at Fingerhut. These complaints included that the representatives were not based in the United States, and a general unwillingness to help out in the case of problems with the purchase or products themselves.

Final Fingerhut Review

There aren’t too many pressing reasons to order from Fingerhut, as their prices are inflated and higher than what is available at other retailers, both online and offline. The major point here is that they’ll sell to you on credit when perhaps other stores won’t due to a low credit score or poor repayment history. If there are household goods or consumer electronics that you’ve been eyeing and have been unable to buy for some time, this represent one potential way to get them now, enjoy them now, and pay for them monthly.

Our Recommendation
This may be one option if you’re trying to rebuild your credit because they will extend you a line of credit even if your credit score and history is less than stellar. For some it might be the only way to get consumer goods like these without having to buy them upfront. For others it only represents a way of overpaying for things you don’t really need, and isn’t worth the higher costs involved.

What do you think? Does Fingerhut work or not?

620 Customer Reviews on “Does Fingerhut Really Have Good Stuff?

  1. You can dispute directly with the credit bureaus. Online there is a form to complete and you can also submit your payment documentation and such. Request a letter, in writing, advising you of their error to get this cleared.

  2. Not only does fingerhut charge way more then retail they also have high interest rates. I know it’s not always a option but just save up and buy these items yourself. Or work on your credit and get much better options

  3. I ordered a industrial popcorn maker(won’t even pop the fucking popcorn) and tablet (wont cut on)in November for my kids Christmas presents. I didn’t check or open them until after Christmas. Neither item worked and when I contacted Fingerhut, the representative stated since it was after 14 days, there’s nothing they could do. I would have to call the manufacturing facility for an exchange. In my opinion, you know customers don’t open products until Christmas so why wouldn’t you have a return policy in place? Plus the cost to ship the products to the facility was outrageous. I believe fingerhut knew the products weren’t in working conditions how it was packaged improperly. I contacted the BBB and fingerhut refused to assist. Through it all, I still must continue to pay you monthly fees and interest on faulty goods.. Load of crap.. I’m filing a chapter 128 and you cannot charge me interest.

  4. Here is what I found on fingerhut if you are desperate and really hungry for and wanting material things that leave your pocket crying then it is good for you. But if you are in need and are patient this is my findings. Example: euro sprint hiker shoes for men cost 109 roughly and genetic one cost about 90 dollars and free shipping on Amazon. But on FINGERHUT they cost 142 before shipping which is about $14 and $10 for both orders . Am if they don’t fit well boy you will be charged 30 -40% for restocking fee and blah. blahhhhhhh.
    Am speaking from experience but if y U don’t agree just check on. You markets then you will be able to make an informed decision.

  5. I started rebuilding my credit in December of 2015 by getting a Fingerhut account. I found a lot of products on the website that weren’t overpriced and I waited until they offered free shipping to order stuff. Everything I ordered was good quality. By opening a Fingerhut account and keeping it in good standing I was able to get other credit cards. This helped me to have a good mix of revolving credit and I was able to build my credit and purchase a home in November of 2016.

  6. Just to note…

    It appears they do not combine shipping and handling, which is already higher than usual.

    If you buy 10 items, you could easily rack up $100 in shipping, and you may have only had $50 worth of products.

    I tested this by adding a couple items (pair of jeans and a shirt) to my cart. Went to checkout just to see what the costs would be. Shirt + Pants was about $45. Shipping: $22 and then some tax.

    Target charges per item shipping if ypu opt for express shipping.

  7. I’ve recently started using Fingerhutand am very happy with 2 out of 3 purchases. One was a bra for my wife. She wears a very large size making it extremely difficult to find one for reasonable price that is not underwired. Another was an Irish ring which I’ve been unable to afford up front. The last was a Mickey mouse watch though it was poorly made I’m looking to replace the improperly installed Velcro band. Overall I’m very pleased. I bought all during January and no payments until first week of March. Eventually I will buy new kitchen chairs and maybe a TV.

  8. I was setup for autopay with fingerhut since I began with them and then a year into it they started DOUBLE dipping into my checking account, instead of the min payment I had setup they doubled it. I immediately called them and they said ‘oh it must have been a system error’ yeah whatever – then they said I didn’t owe them for a month and then they reported me delinquent on my account to the credit bureaus. I have worked hard and been very diligent with all my payments trying to rebuild credit. I had built back up to a 640 credit score. Then they reported me DUE TO THEIR ERROR to my bureaus and it tanked me 75 pts… I can no longer buy a home for my family due to Fingerhut. I have reported them to the CFPB and every blog I can find. I am a single mom, I can’t afford an attorney. Please AVOID Fingerhut at all costs. In my personal opinion they are predators and will screw you. If you decide to go with them anyway, DO NOT SET UP AUTOPAY. They will steal from you and then ruin your credit. I have called, and called, and called. Everytime they admit it was their error and they will ‘fix it’ – nope. They will just ruin you.

  9. Fingerhut is a pricey obtion for improving your credit. I have used the account twice when I wanted to buy an item for someone else at the last minute. I try to be aware of the item price and web search for the current price. Most of Fingerhut prices are at least 1/3 more to twice the price. No real sale prices. I even mention it on a review and asked how they came of with the price which they never posted. Only teasing you with a low monthly installment. I always pay on time for one product at a time and let the account sit. I receive promo notices when my activity is slow that my credit limited has increased. I have reresisted. If Finderghut would list a comparable retail price for the item and explain the finance charge over a different period would be more fair and the consumer would know what to expect. I would even give them for credit if you are allowed to pay the balance early for the fair price and not for a price at 12 months out. I quess that they will not make any money for this idea. I, too would purchase more often if the prices were lower.

  10. My husband and I are trying to rebuild our credit and Fingerhut has helped us. Yes, it is pricey so we check other websites to make sure we aren’t paying too much more than the products at other places. Also, we don’t max out the line of credit that way we can pay off the debt within a month or two. We cannot save cash to save our lives… but we can pay bills and that’s how it works for us. My credit score has greatly improved since having Fingerhut. I have even already gotten a credit line increase and offer to not have to pay for 4 months in the 7 months that I’ve had it. Without Fingerhut we wouldn’t have had a Christmas for the third year in a row and not been able to have birthday presents for my husband’s little sister. So, I thank you Fingerhut for making dreams a reality.

    P.s. I would purchase more often if your prices were lower 😉

  11. The same people who are saying you should save up, and not overextended yourself with credit; are the same people with major credit cards, and retail cards. News flash; your major credit cards, and retail cards charge you interest, just like Fingerhut does. You may initially pay less at a Wal-Mart or Target but over time you will pay 3 times what it would have initially cost you; unless you pay it off before your statement date. Then that begs the question; if you can do that; why not wait and pay for your purchase in cash. Why even have credit and retail cards.

  12. Fingerhut is the worst company to buy from. Way over half of your payment goes towards interest. So it takes you twice as long to pay your bills off.

  13. People sometimes find themselves in debt because they cannot control their spending, and companies like this one take advantage of people’s shopping habits (and shopping addictions) to make even more money off of them while driving them further into debt. Why not wait until you can afford the same items from other retailers who offer them at more reasonable prices? My advice: stay away from more credit when you are already in debt, especially if you do not need it or the items that the credit will buy you. When you are back on track, you can then treat yourself to some shopping.

  14. I have bought a few things from Fingerhut several years ago. You do pay a higher price for the items, but they do give you a monthly payment plan and at the time it was exactly what I needed for Christmas. Fingerhut does sell name brand items too so you can still get many items that you want from the brands you like. The best way to use Fingerhut is pay it off quickly, then you will avoid some of the financing fees. It’s great for those in a bind or needing to build credit.

  15. I’ve actually never heard of these products before but from the looks of what they offer, maybe that’s a good thing. I’m always someone who believes that if you don’t have the money to pay for something then you really shouldn’t. Even if it’s something you’ll use frequently, it has the potential of putting you into unnecessary debt and for what? Kitchen supplies? It would be a better idea to save up for the products you need or at least find cheaper ones that are still high quality in the meantime. This could be an absolute nightmare for those who needed these supplies but couldn’t pay it back in the end.

  16. I’ve seen ads for Fingerhut in several places but never knew exactly what the service entailed. Like many others, I think this is helpful if you’re in a bind and really need something but can’t pay for it upfront, but at the same time, I feel like many of the things they offer are not absolutely necessary. I make a point of only buying things I know I have enough money to buy, so this service does absolutely nothing for me, especially considering you pay more than typical retail price. For gifts and other non-necessities, I either wait till I have enough money saved up to buy it all at once, or don’t buy it at all.

  17. There are some people who this would be useful for. Sometimes a few minor mistakes on your credit can plague your ability to gain credit in the future. Having said that, outside of the merchandise being more expensive, the interest rate should be examined closely as well. Store credit cards usually have much higher rates than regular credit cards, and I have a sneaking suspicion this is the same.

  18. No word of a lie, I worked for a British company (still around today) who provided a similar service. I would knock on peoples doors and try to sell them these vouchers that they could spend in a wide variety of shops. They could use them on whatever they wanted provided the store accepted the vouchers. Essentially its a credit system, without the same stringency as a credit card company. You don’t have to pay for them there and then, but you have to make small weekly payments to the collection agents who would patrol the area. It was horrible really. Because the kind of people who need this service are also the people who cannot pay it back.

  19. I cannot imagine anything that Fingerhut would have that I would not be able to wait for until I had saved up enough money to buy it from someplace cheaper. There are no emergencies that require impulsive purchases from a place like Fingerhut – not even Christmas. They might as well be a credit card company that just happens to offer merchandise for sale on the side. Also – why would anybody in their right mind buy anything NOT on credit from them since their merchandise is more expensive? It just reeks of opportunism where lower income people and their families are concerned.

  20. While for some people, this isn’t a good program at all, for others this can be a great thing. If someone wants to buy something now, like maybe for their kid’s birthday or for Christmas, but can’t afford it right away, it’s a good idea. you always pay more when you buy things on a credit card, unless you have a card that doesn’t have any interest or something like that.

    For most people, it would just be worth it to wait and save your money to buy it for cheaper all at once, but for certain situations, this could be a really great system for people who want the product now for some reason.

  21. Totally not interested in Finger Hut. I’ve enjoyed looking at their catalogs but would never consider purchasing from them. While I can see why some might think it’s a good idea, it’s not for me, as there are plenty of other better options out there.

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