Does the Flex-Able Hose Really Work?

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Does the Flex-able Hose work?The Flex-Able Hose is trying to make it easier to do things around the yard by being lighter and taking up less space than your conventional garden hoses. It’s supposed to be much lighter, and more flexible, being able to be folded in half and still allowing water to flow through. This would be great if it really works, so we delved into the details to find out.

The traditional garden hose has gone relatively untouched throughout the years, even though it has a lot of drawbacks to it. Only recently has there been a wider range of hoses to choose from. There’s been a lot of anti-kink hoses out for quite some time now, but these new seemingly Space Age hoses not only don’t kink, but they also expand and contract so that they’re only at full size when they’re being used.

The Claim
The makers of the Flex-Able Hose say that it’s easier to use, easier to store, won’t kink up on you, and maintains a strong amount of water pressure. Aside from that they’re relatively low key on their claims, and they basically let the promo video do the talking. Once you see this type of hose in action, you’re going to be hooked, and be ready to buy. But it’s always a good idea to keep your expectations to a minimum and let a product prove itself to you in a real world trial.

The Hype
This is just one of several different garden hoses that have hit the market recently, and it seems that lots of manufacturers have identified the garden hose as a product that needs some serious re-engineering. While it is a pretty neat invention if it works the way they show it to in the infomercial, you won’t really know how well it works until you get it home and start using it on the jobs you have in mind for it. Promo vids like these are great at making a product look perfect, so take them with a grain of salt.

The Cost
The Flex-Able Hose comes in three different sizes, each understandably with their own price point. You can get the 25 footer for the advertised $20 with $8 shipping. You can get the 50 foot size for $30 plus $9 shipping, and the 75 foot size goes for $40 plus $10 shipping. They include a spray gun attachment with each hose you buy. These prices are comparable to competing hoses, and they allow you to buy more than one by just paying the extra shipping. Great for having a hose in both the front and back yards.

The Commitment
This should make it easier to get yard work done, or any chore that involves using a garden hose. If you’re used to hauling around a big heavy garden hose and having it kink up when you take it around corners, or when it gets tangled up from being in storage, it will save you a lot of trouble. Most people will say that it’s a lot easier to lift this and move it around than a conventional garden hose. Once you’ve got it hooked up and in place, you just use it in lieu of your old hose and carry on like usual.

The Flex-Able Hose looks and functions a lot like the XHOSE, so much so that they might even be produced by the same manufacturer, just in a different color and sold under a different name. We were unable to confirm if that is the case or not, but the way they work is very similar. The XHOSE also comes in a one hundred foot size, for those that need the most reach. It’s pretty common practice for competing products to come out, but in this instance they are almost essentially the same thing.

Final Flex-Able Hose Review

The Flex-Able Hose is likely an upgrade over your current hose, especially if you’re using a standard green garden hose that is heavy, kinks up, and loses water pressure. This hose grows when you turn the water on, and shrinks back down when you turn it off. With the accessory that they include you’ll be able to get a lot done in the yard, or in the driveway if you like to wash your own car. This is a good product to try, but you should decide if it’s the one you want to go with by comparing it against the competition.

Our Recommendation
This is basically the XHOSE in a green color, so it’s just a matter of which one you want to choose. It’s unclear which one hit the market first, but there are more XHOSE ads being run, and they’ve even been featured on TV programs testing it out to see whether it lives up to its claims. Real world tests have shown that it actually is pretty easy to use, so the big question is whether or not the Flexable Hose is enough of a replica to duplicate that sort of success.

BETTER ALTERNATIVES: If you want a flexible, super tough hose, we suggest you also take a look at this popular hose from Tuff-Guard.

What do you think? Does Flex-Able Hose work or not?

53 Customer Reviews on “Does the Flex-Able Hose Really Work?

  1. It burst, plain and simple. The outside of the box says “Limited Lifetime Warranty. See inside for details.” Inside it says “Limited 60 day warranty.” The outside of the box lied. Of course the company won’t take responsibility and refund my money. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!

  2. I’ve purchased 2 flex hoses “as seen on tv” at Wal-Mart – within 3 months on the first one and 2 months on this last one – they burst! Waist of money – I did like the convenience as I have to move around my porch and yard – regular hoses are bulky and kink up… but I think they should offer at least a warranty or guarantee. Now I have NO hose (broke yesterday) and have to go purchase another…. This would be a much better product IF it were reinforced inside to not burst so easily. Very disappointed!

  3. Don’t Waste your Money!
    I just purchased Flex-Able Bungee Hose by Tristar 2 months ago. One of them ruptured internally becoming a soaker hose. I looked at the 60 day money back guaranty which says I have to box it, pay the shipping and give you another $ 7.99 to have my new hose. Then you decide to replace it or not. Man I wish I would have known how much of a piece of garbage the Flex-Able Bungee Hose was, I would have Never bought it!
    All of your glorified ads and online video don’t really tell the truth deceiving us as you rack in the money. I will be sure to blast this message all throughout Social Media. We can only hope that someone would sue anyone involve in making outrages claims. Don’t even think about sending a new hose. I’ll purchase one at my local Home Improvement or Amazon.

    A very dissatisfied buyer.

  4. Purchased Flex-Able Hose with high expectations, that became questionable as soon as I saw it when I received it. Used it for a limited amount of time and it seemed ok, although water pressure from hose was decreased Stored it in garage for winter. Just used it and it shut down after a while, because ithe hose was leaking greatly near the faucet. The hose dioes not live up to the standards of the company. The hose is unuseable, never used second hose,luckily, basement would have flooded. I expect a full refund for the hose from Flex-Able Hose..


  6. I ordered two of these hoses from Flex-Able Hose and asked for 100 foot but since they were out of them and the 75 foot, I ordered two 50 foot. One of them leaked as soon as I put the spray handle on and the other had 5 leaks in it the first time I turned it on. The company has a habit of hanging up on you when you complain. I do not recommend this company to anyone!!!!


  8. I use water hoses for my dog rescue and they are very heavy to pull all over the rescue so I purchased several and I added extra to get the heavy duty. 1 busted right where it connected to the black plastic end when turned on. 1 got a pin point hole. another got a pin point hole then split in another place…. remember these empty when water comes out so a leak renders the useless… then a fourth sprang a leak. I called the company and explained this… I was told to throw them away as sending back would be a waste of postage…. then somehow he managed to get me to purchase the replacements…. I really do not find myself to be a dumb person and was pretty mad…I don’t know how I fell for it but with all his round about talk I ended up paying another $120 for 4 more hoses. Well they came in and I hooked them up. The last one I hooked up, the minute I turned it on (they were supposed to be the heavy duty) split in half. Now I am really upset as I am a non profit organization and have spent $290 on these hoses and I don’t know if tomorrow I will have another split or hole…. we turn them off, empty them out and hang them up when not in use. this is very upsetting.

  9. Flexable Hose – This product is a piece of garbage! I was stupid enough to order the “rough terrain upgrade”, which is absolutely worthless! Not to mention the spray nozzle attachment sent with the hose, leaks like a sieve! I’ve used one of the hoses MAYBE half a dozen times. The last time I used it, the nozzle end shot off the end of the hose WHILE I was using it! When I called customer service to request a replacement, I was told my 60 day warranty period had passed and they would do nothing! Even though it is clear the product is extremely defective! I could have went to Walmart, bought a hose the same length for half the price and it would have at least lasted the season!

    This product is a piece of garbage. Do not waste your money.

  10. The hose is light weight and easy to carry around, But the hose pops leaks. I will not buy another after the 5 I bought sprung leaks with in 4 weeks of buying and using them.

  11. This is the worst product I have ever bought. Used it about 6 times and they broke. I bought four of these hoses. Two 25 foot hoses and two 75 foot hoses. All of them broke within ten uses. The two 25 foot hoses snapped off at the end ( 4 times each) and it takes about an hour to repair and reconnect. Both 75 foot hoses split inside the outer covering and had to be thrown away. Paid $135.00 for them and did not get ay relief/refund from the company. You are a fool if you buy this product!!!

  12. Bought 3 of these hoses from Walgreen which claims it’s the same hose as advertised on TV. The longest one lasted 15 seconds before it was spraying out of holes in the hose. After the last return, Walgreen pulled them off the shelf and is not selling them anymore. I live in California (LA) and the water pressure on the high side is 80 lb. psi or more. They claim it has to be connected to the low side (after the regulator) which would mean I would have to have some plumbing work done to comply. Great concept, but not practable. Stick to ol’ faithful that’s worked for many years.

  13. DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM! As so many have said from the reviews…. first of all it takes at least 60 days to get them and then they send no packing slip. The item was not the “up graded”hose i ordered and paid extra for.
    Instead i received a cheaply made product with plastic hardware, so with that i gave it a shot after only the third time ever using it the damm thing exploded right at the connection to the hardware. So i called and spoke to some lady who really didn’t give a crap, she told me to pack it up and send it back for a replacement Really why would i want another one i don’t even want my money back (who wants the hassle of going to ship crap back) i will just leave this for others so they don’t waste their money!

  14. Flex Able Hose is an inferior product and the manufacturer has multiple quality control deficiencies including materials and product testing by a certified testing lab. The company’s customer service is limited from the perspective that you cannot talk with anyone that has QA expertise, only send the hose back and get another. Somer real safety issues that could cause future contingent liabilities and false advertising claims and sanctions by the FTC. Certainly complaints filed with the BBB if you can find the appropriate corporate contact information. Recommend investing money in quality product that will provide safe and reliable service.

  15. We bought two, neither lasted more than 2 months. Though the hose is lightweight and easy to handle as advertise, that ‘s about all that I liked about it. From the beginning, one hose leaked at the point of attachment to the sprayer. Then both hoses blew out, with big leaks in the middle. Save your money, these need to go back to the drawing board.

  16. I was able to repair the secondone that broke by taking the whole mechanism apart, cutting the hose to get the frayed pieces out and using silicone glue and shoving the hose back into the plastic it is working for the while

  17. the first one burst and I called and they said it was out of warranty I told them I hardly used it in the 90 days they sent me a return label and instructions to send it back I did everything they said but they didn’t send me another hose in the meantime the other one broke at the faucet I contacted the company twice to find out when I would get the new hose and nothing happened finally I asked the credit card company to get my money back we are working on that now go to WALMART and buys theirs it has a 100% unlimited guaranty just keep your your receipt also Bed Bath and Beyond will do the same thing also the plastic water pistol broke as I took it out of the box what junk!

  18. Do not buy this hose, the warranty is only 60 days. I bought it for christmas gift in Dec, did not use it until end of May, it is broken after the second use, just called the company, no offer of replacement.

    The concept is good, material is junk.

  19. We ordered a 75′ length of hose with one free. We received two boxes with two hoses in each. We did receive 4 faucets and 2 on/off valves. Have not tried them, but after reading above, we will be ready for anything. Still trying to check my credit report to see if I was charged for 4 when I ordered 2.

  20. I bought 3-2 50′ and 1 75′. each lasted three weeks before blowing up. One of the 50′ and the 75′ blew when I turned off water flow at the nozzle. Both hoses blew at the nozzle connection. The other 50′ hose complete ruptured while I was watering my flower bed. Total rip off. Saw several women at Wal Mart looking at them and commenting about the TV commercial. Told them that they are dangerous. If a child or an elderly person was using them when the hose blows up someone could get hurt. Product liability law suite in the making.

  21. I bought the 100 ft length of the Flex-able hose. It took weeks to finally arrive. The minute that it arrived I took it out of the box and hooked it up. I spread it out on the lawn to make sure there were no kinks. Immediately after I turned on the water, as the water was entering the hose, the hose exploded. So, I never had a chance to use it. The ad says it has a 60 day money back guarantee but there is no way of contacting customer service to find how to return the damaged hose for replacement or to get the money back. A real scam.

  22. bought this and thought it was great, ha ha the green part started fraying from the connector
    and then a big bubble came up and popped. it is like a water balloon inside green material. My son in law also bought one and it split all the way down the side. Save your money and wait they always come out with a better one. Good ideal but they couldn’t have made it any cheaper.

  23. I purchased 2- 75ft and 2- 25ft hoses. Love them. I have no problem with plastic fasteners. Directions tell you to hand tighten which works very well. My problem is that one of the hoses along the seem line leaks really bad. It’s not split just leaks. Will contact Flex able and will report results.,

  24. Ordering on the automated system was difficult–no way to choose only 1 set, you had to go w/the 2-set offer, no order # given, no charge amount given, product came & my street # was wrong on the label, tried the hose & after 5 min. a plastic fitting broke off, & the 2 hoses together did NOT stretch out to the advertised length–each hose was supposed to go out to 25 ft., which should = 50 ft. total w/the 2 hoses together–my tape measure said 24 ft. for both together w/the water turned on. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. Calling customer service is hard–the area code is in NY, the people are all English challenged, they tried to sell me a longer one at a lower price, said I should send both the good one & bad one back (when i should just send the defective one) – no thanks. REFUND NOW. Run away from this TV infomercial offer! I’ll try the Pocket Hose – you can get 50 ft. for lower cost than the Flex-Able Hose.

  25. Got one and hooked it up and the connector broke the first time out.It should be made with metal.The rep we talked too got relly nasty.But after 30 minutes on the phone we got the manager and he said he would replace it.Would i buy another ,,,,NO

  26. I bought a flexable hose at Walmart 50 t for $18 about 2 weeks ago. Works okay so I bought another. I never call the toll free number for As Seen on TV stuff. I like to see the product and have someone I can go yell at when it doesn’t work.

  27. The commercial shows it but doesn’t tell you that the nozzle must be attached to the hose for it to expand to its full length. If you don’t use it the hose will remain as short as its coiled-up length. And when ordering a second hose they make it sound like the nozzle is a bonus, when in fact you need it to use the hose as it is intended.

  28. HORRIBLE hose. I purchased both the Flexable Hose (green) and X Hose (blue). Both failed within a few uses. The nylon becomes quickly frayed and tears.

    Although both companies provided a free replacement, both replacement hoses also burst after a few uses.

    Concept works, but the materials are HORRIBLE. Do NOT buy this hose.

  29. Basic hydraulics for those who are ignorant. This hose’s flow capacity (gallons per minute) is dismal! Why? The internal walls coefficient of friction is far greater than that of an ordinary hose. Therefore the flow is impeded and in a 75′ hose, you’ll be barely getting a flow. Plus, the restriction (pressure drop) through the nozzle. Basic physics! Do not buy.

  30. Basic hydraulics for those who are ignorant. This hose’s flow capacity (gallons per minute) is dismal! Why? The internal walls coefficient of friction is far greater than that of an ordinary hose. Therefore the flow is impeded and in a 75′ hose, you’ll be barely getting a flow. Plus, the restriction (pressure drop) through the nozzle. Basic physics! Do not buy.

  31. Thank you for the honest reviews,I’ve decided not to buy any, I was going to buy 4 100′ hose for my garden to be able to water it all at the same time. Back to the drawing board!!!!

  32. Lol…973 area code not in the US? You called a local New Jersey number and was most likely rerouted to a call center (probably in India).

  33. You all have convinced me to STAY AWAY from these TOO-GOOD TO BE TRUE hyped-up TV-come-ons with the RUDE SHODDY SERVICE!!!! THANKS A LOT!!!!

  34. Great idea. I wanted to purchase from either company, although after reading the reviews, I am going to wait until the connectors are made of metal and sold in stores. More money, but satisfaction is important.

  35. Anita
    The same thing happen to my 86yr Mother. Same dollar amount
    They told her it would be $82 and change to return them. Your
    Order and are almost the same date and same dollar amount.
    Hope you have better luck.

  36. I purchased 2 75 foot flexi hoses…both of them leak like crazy from the bottom of the connector. No way to fix that…requesting a refund..p.s. I did pay for the upgraded version on the hose too.

  37. 10 years? That’s a long time and new materials are much more durable. This may or may not last any longer than your previous purchase but I don’t think anyone should base a purchase off your experience of ten years ago.

  38. I purchased the hose and it is not 50 ft long after filling with water. My greenhouse is 48 ft. Long, the faucet is 12 ft. From the end and the hose does not reach all the way to the other end., so it,s about 25 to 30 ft long extended. But I paid for a 50 ft. Hose. Don’t know how far I,m going to take this, but am angry of the deception.

  39. What a dissaster requesting a two for one flexable hose from an automated system. This company is too cheap to hire live people to take orders. In my ordering, there were so many responses to check. All I was asking for was the tv special two for one. Well ladies and gentlemen, my ordering one hose for $49.95 and getting another one free came to $156.02. Well, try calling the company number to ask what is going on and you’re on line for more than a half hour, so I gave up. Lastly, you have to confirm the order after the automated person says, to confirm the order and I did not confirm. Three days later, the package was on my dooorstep. I am returning the items because they did not follow my instruction of voiding the order and they were not easily accessible to hear my complaints. Do not buy flexable hose as seen on tv.

  40. I do have a complaint. I ordered 2 50′ hoses to take in our 5th wheel camping and free up some space. We got them today and they were plenty small for that. However they included instructions that they don’t tell you about on the TV or internet ads.
    The hose is NOT to be used for potable water. (We wanted to hook up our 5th wheel using the hoses)
    and it said not to leave the hose connected and filled if not in use. In other words we couldn’t hook the camper up to water and leave it on when we weren’t actively using water.

    Now I have 2 hoses I can’t use.

  41. THis was because their office was in New Jersey and they were closed for the hurricane for a few weeks. I ordered mine Oct 20 noticed mine was taking a long time to come then read where the office was. Just got it todayNov 20.

  42. We bought the 50′ xhose, the first one broke in 5 minutes. Xhose sent us a replacement and that lasted less than 15 minutes. Now the third try of xhose it did not work right out of the box. We returned all three xhoses and got a full refund except my postage to return which was as much as 1 xhose. We would buy it again if it worked all the time. Love the concept.

  43. Bought the hose have not received it,but the confirmation came and they had more hoses on there then we wanted. Also shipping and handling was over $70.00. When we went to correct the error, we called the number, waited for some time, only to find that the area code, is 973. Guess what? That is noy in the USA.. Now we worry about the cost of the call. Think the whole company may turn out to be a nightmare. Check it out

  44. About 10 years ago I bought a similar product that had an integrated hose reel to roll up the hose. It lasted a couple of months before it basically disintegrated. Don’t remember what I paid, but whatever it was, certainly wasn’t worth it. Beware!

  45. I ordered the flexable hose 5 weeks ago and still have not received my order. Called their customer service and spoke to a nasty very unprofessional women I am going to cancel my order and get the xhose I would suggest if interested in this type of product you deal with a different company.

  46. Most useless review i ever read agree with the other reviewer first and last time to this site

  47. I’d buy one if they didn’t have cheap plastic connectors. They take a good idea and then make it as cheaply as they can. I’d much rather pay and extra $5-10 to get one that has all metal fittings.

  48. I personally bought both, the xhose and the flexable hose- and although very similar the flexable hose broke in a matter of 5 uses….my 75′ xhose is still strong with no show of wear of tear, even after dragging along my concrete and the corners around my house…i am not sure of facts, but i think the flexable hose is just a copy of the xhose, and a poorly made copy too

  49. So I saw a similar product on television the other day and it looked really good. It looks light and easy to handle, which isn’t the sort of description my garden hose deserves, so needless to say I really like this product. My only concern is the longevity of this hose. The standard hose can last up to 5 years under heavy use, so it’s worth the money, but I have no idea how these things fair under heavy use. Then again, there’s only one sure to find out lol I guess I’ll just have to try it myself.

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