Can the Flex Mini Really Work Out Your Booty?

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Does Flex Mini work?The Flex Mini is aimed at one thing: increasing the size of your booty. It uses the same concept as ab belts that send electrical impulses to stimulate your abs, only this one engages your gluteus maximus as well as muscles of your rear thighs. It’s easy to see why many women would want to try this out, but it will only be able to get you the results if it can replicate the same intensity as weightlifting does. Let’s explore further to see how this one stacks up.

Getting a bigger bottom is near the top of the to-do list for many women. It’s been in vogue for quite some time now, and is second only to the chest as far as areas women want to increase in size. If you’ve attempted to increase or lift your butt with exercises in the gym targeting the area, you will know just how hard it is to walk the next day after a rigorous lower body workout. It would be great if you could get the same sort of workout without putting the effort in.

The Claim
Flex Mini claims to be able to work more effectively than programs like Brazilian Butt Lift and the Gazelle by Tony Little. They point to things like the fact that it doesn’t require assembly, doesn’t require any hard work or motivation, and that it has been cleared by the FDA. That is pretty impressive, seeing how many similar belts are not cleared by the FDA.

The Hype
The hype is that this is not really a new technology, just a new application for something that has been around for a while. The only problem is that most people are aware that ab belts using the same sort of electrical currents are highly ineffective, so this product would need to improve upon what’s currently out there if it’s going to work.

The Cost
The Flex Mini is $222 delivered to your door. They have a 60 day money back guarantee and claim that you’ll be able to see amazing results within that time frame or you can return it and only be out the shipping and handling.

The Commitment
The lure to products like these is very strong, because it doesn’t involve very much commitment on your part. Leg exercises are killer, especially for the butt because you’re basically going to have to do things like squats, lunges, and deadlifts if you want to isolate the butt muscles. The thought of strapping a device like this on, and letting it contract your muscles for you is very appealing.

The Flex Mini gets mixed reviews, and there isn’t really enough data to make an accurate conclusion on. The product itself is designed well enough, so it’s just a matter of finding out whether you can get results with consistent use, and whether it’s safe or not. The FDA has chimed in on the safety aspect, but they are notorious for getting it wrong and have approved all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs that have later been recalled. While FDA approval is a good first step towards researching a product, you should use it as the end-all be-all on safety.

They have additional pads can purchase for other areas of your body, such as your arms, but we think that’s stretching the functionality a bit. They should focus on getting one area right, and develop a second product that focuses entirely on the arms and upper body. For the lower body, this seems to live up to the hype.

We like it when companies stand behind their fitness products with a guarantee. If you find that you only break this out a few times and then it starts collecting dust, you should return it within the 60 day window. Likewise, if you use it regularly and aren’t seeing the results you wanted, it’s grounds for a return. However, if you like what you’re seeing within the first two months, it only makes sense to keep it, and the $200 price will be money well spent. Either way you go you’ll either end up happy, or out the $22 shipping with your curiosity satisfied and back at square one.

Final Flex Mini Review

In order to increase the size of your derriere you should take a multi-angled approach. This should include traditional exercises, as well as a proper diet. By slimming down in other areas, and doing exercises designed to make your booty bigger, you will increase its overall appearance. You can introduce something like the Flex Mini into your over strategy, but avoid relying on one wonder product to get you where you want to go.

Many of us fall into the trap of thinking that just one product is going to deliver on the results we want, only to have it fall short and then use it as a scapegoat for what we don’t have what we want. The butt is one of the hardest areas to workout, but can provide some of the best rewards for your efforts if you follow through for the long term.

Our Recommendation
This has been likened to the Slendertone Bottom, which is not as expensive and has been positively reviewed by plenty of users. If you’re still wanting to go the route of electrical impulse therapy, this would be the way to go, rather than with a Flex Mini.

What do you think? Does Flex Mini work or not?

30 Customer Reviews on “Can the Flex Mini Really Work Out Your Booty?

  1. I just ordere mine. I am a middle age woman who lifts heavy weights 2x/week and does hit once per week. I have toned all of my body since I started working out 5 months ago, BUT my hips/butt is resisting toning like the rest of my body. Yes, it has toned a bit, but not to the intensity that I work it. SO, I just ordered this product in hopes that it would make a difference. I will let you know if it does.

  2. It’s just… I mean, come on now. This is going to shock you into having a bigger bum? $222! But you know what, they wouldn’t make it if there weren’t people to buy it. Because this is the thing. People will always have things about them they don’t like, and there are always going to be people who are willing to make you feel worse, and then there are going to other people who will then make money by selling an easy solution to your problem. I get it, if it’s easy, and all we have to do is click, “add to cart” then we are going to get exited. Until we use it that is.

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