Do BioEnergiser Products Really Work?

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Does the BioEnergiser work?BioEnergiser makes a line of products all geared towards healthier living and detoxification. One of the products you might have seen on late night advertising is their detox foot bath. You might have seen these being pitched as a way to draw toxins out of your body through the soles of your feet. It is usually accompanied by before and after pictures showing the water turn from clear and clean to dirty and dark. You are made to believe that this is due to the toxins coming out of the body, but is this really what’s happening?

Wanting to detox your body is a good thing, but you have to be careful because there are many companies out there ready to take advantage of this desire. Unfortunately the alternative medicine industry has a lot of hucksters out there ready to take your money and leave you with a product little or no value. That’s why it’s always important to check whether or not a process like a foot spa can actually rid your body of toxins.

The Claim
BioEnergiser claims to be able to help you in several areas of your life including health and fitness, detoxing, weight loss, vitamin supplements, and improving circulation throughout your body.

However, most of their claims come from the detox foot spa where they say you’ll be able to rebalance your body’s bio-energy. They claim this happens with the use of ions, both positive and negative. The thought is that these help to re-hydrate your skin and allows the cells in your body to work at their optimum level, without so much toxic waste in the body. They say you’ll have more physical energy, and be more alert mentally

The Hype
The hype is that many of the products being sold here are under debate by those in the scientific and medical community. It’s all part of the ongoing battle between proponents of all-natural products, and those that think the entire alternative medicine industry is bunk. It will really depend on which side of the fence you’re on whether you buy into the hype or not.

The Cost
There are so many different BioEnergiser products that it’s hard to put a general price on all of them. However, the product most people are interested in is the detox foot spa which is $100 plus $20 shipping. They can break up the payments and three installments so you’d have $53 due on the first payment, and then $33 payments for two months after that.

The Commitment
If you are going to use the sort of products that are sold by BioEnegiser you will want to make sure that you give them time to work. When using all-natural products, and detoxing the body you have to allow sufficient time to see any results. The damage that has been done to your body was done gradually, day by day, over a period of weeks, months, or years. Don’t expect an overnight turnaround, and keep the long view in mind.

BioEnergiser offers a kaleidoscope of products all under the umbrella of health and general well-being. With their detox foot bath they say they can help undo the negative effects of eating the wrong foods, leading a sedentary lifestyle, taking prescription medications, common illnesses and diseases, stressing out and worrying, as well as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

CLASSIC D-tox Spa System
This is one of their most popular items, and their flagship product that you might have seen on infomercials. It mimics the same sort of foot detox treatments that you can get at spas across the world. The concept is that by placing your feet in an ion bath it will draw out toxins from the body and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Circulation Max
This is designed to improve circulation throughout your body, but primarily in your legs for those you suffer from poor like circulation.

miracle eyes
This is an example of one of their beauty products, and is designed to help improve the look of your eyes simply by placing the patch onto your eye area for 20 minutes.

They also have a stop smoking patch that is 100% naturally based and is designed to work in just 30 days. It claims to reduce and control your anxiety levels so that you can more easily handle kicking the habit of smoking without resorting to things like nicotine patches and pharmaceutical drugs.

Similar to the anti-smoking patches, they also have ones that are designed for cellulite. This is aather unique approach to getting rid of cellulite, it is also completely all-natural, using only herbs as the ingredients. You simply stick the patch onto the problem areas and it should drastically help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Final BioEnergiser Review

The BioEnergiser detox foot bath should best be avoided as it’s pretty much been debunked that these sort of treatments do not work. The reason that the water changes color is due to a reaction between the machine and the water. It does not represent the level of toxins that are being sucked out of your feet. Your feet might feel better after the treatment, but any well-being you are experiencing throughout your body is most likely due to a strong placebo effect after having watched the water change colors so drastically.

Our Recommendation
Just because BioEnergiser is selling one sham product doesn’t mean their entire inventory should be overlooked. Some of their products actually look promising, and could be worth a try, just don’t get your hopes up and keep a level head when checking them out.

What do you think? Does BioEnergiser work or not?

30 Customer Reviews on “Do BioEnergiser Products Really Work?

  1. My husband has been using the foot bath product for years to control his hemochromatosis. His doctors have been amazed by the reduction in his ferritin count. He hasn’t need to be phlebotomized (which is the standard treatment for this condition) for years.

  2. My wife is not one to be easily swayed or buy into snake oil. In fact, I would call her a cynic. Started using the bio energizer several years ago to treat change of life symptoms and her arthritis. Her menopausal symptoms significantly reduced as well as the arthritic pain. Today, she still uses the spa to address the arthritis on a periodic basis. Her claim would that it definitely works and the placebo effect does not apply. I have treated others with the bioebergizer who would agree, based on their outcomes.

  3. I use the foot spa. To prove it works i used it first withmy feet. Water turned very dark. Removed my feet, dryed them. I then washed the tub and dtied it. I put new water and the same amount of salts in tge tub. I rannut through another cycle moving the water around a few times. After the cycle there was little change in the color of the water. So it convienced me that it was pulling toxins out of my body.

  4. Bio Energy patches are worn on the upper left shoulder or anywhere on the left side for energy enhancement, being a non-drug, no chemical alternative just a “frequency patch” programmed with the frequencies of nature to help the body energize itself.

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