Does Flip Fold Really Work?

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Does Flip Fold really work?If you ever wanted to have your shirts folded like they are at department stores, you’ll be attracted to Flip Fold. It’s basic premise is that it coordinates the folding of shirts, sweaters, towels, and sheets into a three step flipping process.

Kids and men are usually notoriously bad laundry folders, and they’re both targeted in the promo videos for Flip Fold. It doesn’t matter who you are, folding shirts and the like is tiring, boring business and it’s hard to automate the system and get reliable results every time.

That must have been the motivation for the creators of this product. It also seems to be prompted from the video from Japan that shows someone folding a shirt in 3 seconds. It’s not very hard once you know the trick, but Flip Fold makes it idiot proof.

The Claim
Because of the holes that are in Flip Fold, it eliminates static cling and allows your shirts, pants, sweaters, and more to be folded perfectly every time. By folding your clothes in this manner they are able to be stored and used at a later date without worrying about wrinkles.

The Hype
The hype comes when you start to think that your laundry is going to look like the laundry depicted in the commercials. Of course there’s comes out perfect, because they’re using brand new clothes that were probably dry cleaned before they got folded, so they look absolutely perfect once the process is complete.

The Cost
It’s just $19 for a Flip Fold, plus $12.42 for shipping so a total of $31.41. It’s really not too much, considering the durable construction, the fact that it works the way it says it does, and that if you take good care of it it will last you for years to come. It’s not as if you have to put it through any hard use, so it should be able to take many years of operation without any need to buy another one.

To adjust for this fact, the makers of Flip Fold have come out with a whole line of similar products, like smaller models for kids clothes and the like. This allows them to expand their customer base, but also to get repeat purchases from happy customers.

The Commitment
You’re going to have to do laundry anyway, so it’s better to do it with Flip Fold next to you than without. If you don’t have it you’re left to fold sloppy and messy clothes, towels, and linens. When you get Flip Fold involved, you cut down on user error and introduce a system into the mix that gives you fantastic results without having to think about it or take your time trying to get it perfect.

Flip Fold looks to simple to work. It’s basically just some PVC plastic pieces attached to each other that swivel. But with many products the beauty lies in the simplicity. It seems that the more moving parts and complicated gadgets a device has, the more likely it is not to work, and to break down easily.\

Because of the simple design and construction, Flip Fold will work every time, for every person, in every situation. One neat feature is that it has the instructional guide put right onto it so you’ll never forget the process, and get consistent results every time.

Does Flip Fold Really Work?

Yes it does! They got this one correct in the design and function and you can turn your big pile of laundry into flip folding fun. As the promo states, get the kids involved and make it a fun family activity, rather than an ugly chore. Your dressers, closets, and linen cabinets will be looking ultra sharp which will make you feel good every day and impress company when they come over.

Our Recommendation

If you’ve ever dreaded laundry day because of the burden of folding, grab a Flip Fold and just have fun with it. It’s touted as the same system that is used in department stores to make the perfect folds, and it really works. The shipping charges at their site a little outrageous, but it will last for years and is a one-off purchase so there’s no need to hesitate any longer.

What do you think? Does Flip Fold really work?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Flip Fold Really Work?

  1. My son has autism and as a result has difficulty with motor skills. He is unable to fold clothes neatly. If this works as well as everyone says, then there is a very real, very practicle, very needed application for this device.

  2. I have been using mine for years. When folded with this device, I can put more clothes in my chest of drawers. I can find the garment easier, and when I take it out, I can ‘throw it on’ knowing I won’t have to look for wrinkles. My brother works with a group of former Army Air Force helicopter pilots, called ‘Sky Soldiers’, out of Atlanta, Georgia, who go to different air shows around the country. Along with helicopter rides, in the UH-1 workhorse, they sell hats, shirts and other items to help defray costs. They get shirts in bulk & need to fold them neatly for presentation. They use a very well-worn Flip Fold. As far as I know, their current one, having been used so much, and for so long, is being held together with duct tape!

  3. So, the eagle eyed among you will recognize this item from episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon use one on Laundry night. Saturdays, as I recall. Now, if you’re not familiar, Sheldon is not really the kind of person most of us would like to be associated with, so this begs the question of who need to fold their clothes so neatly that they must employ some kind of measuring device to do so? Because outside the world of clothing stores, I have absolutely no conception as to why anyone would fold their clothes so meticulously in this way. Yet here it is, on sale for commercial use. Weird.

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