Does Flonase Really Work?

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Does Flonase Work?Allergies are something that some people have to put up with all year round. Then there are those who predominantly suffer with these mostly in the spring or summer. No matter which category you may fit into, perhaps the best relief you can get will be with Flonase.

Flonase is an over the counter treatment for a variety of allergies. You only have to use it once a day as directed.

The Claim
The promoters of Flonase claim that it will help with nasal conjestion, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes,and itchy nose and eyes.

The Hype
The hype would have to center on that first you don’t need a prescription to obtain it as you can get it at your local pharmacy. Secondly, you only have to use it once a day.

The Cost
The price will vary depending on where you buy it but it averages for around $17.

The Commitment
First of all it is important to have it definitely determined that you do indeed have allergies. So this means seeing your health care provider and being positively diagnosed. Self diagnosis is never wise.

Often one assumes that because something can be bought over the counter that it is totally safe. While it may meet government standards that may not always be the case. Flonase obviously has been considered safe by the regulatory bodies. However, there are some people who have raised some concerns about this. Specifically because Flonase does contain steroids.

The other factor that has to be taken into consideration is that there are usually some types of potential side effects with all types of medicines, whether they are natural, over the counter, or prescription. You should make yourself aware of these then weigh out the risks vs. the benefits.
Some of the potential side affects could be an allergy to Flonase itself, nose injury and eye conditions. Plus, there are potential side effects when it comes to children using Flonase.

Final Flonase Review

We are going to give Flonase a thumbs up but under certain conditions. One is that you check with your health care provider that this is the right choice of allergy medication specifically for you. The other is that you research the potential side effects and discuss these with your Doctor. Overall Flonase has received many good reviews. It has received a 4.5 star rating on Amazon based on 1,441 reviews. On other review sites there have been some issues raised concerning some people experiencing some of the side effects. Some have reported nosebleeds and others a dull headache for example. By the same token there are many that have used Flonase with no adverse issues reported and have great relief from their allergies because of this. It comes down to the advice of your health care professional, and using Flonase exactly as instructed.

Our Recommendation
If you are not sure that you want to choose Flonase and want to look at other alternatives then you may want to take a look at Navage, but this is mostly geared towards sinus congestion and may not work for your specific allergies. Another option may be AllergieBlock.

What do you think? Does Flonase work or not?

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