Does Grab It Really Work?

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Does Grab It Work?Everyday we expend a great deal of energy for reaching and grabbing things that we really don’t give it a second thought except how inconvenient it is at the moment. Plus, many try to put their most used items within easy reach, but there is only so much space available for this. All of this warrants taking at look at Grab It.

Grab It simply is a tool that you can use to grab those items that are hard to get at. It does not jug allow you to hook the item so you have to catch it if it falls, but it has a rachet action to actually grab onto the object you are retrieving.

The Claim
The Grab It promoters claim that it has a locking action so you don’t have to continuously be squeezing the device to keep a grip. They say that it has an easy to use ergonomic design. It has a swivel action to it which really makes it easy to get at items. It is lightweight and yet it can hang onto up to five pounds of weight.

The Hype
The hype really revolves around all of the benefits and features that are described in the claim.

The Cost
The cost for Grab It is %19.99 plus $5.99 for shipping, but with an extra shipping fee being paid you can get an extra Grab It in your order.

The Commitment
The commitment really comes with using Grab It. All too often it may seem easier to just grab a chair and stand on it so you can get the item you need. No doubt this is potentially dangerous and just going to the drawer where you have stored Grab It is just as easy and much safer.

There are similar items like Grab It on the market but we personally like the advancements that have been made with this latest version. It appears to be reasonably priced and can be considered as a gadget that is worth the investment.

Final Grab It Review

We are going to give Grab It a thumbs up because we believe there is a need for a quality product like this. There are many people who have received injuries simply because they were trying to retrieve an item out of their normal reach. Then there are some that have used inferior gadgets for getting down objects that have ended up falling on them and creating an injury. Grab It is not just a gadget for seniors but for anyone that needs to access out of reach items.

Our Recommendation
Being as this is an overall important item we have talked about a similar one in the past called the Reacher. So you may want to do a comparison to see which one appeals to you the most. In addition to this there are several other versions which truly confirms that there is a need for a product such as this.

What do you think? Does Grab It work or not?

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