Does Focus T25 Really Work?

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Does Focus T25 work?Focus T25 is the latest release from the folks over at BeachBody, and features the same host as Insanity and Asylum, Shaun T. So is he able to capture the same essence of those intense workouts and confine it to just 25 minutes flat?

The world today seems to pull us in a million directions at once. There are demands at work, things that need to be accomplished at home, everyone seems to need our attention. That can make it hard to dedicate enough time to do an intensive workout lasting 40 minutes, even up to an hour in some cases. If you want to get that total body transformation but find that you don’t have enough hours in the day to fit it in, you’re the target market for this 25 minute workout program.

The Claim
BeachBody, the creators of Focus T25, say that it can provide the same results from working out for an hour in just 25 minutes. Ther say that because of the fast paced nature of the program you’re doing the same amount of work in half the time, so you finish up more quickly but get all of the benefits. It’s an interesting point to make because several of their own products have you working out far longer than 25 minutes, so there is a bit of cannibalism going on here, as this will likely affect sales of their other videos and programs.

The Hype
Not much hype is needed here because Shaun T is pretty well known as the face of several different workout programs, including Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, and the follow up to Insanity, Asylum. The major thing that’s hyped is the shortness of the duration of each workout session, clocking in at 25 minutes but saying that you get the benefits of a longer workout.

The Cost
The Focus T25 system is $120 billed in three installments of $40 or all at once, your choice. The shipping and handling is free, so all three payments come out the same. When a company has free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee it’s hard not to take them up on the offer. You can be well into your workout program and really make up your mind whether you want to keep it or send it back. That makes it

The Commitment
They are really driving it home that you don’t have to commit a lot of time on this, but you will have to commit to following the program and bringing the intensity to your workouts each day. This is a 10 week program, and make no mistake, the workouts are intense. They’re trying to get you to the same levels you’d get by spending twice as much time, so they’re going to get you moving on this one. Of course you do get to go at your own pace the whole time, so you shouldn’t feel like you can’t get started.

There are a few things that this workout has going for it. First, the 25 minute time has been repeatedly shown as how long we’re able to keep our attention on something. That’s why sitcoms clock in at 22 minutes and allow for commercial breaks in that half hour. Twenty-five minutes is how long they give you in the Pomodoro technique, whereby you’re supposed to get very focused and concentate on just one task for 25 minutes.

Shaun T is a host that will keep you challenged, and show you the right form no matter which move you’re trying to do. He’s a definite A type personality, and a go-getter, so he can show you hot to go get it. His style is not for everyone though, so you should check out some free videos of him on YouTube to see if you gel with his style before committing to the purchase. The question remains why someone would want to spend twice as much time working out if they don’t have to. Popular theory is that the longer you stay in the gym the more results you get. That’s why people are impressed by those that spend hours in the gym, and think that you have to be a gym rat to get a good body. But that’s not necessarily true, and for most of us it’s not feasible to camp out in a gym like that.

Final Focus T25 Review

Overall we have to give Focus T25 our Thumbs Up rating because they have a long track record of bringing high quality workout programs to the market, and it appears that they’ve done it again. If you’ve been wanting to try Insanity but can’t fit it into your schedule, they are reaching out to you here and taking away your excuse of not having enough time. At 25 minutes a day just 5 days a week it’s hard to say that you can’t make this work. Now the onus will be on you and whether or not you can push play on the DVD player and get started each day.

Our Recommendation
Even though this doesn’t take up too much of your time each day, you’ll still have to show up each day to make it work. These workout programs thrive on cumulative results, which stack upon each other each consecutive day you follow the program. Nothing will stall your success like taking an intermittent approach to this or any other fitness program. Bottom line, if you plug into this system and do what they tell you to do it’s going to work for you, it can’t not.

What do you think? Does Focus T25 work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does Focus T25 Really Work?

  1. I’m on my second week and I’ve already lost three pounds. I’ve just started making subtle changes. I cut out soda years ago, but I’ve also eliminated bread, instead of sandwiches for lunch I eat deli meat and cheese with apples or other fruit. Breakfast is usually oatmeal with fruit sweetened with Truvia, or sometimes I’ll have eggs. Instead of normal potatoes I eat sweet potatoes. That’s been about it, other than staying away from sweets. I wasn’t sure if I’d see results, because I’d made it all the way through P90X and gained plenty of muscle without losing the fat, but I’m pleased to say that this seems to be working.

  2. 25 minutes a day is definitely a workout I can handle. With my busy work schedule combined with taking care of my family, I often find myself missing workouts for weeks at a time. I hate not having the time to do my hour-long workouts, so I have been trying to find a routine that is safe, effective, yet fast enough that I can manage to squeeze it into my routine at any time of the day when I have some extra time. I am definitely going to give this a try. If it is from the same guys that brought Insanity, I think I will get the results I want.

  3. I am really busy but always find that my body suffers if I start putting my exercise on the back burner. For years, I have been using Jillian Michael’s 20 minute workouts but am really starting to get bored with them. I love intense, jam packed work outs because I ALWAYS see results and can manage to find time to fit them in my schedule. The only reason I hesitate with this program in particular is because of the cost. If I don’t like it, I will be stuck with $120 less and a workout I don’t enjoy. I will have to keep searching for something a little cheaper.

  4. I have been a slacker in terms of working out and knew that I needed to get back into a routine. When I saw an infomercial for Focus T25 I was intrigued. After all, who wouldn’t want to get a workout done in just 25 minutes. I decided to order the video and after letting it collect dust for a few weeks I finally committed to trying it for three weeks. Wow! I have lost 12 pounds and a few inches. I also realize that I’m badly out of shape. I was hurting so much that I basically worked, ate, worked out and slept! I still use the video, but only 2 or 3 times a week. I walk on the other days.

  5. I agree with Andres partially. But by the same token, just changing your diet alone is not the answer either, although it is a big piece of the puzzle. But without the exercise as well, I don’t think you will be looking lean and muscular. You need to incorporate both to get the full benefits. That doesn’t mean you need to necessarily spend $120 on this program.

  6. I completely agree with you Andres. A lot these programs don’t emphasize that you must change your eating habits in order for these results to be effective. If you just keep on eating whatever you want, sure you’ll get muscular but there will be fat stored right on top of that muscle too. That’s why you need to use this in combination with healthier eating habits to achieve results you need. I think too much people buy into just working out to lose weight without taking what they’re eating into consideration.

  7. I am all for any kind of exercise program – or weight loss program in general, for that matter – that increases a persons activity. HOWEVER, I do believe one problem people get into (besides the one mentioned in the comment above about not changing dietary habits) is developing a mindset that there is a time limit on fitness. Ten weeks? Twenty weeks? It’s for the rest of your life, so it should be something that you enjoy doing. This program may be a good way to jump start your metabolism, but without long-term commitment, the results will fade away.

  8. Okay, what these regimes don’t stress, is that this exercise routine is a small aspect of the process of getting in shape. The biggest obstacle anyone is going to face when trying to look lean and muscular, is controlling their diet. Now, I think Shaun T’s programmes are good, don’t get me wrong. I’ve done variations of all of the exercises in all of his programmes, and they are effective and innovative. But what he doesn’t tell you is that unless you eat the right things at the right times, then all the exercise you’re doing will make you fitter, but you won’t LOOK anything like he does. Low body fat is all about diet.

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