Does Folligen Really Work?

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Does Folligen really work?Hair loss is a common problem for men, and Folligen is designed to inhibit DHT production and slow down the process. Many people are asking if it works, which is usually the case with any hair loss product that isn’t approved by the FDA. There are many products on the market that have not been approved, yet are still effective, so this is not in itself a reason to suspect that it doesn’t work.

The hair loss industry is a very fortunate one. There is a ready market of buyers waiting and hoping for the next big product that will give them some help in the follicle department. Many of the big pharmaceutical corporations are always tinkering with new ways to get hair to grow, and to get products approved by the FDA for sale in the US and abroad.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get as much information as you can before you buy a product like this, because it’s money down the drain if it doesn’t work the way it says it does.

The Claim
The main website for Folligen is very low key and nondescript. There are not many outlandish claims being made, but it is understood that the product is designed to improve the health and appearance of your hair, specifically your bald spot and receding hairline, and also just thickening it up in general.

The Hype
Folligen is lucky in that they have made it into the realm of products that have built up a following of believers that have tried it and given it a positive review. There are some other reviews that claim it does nothing, so it is hit or miss in regards to consumer feedback. This is quite often the case with a product like this. Many times it is due to user error. There are too many unknowns that could disrupt the results that someone might get, so you can’t go off of user reviews entirely, especially if they are mixed.

The Cost
Folligen is relatively inexpensive, so you won’t have to go too deep into your pocket in order to use it. Compared to other over-the-counter prescription strength products that are available, it appears to be cost-effective, but if you look closer you will see that it isn’t. This is because this is not really a standalone solution to your hair loss problem. It’s more of a way to supplement other treatments and make them more effective.

If you follow their recommendations, you can expect to pay around $20 for a bottle of Folligen Cream, $40 for the Spray, and $30 for the Emu Oil S which are all needed for best results. This is in addition to picking up a bottle of Rogaine or other minoxidil containing product to add some science into the mix.

The Commitment
Just like with any hair loss treatment regimen you have to put in the time and create a habit of use. Since your scalp produces DHT every day, you’ll want to use DHT blocking products every day as well in order to properly counteract its effects.

Folligen falls into that in-between category of products that is not mainstream, but not from a mom and pop sort of operation either. Many products on the market are either one or the other, either made from a giant pharmaceutical company, or from a start-up trying to make a name for itself.

They recommend a multi-step process. First you are supposed to use Folligen at night before you go to bed. They state that this will help bring your scalp back to a healthier state, due to the mostly natural ingredients that are contained in it.

If you’ve got the classic receding hairline you should apply the cream to it, and use the lotion and the spray on the areas of your scalp that are a little thicker. This will give you an overall improvement over the entire scalp, since different parts of your hair respond differently to treatment and what they can tolerate.

Next, you are advised to put Emu Oil S into your hair. This is meant to speed up the entire process, as it encourages hair growth. If your hair has been stubborn to grow, or the hair on top of your head grows slower than on the sides and the back, this should help you stabilize the situation and see better results.

Once your scalp and hair have taken on a new persona, you are recommended to add Minoxidil to the treatment regimen. In theory, your hair should be better equipped to handle the medicine used, and you’ll see quicker, better results than if you just started applying it without conditioning your hair first.

Final Folligen Review

Folligen is not the answer to hair loss that you might be expecting, and should not be used by itself as the only strategy you employ to combat your hair loss. However, it can be useful when you pair it up with other proven ways of regrowing hair and stopping or slowing hair loss, especially those that contain Minoxidil.

Many times a product will claim to be the wonder drug that will finally end your hair loss woes once and for all. This product doesn’t claim that at all, and should not be compared to other, more tried and tested methods. As a supplement to your current efforts it’s great, and can really improve the appearance and health of your hair and scalp, which can be good for your well-being in general.

There are other, similar products to Folligen that should also be considered, since they too contain natural ingredients and are designed to block DHT. Also, if you have tried DHT blockers in the past and experienced lousy results, you should save your money and not bother trying Folligen because it is using the same method and will not work either. Your problem is not DHT related and you should consult with your doctor to find out what the true cause of your hair loss is.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve noticed that your hair and scalp are becoming irritated by using the more potent treatments out there, you can use Folligen as an aid in bringing things back to their normal state. By using it before you start the stronger treatments, you prepare your hair so that it is able to withstand it, and you should experience better results.

It’s always best to take a multiple angle approach to a problem, and not rely on one method to take care of everything. It’s just not possible for a product to contain mostly Minoxidil and also be gentle and healthy for your hair.

Since many of the ingredients in Folligen are all-natural it could be a good thing to add to your daily hair routine. There’s only one way to find out if it’s going to work for your specific condition and body, so you may just have to give it a shot, take the risk, and see if it’s worthwhile. The only thing you have left to lose is more hair, and you could potentially find the one thing that does the trick.

What do you think? Does Folligen work or not?

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