Does Forever Comfy Really Work?

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Does Forever Comfy work?Forever Comfy is a seat cushion with a simple premise: that you can rid yourself of the pain associated with long sessions of sitting in one place. At first glance it seems like just a simple cushion, but they say that it’s got a few different features that separate it from conventional chair pads. So we checked it out to see what all the fuss is about and whether it’s a good buy or not.

More and more our society moves less and less. As computers encompass more of our lives, the need to leave our seats becomes less intense. This has its advantages, but also its disadvantages, but for many of us it’s just a part of the job to be stuck in front of a computer for the majority of the day. This can lead to a real pain in the butt, as well as discomfort in the back, and soreness in the legs and feet. It can also lead to things like poor circulation, and a sedentary lifestyle if you let it go unchecked. That’s why it’s good to make sure you get some form of exercise and movement each day, to counteract all of the stationary habits.

The Claim
The folks behind Forever Comfy say that you’ll be able to relieve yourself of back pain and a sore bottom by using their cushion. They say that the combination of gel pad, as well as a cushion, and then a lining of imitation sheepskin is all that’s needed to help you conform to the seat that you’re sitting in and not feel the same sort of discomfort you do when sitting for extended periods of time. They say that you’ll be able to wash it, and also take it with you, since it’s lightweight, making it portable so you could switch it between chairs easily.

The Hype
Many people will resonate with this product because it’s a common problem. A lot of desk chairs are not properly padded, and the same can be said for car seats. By providing a soft and form-fitting cushion between you and the seat you should automatically help alleviate the problem, and you can almost feel the sensation of relief when you see their promo ad. There’s also some hype in the simplicity of it, it’s basically just a seat cushion, and doesn’t go out of its way to say that it’s endowed with any sort of Space Age technology.

The Cost
You end up getting two Forever Comfy cushions for $40. It’s pretty easy to find a place for both, because most of us would want to put one in the car either for long trips, or to just have as a cushion for the car seat. The other one would go where you spend most of your workday, either in your cubicle or at your computer desk. It comes with a 30 day guarantee, but it’s only good for half of the total cost, since you’re paying $20 in shipping.

The Commitment
All that you really need to do is put this cushion wherever you sit the most. After that it’s just a matter of doing what you already do, sitting in front of your workstation getting things done. This is really one of those set and forget sort of products, since once you have it in place, you just sit on it and you should start feeling the difference right away. Over time you’ll get used to it and will wonder how you went so long without proper padding.

The way to see if the Forever Comfy cushion is a good purchase is to compare it to a regular cushion you can buy at Target or Wal-Mart. You should consider that with those you’re basically just getting a pillow-style cushion that will eventually get mushed down and could end up being as uncomfortable as what you currently are using.

Here is a similar product:

It’s not like a seat cushion involves any sort of rocket science, but with some shopping around we found one by Kensington that says it uses the same memory foam that NASA developed to help their astronauts with the G forces during liftoff. That’s why it’s always best to do some comparison shopping so you can break the mental hold that properly produced infomercials can inflict.

Final Forever Comfy Review

Unfortunately the ordering process leaves many users regretting they made the purchase and prevents us from giving Forever Comfy the green light. The tactic being employed is commonly used and involves not displaying the order total before requiring the user to press the Complete Order button. Only after the sale has been processed are you shown the total. At that point they give you the runaround until your order ships and because of the way their shipping fees are set up, even if you return it for a refund they will make money on the transaction.

Our Recommendation
If you spend a lot of time hunkered in front of your computer, a seat cushion is a great way to pad your bottom and relieve some of the pressure. It’s also great for those that are retired and spend a lot of time sitting either watching TV or doing arts and crafts or some other hobby. We recommend going with this well-reviewed seat cushion by Kensington. It’s got the same concept of having memory foam, is quality made, and is easy to order through Amazon.

What do you think? Does Forever Comfy work or not?

47 Customer Reviews on “Does Forever Comfy Really Work?

  1. Do not purchase this product! They flatten as soon as you sit on them and do not work as advertised. Ours also leaked on the recliner and it’s impossible to clean off. I’m a mother of five and I’ve cleaned a lot of messes in my day but this is the worst I’ve ever encountered. Just buy a firm pillow. It will work better and not ruin your furniture.

  2. Please do not purchase this!
    Run far and fast away from this!
    This product is junk, and you will be greatly disappointed!

  3. We bought one for my mom and i tried it at her house and liked it. She has both hips replaced and thought it would be good for her. She likes it.
    I threw my back out pretty badly a few weeks ago and decided to buy one because i have places to go that dont have cushioned seats. I picked it up at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 19.99 and coupon. I bring it with me and it saves my back.
    I’m sorry others had such trouble. I didnt have much expectation but I’m happy with it.

  4. Biggest piece of crap I have ever bought..Gel bag leaked over everything making a nasty mess..I can’t believe they haven’t been sued yet

  5. BEWARE!!!

    These pillows leak! I seriously doubt if I will be able to save my lounge chair. The pillow leaked on the underside. I have no idea what kind of gel it is but I’ve tried everything to get it off the fabric but it’s not working. I have someone coming tomorrow to try to steam clean it and hopefully that will work. If not then its $600.00 for a 4 month old lounge, $150.00 for the cleaning and $20.00 for a mess of a pillow. 🙁 A nice fluffy pillow would do just as much good and it won’t leak!

  6. Wow! There are so many comments on this product, I am glad I saw this page before I went out and purchased a pair. I am a writer and will find myself spending hours and hours on the computer each day, editing, writing, promoting through social media, etc. I am always on the hunt for a good cushion that can make my workday a little easier. I was hoping this product would be it but after seeing all of the horrible reviews I will be steering clear of the Forever Comfy. It’s a shame that the cost is so astronomical for such poor quality.

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