Does the Electrofoot Massager Really Work?

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Does the Electrofoot Massager work?The Electrofoot Massager promises that it will be able to help improve circulation in the legs and help you get rid of tension and pain. It does this by using far infrared technology in 25 minute sessions. But what are people saying as to how effective it is, and is there any reliable feedback that can shed some light on this being a good purchase or not?

Foot massages feel great, and it’s no wonder so many manufacturers are trying to come up with a good way to provide the sensation without actually having someone do it for you. Your feet go through a lot, and are often neglected when it comes to taking care of your body. Some even believe that there are pressure points in your feet that correlate to the different organs and systems of your body. This machine says that it can help with these different points, and that it does so using far infrared technology.

The Claim
The makers of the Electrofoot Massager say that their product compares to the type of treatment that you’d get from a reflexologist or an acupuncturist. They say that it will stimulate your reflex zones, as well as your nerves, muscles, capillaries, and other pressure points. They say that none of your tired muscles will be missed. They’ve also got preset programs on it, so you can try them out and see which ones you like, or choose a specific program depending on what sort of condition you’re trying to treat.

The Promise of a Good Foot Massage
Everyone loves a good foot massage, and this promises that you’ll be able to get that good feeling whenever you want, and that it works deeply and gets to muscles that you wouldn’t be able to get to using other methods. The right foot massager will be the one that makes your feet feel great, and also has lasting effects to other areas of your body. It would also be able to relieve stress and put you in a better place than where you started.

The Cost
You have two options when it comes to getting an Electrofoot Massager. You can go with the trial option, whereby you pay $35 to have it shipped to your home. $15 of that is for the trial and the other $20 is for shipping. Therefore, if you decide not to keep it you will still have to pay the $20. If you want to keep it it’s just $33 a month for 3 months, or a total coast of $135. They have a one-time payment option, which waives the $15 fee and comes to $120 and still gives you 30 days to see if you like it.

The Commitment
They say that it is very easy to use this massager. All that you need to do is put your feet in and the unit does the rest. But of course you’ll want to use this pretty much on a daily basis to get the most benefit. Some of the testimonials they showcase say that it works, but that it does so gradually, so if you just set aside the time for a daily treatment, perhaps while you’re watching your favorite TV show, you should see signs of improvement, as opposed to just using it whenever you feel aches and pains.

The Electrofoot Massager is rather unique in that it uses far infrared technology to deliver the massage. There are other foot electronic massagers on the market that use electromagnetism to give the feet a massage, and are similarly priced, but this one has a few key features that are worth noting. First, you have the option of whether you want to use batteries or plug it into the wall. This is nice because you may want to make it more portable, so battery power is a plus. You might also find that you get a better quality experience when it’s plugged directly into the wall. It’s really a matter of personal preference whether you like the feeling of the infrared, or whether you want a foot massager that kneads your feet like a shiatsu massage.

Trial Offer
Exploring the trial offer is rather interesting. You have to imagine that they aren’t losing any money by offering a trial run. This means that the break even point, or even the profitability, kicks in a the $20 mark. This allows them to ship out a unit and not worry if it’s going to come back or not. So the risk is on your side, because you could end up getting this, not liking it, be out the $20 plus return shipping costs, and you’ll likely feel disgruntled.

Final Electrofoot Massager Review

We’re giving the Electrofoot Massager our Try rating, based on their trial offer, as well as the price point for the entire unit. They are staying on point with other massagers of this nature, and are not gouging you on the price. With other brands and models you’ll have to put the entire cost of the unit down up front and then have to go with the return procedure if you don’t like it.

Our Recommendation
If you have a problem with circulation in the legs, this would be something you’d want to try. If you’re just looking for an electric foot massager you might want to go with something else, as this seems to have more of a specific function to it, and you might be better served with a model that specifically works the feet.

What do you think? Does Electrofoot Massager work or not?

183 Customer Reviews on “Does the Electrofoot Massager Really Work?

  1. Hello. I have a defribulater implanted in my chest. I know the revitive will adversely impact my defribulater. Does this devise have any impact on the defribulater?

  2. Without reading anything about the product I thought the name Electrofoot Massager sounds a little dangerous. haha. But after reading into it I may be interested in trying it out. I like that the payment system is broken up into sections and that if I decide to return before my trial period ends, I will be able to save a little bit of money. Like Sharon Lee says, you can’t go to a reflexologist or an acupuncturist every time your feet feel sore. This product can act as an “in between” for appointments and save you a bit of pain and money in the meantime.

  3. This will definitely not replace a reflexologist or an acupuncturist, but at the same token you can’t visit your a reflexologist or an acupuncturist every time you feel like getting some treatment. I love getting massages but it costs a lot of money, so I recently invested on a massage chair and I fell in love with it on my first go. For a thousand bucks I can get as many massages I want and I don’t have to make an appointment either 😛 Granted I’ll still get the real massage time to time, coming back home after a hard day’s work and getting a quick massage is the best feeling on earth.

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