Does Furniture Fix Really Work?

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Does Furniture Fix really work?Sofas, beds and arm chairs are loved pieces of furniture that are very often kept for years and years and treated as though the were on of the family so when they start to droop and sag in their old age, Furniture Fix can be the answer to pro-longing the use of the furniture and preserving the comfort level.

Furniture Fix is a relatively simple product that has huge benefits to the consumer market. The way that it works is by joining together some PVC plastic panels longitudinally and applying to the area on the furniture where sagging is seen.

The Claim
The claim is simple and very well defined, this product is a “Furniture Fix”. It will allow you to keep your current sofa, chair or bed for a longer period of time which is excellent news for those that have sentimental attachment to their furniture.

Furniture fix is advertised as being easy to install as the panels “interlock instantly” and are “customizable” to fit any furniture type or size. The website shows elderly people in their retirement putting together the furniture fix panels giving the impression that it is indeed easy. The panels are also “specially engineered” to allow for them to be able to cope with the weight of the heaviest of people.

The Hype
The main market for Furniture Fix is most likely to be the elderly who have had their furniture for a long time and do not wish to replace it due to personal and sentimental reasons or indeed financial and monetary cause of affording to replace the furniture. Furniture fix is a low cost way to improve the condition of furniture without causing any damage to the material.

The current big news for Furniture Fix is their introductory offer which will give the consumer a whole second pack of 6 panels absolutely free as well as a complimentary couch pouch to store the paper and remote control as well as a pack of 4 furniture movers which assist the user in moving furniture about the house. Again, especially handy for the elderly.

The Cost
Furniture Fix will set you back $14.95 for the pack with a postage and handling fee of $7.95 making the total price $22.90. For this price, you will receive 6 of the plastic support panels which are each approximately 6 inches in width and 25 inches in length. This allows for total area coverage of an area that is 30 inches by 25 inches. When a single pack is bought, a further pack can be bought for only the price of shipping i.e. $7.95.

The Commitment
This product can be installed and forgotten about making the care and treatment of old furniture simple and easy. The only thing that might need to be done is for the panels to be realigned for cases where they may have slipped and moved away from their normal position and create some discomfort, but as there is no direct attachment, this is easy.

The way in which the Furniture Fix panels work is by distributing the weight of the person that sits on the chair more evenly across the furniture. The reason for furniture looking old and haggard is most likely because of the constant application of weight directly into the middle of a chair or sofa. This direct load over long periods of time and over several years stretches the internal material and in turn makes the cushion on the top of the seat dip and sag in the middle.

Sofa’s and chairs that support the person’s weight from material draped over the fame of the base of the chair could also benefit from the application of Furniture Fix from the instant that it is bought and put in place.

Does Furniture Fix Really Work?

Furniture Fix is a quick win for drooping furniture and is very effective at bringing sofa’s and arm chairs back to life and their true comfort. They are easy and quick to install in your furniture and will have an instant impact on your comfort. They require no tools or thinking to construct and are one of those rare successes in TV products.

Our Recommendation
This product comes with a big stamp of approval for those that are looking to inject some life back into old furniture. The effects are truly amazing and once you install the easy to fit panels into your chair then you will wish that you would have done this much earlier.

What Do You Think? Does Furniture Fix Really Work?

7 Customer Reviews on “Does Furniture Fix Really Work?

  1. Fortunately I only wasted $35 buying 3 sections on Amazon for my couch. Although it does help some, they have to be adjusted EVERYDAY, the cushions now move more than before since they slide on the plastic, and the “end pieces” do not stay on at all. Probably will be throwing these out since unable to get a refund from Amazon’s third party seller.

  2. This is actually a product that works. My uncle purchased one for his old sofa after seeing the commercial on TV. I laughed at him, but he installed it and what do you know? No more sag in the middle of the couch. And it’s still comfortable! From time to time, one of these As Seen On TV products actually has a good idea and execution. Furniture Fix is one of those products. Virtually everyone owns a couch and this can get a few more years of TV watching on an otherwise tires sofa. This product may not work as well for mattresses however, and the expense can add up.

  3. I appreciate reading these comments. I’ve been thinking about purchasing Furniture Fix for my couch. I purchased my couch a few years ago and it doesn’t get a lot of use, but I’ve noticed that it’s not as firm as it once was. I thought that if I did something now it would prevent it from sagging in the future. I’m curious since you said that the panels have to be adjusted, do you ever hear the panels come apart? It would be pretty embarrassing to have a guest over and as he/she sits down they hear the panels! This product also reminds me of how we used to fix sagging couches when I was a kid—my dad placed a piece of “customized” plywood under the cushions. It worked!

  4. I purchased the Furniture Fix for my sofa. I didn’t want to purchase a new sofa as it was so comfortable. First, one doesn’t work. You have to purchase at least four to cover your sofa. Once you have them in place they do work, but you have to adjust them often. They slide around when someone sits down and at the end of the day they need to be adjusted. It ended up costing me over seventy dollars for a temporary fix. It’s not wasn’t worth it in the end to me. If you’re looking for a temporary fix, then you can try it, but it is costly. I would save the money and purchase a new piece of furniture.

  5. I was able to pick some up at the local CVS so I didnt have to worry about shipping cost BUT and of course there is always a but I needed them for my queen sized matress. They did help but the cost of 6 seperate boxes added up so I ended up spending almost 90 dollars and they do not cover the full size of my matress. They do provide support in the middle of the bed which is where they where needed so I guess it worked out well. Bottom line is they worked for me but I wish I would have just put the moeny spent towards the cost of a new mattress.

  6. I bought Furniture Fix for my parents who just like the article says didn’t want to replace their sofa due to financial reasons.
    For the price Furniture Fix has brought a new lease of life to their sofa and i expect it will now last another couple of years in which time they should be in a better position to purchase a new one.
    Ideal as a short term solution.

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