Does the Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool Really Work?

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Does the Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool Work?One of the advantages to buying multi tools is that they are not only a great convenience but they can save you loads of money. That is of course if they really work. So does the Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool fit into this category?

We all look for things to make life easier when it comes to repairs or projects whether at home or on the job site and the all new Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool is one of those rare products that actually does make life and that nasty job that needs doing now much easier to manage.

The Claim
The claim by Gerber, incidentally one of the absolute best edged weapon or multi tool makes in the world, is that the new Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool works more like the actual tools that it represents than other multi tools. We have all seen those multi tools that have a whole host of accessories bundled together that are practically worthless when the time comes to actually use them! Not so with the Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool.

The Hype
The hype is realized both from the usefulness of the products and also of course from the name attached. There is no doubt that the Gerber reputation for awesome and useful products is firmly established in the minds of most North Americans as the company has enjoyed many years of incredible success with their many quality items.

The Cost
The cost of the all new Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool is a very reasonable $119.00 on the Gerber website. You can also pick one up at most of the retailers who sell products such as these like Cabala’s and others. Yes, you can get a multi tool that costs much less money but take our word for it…you get what you pay for! For a product to be considered a good value for the money it simply has to WORK and many of the cheaper similar products out there simply do not work as advertised, the Gerber does!

The Commitment
Commitment? What commitment? The Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool is small enough to fit in your pocket, your tool box or even tackle or glove box when not in use. But we think it will be in use more often than it is not as it works so well for so many things.

Ahhh, what can you say about a product that speaks for itself so well? The number one thing about the Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool is the fact that when employed in screwdriver mode the revolutionary design makes it certain that the driver is aligned on the true center axis giving you more torque and driver power than any other multi tool on the market today. The blade portion is 30% longer than most competitors and the plier jaws open with a simple one thumb motion. The other essentials are all there as well, carbide wire cutters and wire stripper, small pry bar and nail puller, serrated blade and awl/file and accompanying flathead and Phillip’s bits for the driver.

Final Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool Review

Another great feature of the Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool is the fact that you can use the bits from any other set that has standard bits. The opening is not proprietary like some other well- known multi tools that want you to have to purchase their line of bits to broaden the capabilities of the unit. Not Gerber. You can use any bit you want from any of your other sets that have the same structure and size, and that does make a difference.

Our Recommendation
If you need to replace your existing multi-tool or are thinking of buying one for the first time don’t waste your time and money on a cheap version that you will need to replace or that looks good but is less than functional, get one that will last a lifetime and do what i9t says it will do and that is the Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool! If you happen to be one of those people who really are into the multi tools then check out what we had to say about the Multi Wrench.

What do you think? Does the Gerber Center Drive Multi Tool work or not?

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