Does Gluco-Secure Really Work?

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Does Gluco-Secure work?Gluco-Secure is a pill that you’d take twice a day, once before breakfast and another before dinner, that is meant to regulate your blood sugar levels. The benefits of having stabilized glucose levels are an increase in your energy, less brain fog and more focus, as well as better appetite control in the form of freedom from cravings. But how well can a pill work to provide these results?

Many factors contribute to the rise and fall of blood sugar levels. The kind of food you eat makes a big difference, as well as when you eat the food, and how much of it you eat at one time. Even what time of day you eat your meals effects how your body digests and processes it. Many times these levels can look like a roller coaster, especially if you miss a meal, overindulge in a yummy dessert, or simply because your body isn’t handling the food you eat properly.

The Claim
Gluco-Secure was created by Dr. Alan H. Pressman, who hosts his own radio show and has been building up a reputation for several years, writing books and helping people navigate the murky waters of staying healthy and fit in our modern world. The major claim is that by taking one pill twice daily you’ll have it so your glucose levels remain stable and you’ll experience all of the benefits that come with this, including avoiding the “crash” that can occur when these levels look like a roller coaster, something that most of us are familiar with.

The Hype
Glucose levels have been getting a lot of press in recent years. Tim Ferriss talks about the importance of keeping an eye on your blood sugar levels in his book The Four Hour Body. He even had a device implanted in his body to watch his blood sugar levels, and he recommends his Slow Carb diet as a way to keep your levels from spiking or dipping too low. Aside from that it’s also a big concern with diabetics, who have to closely watch what and when they eat in order to keep their levels in the right spot.

The Cost
The one thing that might turn some people off from getting Gluco-Secure is the way they sell it. It’s sold on a trial basis where you pay a relatively low price, in this case $10, to have it sent to your home. You then get 30 days to try it out, and if you don’t call and cancel within that time period you’ll be charge for the trial, as well as sent an additional two month supply in 30 days time, charged again on the same credit card. The total then comes to $80 for a two month supply, or $40 a month.

So while you’re evaluating this during your first 30 days, you have to keep in mind if you’re getting the kind of results that would justify a $40 per month expense.

The Commitment
Taking the pills is pretty easy to remember, and since no midday dosing is required, it’s easy enough to keep the bottle at home for breakfast and for dinner. It’s just one pill in the morning and another with your evening meal, so it’s not as if you’re constantly taking pills to keep your levels right. When you consider that you should be able to be more productive during your workday, and have more energy for things like exercise, this should definitely pay for itself several times over.

The ingredients are indeed naturally sourced, and each has been shown to have an effect on how the body processes glucose. It’s important to realize that Gluco-Secure is not the only product of its kind, and there are plenty of others that use the same sort of natural ingredients and are designed to provide the same benefits at much lower price points. It might be a good idea to take the trial offer, see if you respond to it, then find a similar product for a lower cost and switch over.

A lot of energy drinks these days promise to get you through the post-lunch comas that many of us find ourselves in. But that’s a very unnatural way to go about it. If you could regulate your glucose levels in a more natural way, you wouldn’t feel sluggish after lunch to begin with, and wouldn’t find yourself looking for a way to get more energy, you’d just have it to begin with.

Final Gluco-Secure Review

Trying out Gluco-Secure is a good idea, since your initial outlay is just $10 and you can see how your body responds to it. Since each person is different, and since many things can effect glucose levels such as the quanity and type of food being eaten, as well as the time of day, there’s no way to say if this will work for you or not. You just need to keep in mind that even though they send you a 60 day supply to trial, you have to make your decision in the first 30 days. Many people will assume since they’ve still got product remaining they’re still on their trial period.

Our Recommendation
It’s important to keep an eye on your glucose levels, because it can have serious effects on the body and can lead to all sorts of problems like heart disease and diabetes. If you’re currently overweight and are trying to lose weight, your blood sugar levels will play a big part in how well you’re able to lose weight, and what sort of food cravings you’ll get.

What do you think? Does Gluco-Secure work or not?

63 Customer Reviews on “Does Gluco-Secure Really Work?

  1. You need to read the fine print. You send order for about ten dollars. But get charged for about eighty dollars for the first two bottles and are then sent two more bottles for the next month.

  2. I think that’s a great idea David! To be able to control your appetite, and obtain more energy at the same time would be a great accomplishment. And if you have a friend who can attest to this product working for him, I think it only makes since for you to go ahead, and give it a try, especially with the price being right!!!

  3. Appetite control is my number one concern and secondly I’d really like to have some boost of energy during the day when I’m at work. My coworker told me about gluco secure and he says it worked wonders for him. But he raves about it so much that it’s hard for me to know whether it’s for real or he’s just feeling placebo effect. Anyways I didn’t know that the trial deal was this affordable and at this low cost I’m definitely willing to give it try so I could test it out for myself.

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